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For those who have learned that, in the age of COVID, it's a good idea to get up each morning and check to see which activities the authorities, in their wisdom, have deemed permissible or verboten, the following may come as welcome news. 

As reported 23 September by The Oregonian, the Oregon Health Authority, which in April 2020 had declared, "You are your safest sex partner," has now announced that dating (and whatever that may be presumed or construed to entail) may now once again be engaged in with the full blessing of the state, just so long as the parties involved have been vaccinated.

Trends Journal reported on the NYC Health Dept. having issued its own "Safer Sex and COVID-19" guide; see "AUTHORITIES DICTATE COVID SEX RULES" (16 Jun 2020).

So, those in Oregon who wish to be intimate with each other (or "with one another" should more than 2 persons be involved) may now feel free to do so, without worry that minions of the state will intrude on their lovenest to enforce the mask or social distancing rules. The participants just have to make sure that the vax requirement is not, er, left unfulfilled.

The Oregonian article also points out that, in order to avoid other undesirable consequences of intimacy, the use of condoms is also encouraged. 

TREND FORECAST: The cartoon nature of the comic illustration depicts the little minds of these arrogant little clowns who call themselves “Health Authorities.” 

We note the stupidity spewed out of the mouths and minds of bureaucrats who have, since the COVID War began, made up mandates that reflect their mindlessness. 

For example, when walking into a restaurant one has to wear a mask, but when sitting down to eat and drink, the mask can come off because the virus always stops at table height...

Same stupidity on an airplane. It is OK to eat and drink with a mask off. But the mask must go back when the meal is finished because the virus will attack as soon as the passenger takes the last bite and sip. 

Violators will be banned, shamed and/or arrested and fined.

The list of bureaucratic bullshit to fight the COVID War goes on. 

From social distancing to wearing masks outdoors, locking people in their homes, putting up Plexi-glass dividers, sanitizing surfaces, etc. ... these imbecilic, scientifically proven ineffective orders imposed on the general public are precursors of the worst to come... unless “... an irate tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men,” unite to oppose them. 

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  1. andrej 2 months ago

    Classic totalitarian method. Order people to do stupid things to see who’s going to grumble, who’s going to obey, and who’s going to disobey.

  2. knelson 2 months ago

    As long as people keep on complying with the insanity it will
    go on, and on, and on and on….

  3. Daniel Mendoza 2 months ago

    Thus ends life of human race. The young adults of the species are afraid to mate.

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