Over the past few weeks, officials representing the Chinese government in Beijing have put strong pressure on Hong Kong’s political leaders to enact security laws prohibiting the return of massive street protests, which rocked the city and surrounding area from March 2019 until the COVID-19 pandemic starting last . . .

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  1. How many died in Hong Kong from Covid?

  2. Is that a typo for the # of people that died in Hong Kong?

  3. YoungCajun 4 weeks ago

    Maybe “forty”?

  4. Robert Priest 3 weeks ago

    There have been one thousand and forty cases. Four people have died here in Hong Kong.

  5. jordan.cibura 3 weeks ago

    Hi, there is a protest in Poland right now too (against compulsory vaccinations that the government plans to introduce).. is interesting, because as far I know there is no official media… very probably there will be no information about it… I am curious if the presstitutes will write something about it… and if in other countries are similar protests that will be not mentioned in the official media.


  6. jordan.cibura 3 weeks ago

    the update to the entry above:
    sorry for the not exactly correct information … I spontaneously watched “live” …
    The protest in Poland I was writing, It was a protest of entrepreneurs, not against vaccinations…sorry

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