As we reported in last week’s Trends Journal, Israel has announced it will be requiring citizens to show proof of vaccination to get into hotels, gyms, theaters, and events. (See our article, ISRAEL: NO VACCINE, NO GREEN PASSPORT.”)  

The mandatory proof is given the “nice” name, “Green Passport.” The edict comes despite groups such as the Israel Public Health Union warning that sharing vaccination information is a violation of privacy.

Last week, the Knesset (Israel’s unicameral parliament) went a step further, approving a new law giving the government the power to disclose the identities of any resident not vaccinated. The law, which easily passed on a vote of 30 to 13, means that names and contact information of those hesitant to get vaccinated can be sent to authorities overseeing education, welfare, and other agencies. 

The Knesset claimed the personal information shared can only be used to encourage people to get vaccinated.

Haim Katz, a staunch supporter of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud part, responding to complaints about violation of privacy, remarking, “Is privacy more important than life itself?”

TRENDPOST: As we have reported, to date, some 87 percent of those who have died from the virus in Israel are 65 years of age or older. In the nation of over nine million, some 5,000 died from the virus or just 0.06 percent of the population. Yet, the forced vaccination program is being pushed by the government, punishing those who do not want to get the jab.

  1. Alexander Patterson 1 month ago

    Was anything learned from the “show me your papers” hell. Will history repeat now with the typhoid outbreak of ww2? Hitler demonized native tribe jews as the spreaders of typhoid. Will the non vaccinated be the new jews in ww33?

    • Kellie Auld 1 month ago

      Definitely not! In fact, if you suggest for a moment that history was not learned – you get attacked. Just as you do when you don’t wear a mask (which I have never done). People walk around me as though I was some kind of leper. Very sad to see such a dummed down society.

  2. David Goldman 1 month ago

    Laugh a minute can’t fix fear or stupidity

  3. Teresa Eiler 1 month ago

    Losing friends because I do not want the shot. Makes me sad, but I fear God more than man, believe this is only the beginning of something very evil.

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