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Go back to March 2020 when Presstitutes and politicians were launching the COVID War. As we had pointed out back then, just as with all other wars, the warmongers ban those opposed to wars based on lies while promoting those who champion them. 

Among those championing the COVID War was the “esteemed” health expert Scott Gottlieb, who led the FDA from 2017-2019. On 29 March 2020, Gottlieb was quoted on CBS’s “Face the Nation” telling the peasants of Slavelandia that “very aggressive social distancing measures” must be enforced.


A year later, after selling his social-distancing mandate, Gottlieb, who now sits on the board of directors for mega-drug dealer Pfizer, admitted his social distancing orders were made up. Appearing on CNBC, he said, “This six-foot distancing requirement... really wasn’t based on clear science.”

Indeed, as we have detailed in the Trends Journal, numerous studies have shown that social distancing numbers are basically made up, lack scientific data, and the chances of getting the virus outdoors are about 1 percent. (See our new article, “NOVA SCOTIA: MINOR COVID DEATHS, MAJOR  LOCKDOWN.”

Drug Pusher

Despite his misinformation, Gottlieb, still making the media rounds and being a “non-partisan” Pfizer board boy, is selling more COVID Jabs. 

Setting up the promo last Friday on CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” Gottlieb declared that the decline in the number of new U.S. COVID-19 cases coincides with the availability of COVID-19 vaccines and the rate of vaccination... and the declining infection levels are the result of warmer weather. 

But Dr. Gottlieb warned that while case counts will continue to decline over the summer, winter may see them start to rise again. “I think we’re going to have a very quiet summer with respect to coronavirus spread and then have to contend with it again as we head into the winter,” he said... as the powers that be prepare to sell Round #2 of the “Get Vaxxed” campaign.

TRENDPOST: We maintain our forecast that a large percentage of Americans will, for one reason or another, avoid being vaccinated and not buy into the notion of “herd immunity.” (See our  11 May article, “JOIN THE VAXXED HERD? MANY AMERICANS SAY ‘NO’’’.

Considering, however, the power of the drug cartels across the globe, governments will continue to restrict the rights and freedoms of those refusing to get the jab. Thus, there will be strong, anti-vax political movements challenging establishment parties. 

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