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We have been reporting extensively on COVID-19 and the variants that have been emerging during the disease’s evolution. In a 22 June “SPECIAL REPORT: NEW TOP TREND, COVID WAR 2.0,” we predict that there will be new shutdowns and hysteria just in time for the holiday season. 

We wrote, “Get ready for the Delta Variant Hysteria and the Winter Jab Push.”

While the mainstream media and political push is that the variant may be more contagious, totally ignored by the Presstitutes is that, to date, it is less deadly than COVID 19.

“Delta is creating a huge amount of noise,” Bill Hanage, a Harvard epidemiologist was quoted by The New York Times last Wednesday. “But I don’t think that it’s right to re ringing a huge alarm bell.”

Another “expert” told the paper that the idea of a disease with greater severity is “more anecdotal than driven by actual data. I don’t think it makes kids sicker.”

An NBC News report on Wednesday said more young and unvaccinated individuals are arriving at hospitals suffering from more severe illness and have been being placed on ventilators in higher numbers. The report said that fewer than 50 percent of those 18-39 have been fully vaccinated. However, NBC has not reported on how many of them died from the virus or if they had pre-existing chronic conditions such as respiratory ailments, obesity, Type 2 diabetes etc., of which 94.6 percent of the COVID victims suffer.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the Delta variant is the single “greatest threat” for the world to eliminate the virus. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and member of drug dealer Pfizer’s board, predicted that the worst is yet to come:

“The Delta variant is going to move its way through the country over the course of August and September, maybe into October. That's what the modeling shows, that's what we expect, that the peak of this epidemic would really be sometime around the end of September, back to school season. It's going to get worse before it gets better in terms of the spread of this infection right now,” he told CNBC.

We reported on 29 June in an article titled, “DELTA VARIANT THROWS NEW OBSTACLE IN WAY OF EU RECOVERY” that the variant, which was first discovered in India, has become the predominant strain in a number of countries.

The Times pointed out that Delta now makes up more than 50 percent of the cases in the U.S. and the infection rate has prompted President Joe Biden and his administration to increase the call for Americans to be vaccinated. As of Sunday, 49 percent of the country has been fully vaccinated. Biden came up short of his goal to have 70 percent of Americans to have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine by the Fourth of July.

Despite the new concerns, the number of COVID-19 deaths has dramatically fallen in the U.S. and is now averaging about 220 per day... compared to over 4,000 per day in January. The CDC said Friday that cases are up 70 percent in a week and hospitalizations are also up by about 36 percent.

“This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” said CDC head Dr. Rochelle Walensky, according to NPR. “If you remain unvaccinated, you are at risk.”

Our 13 July article “U.S. VAX RATE DOWN, BIDEN FIGHTING TO PUSH IT UP” pointed out that private businesses may begin to step up to help the government vaccinate more Americans who may be unwilling to take the jab.

Dr. Jonathan Reiner, a CNN medical analyst, said it is time the private sector takes the lead on the effort. He said private companies should begin to require workers to take the jab. A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 42 percent of those who have not received the vaccine would if their companies required the shot.

“I do think it's time to start mandating vaccines,” Reiner said after being asked if the government should stop begging Americans to take the shot. He said that he believes companies will begin to mandate vaccinations:

“Seventy-five million adults have chosen to not get vaccinated and that choice has consequences. Now, we can't force you to take a jab in the arm but there are many jobs, perhaps, that can prevent you from working if you decide not to get vaccinated.”

TREND FORECAST: The Delta variant is another way for politicians to sell fear. The word "variant" alone elicits thoughts of mutation, and what is scarier than a mutation? Politicians have failed at every turn during the outbreak, and will continue to defend every single bad decision by saying: "We had to err on the side of caution, because we want to defeat this virus. We are, after all, in this together." Easy to say for someone who never missed a paycheck.

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  1. Buck Fiden 1 year ago

    I accidentally saw the CBS news a few days ago. The reporterette was droning on about the massive increase in Covid Delta cases. However, there was no mention of any increase in deaths. Likewise, there is no reporting on how India, with a minuscule number vaxxed, was able to get the Delta under control HCQ and Ivermectin. These drugs are censored from the US media.

    This is all about the jab, not this meaningless variant that is far less “dangerous” than the original. What exactly is in that “vaxx” that they are so desperate to get it into people?

  2. Kieran Simpson 1 year ago

    No point taking this vaccine as it doesn’t seem to work – Ill wait for the ‘booster’ then perhaps give it some thought.

    • Walter Baumgarten 1 year ago

      Of course it works, it make gazillions in profit s for those who profit off of this whole disgusting ruse. America is now a land where money IS God, so anything that makes money is wonderful. The possibility that this plandemic may also make progress in solving the overpopulation problem is certainly icing on the cake. We are all in serious trouble.

  3. Eric Swan 1 year ago

    The soft drink companies make tons of money selling a product that nullifies the vitaman D. With consumers drinking soft drinks containing corn syrup like theres no tommorow, and the new delta varient going around,I can almost guarantee youll see another covid surge.

  4. Richard McKenzie 1 year ago

    You’re right. The issue is not the virus which is no more dangerous than the flu. The issue is to use this virus to vaccinate as many as possible to see what happens to them short and long term. Not to mention the billions of dollars pharma is making off taxpayers, government’s unlimited money resource. It’s all about the vax and what it will do to you personally. I for one will stay in the control group!

  5. Joey F. 1 year ago

    Joe puppet Biden now talking about the misinformation on the vaccines is killing people! Wow, you wanna talk about killing people how about all the wars we have been lied into. Murders and Monsters, little Bush jr with the weapons of mass destruction. Good thing about that is he is actually a prisoner in his own Country. HIS LAYWERS told him years back he could risk arrest for war crimes if he travels out of the country.

  6. lvblasiotti 1 year ago


    Doctors Raise Awareness on Ivermectin Treatment for COVID-19
    By Meiling Lee July 24, 2021 Updated: July 24, 2021

    In an effort to help end the pandemic, an international coalition of medical experts is holding worldwide events Saturday to raise awareness about the effectiveness of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19.

    Organizers of the World Ivermectin Day say doctors and supporters of the inexpensive FDA-approved drug will host free online and public events in over a dozen countries.

    Two nonprofits—Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance and the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development (BIRD) group—who have been campaigning for the off-label use of ivermectin to prevent and treat COVID-19 say the event’s focus is to let more people know that the antiparasitic drug can treat COVID-19, possibly end the pandemic, and help eliminate fear of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

    “We have an incredibly positive and uplifting message to share: ivermectin treats and prevents COVID and it is the key to unlocking the never-ending cycle of pandemic peaks and personal restrictions and will help restart economies,” Dr. Tess Lawrie, cofounder of the BIRD group said in a press release.

    Lawrie is also a co-author of a peer-reviewed meta-analysis study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics that found ivermectin to be effective against COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP virus. Lawrie and her team concluded with a moderate level of confidence that ivermectin reduced the risk of death by an average of 62 percent, at a 95 percent confidence interval of 0.19-0.73, especially when prescribed early.


  7. Dean Finzelberg 1 year ago

    It’s a plandemic it’s all about the banks in deep water and destroying the old system to bring in the forth industrial revolution (AI and Robots). 201 Event came out just before China the bug look it up or go to the Rockefeller think tank and learn it’s all planed out now we need to wake up the sheep. Learn about MRNA your a fool to get the jab.

    • Joey F. 1 year ago

      I suspected that early on that it was a cover as the the elites it was ready fall apart. What I dont really know is the pushing of the vaccine into everyone.

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