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  1. zizisearles 1 year ago

    For those blessed with real estate in places with a thriving youth culture and/or with access to the right social network consider buying a luxury home to rent out for parties. Clubs will decline, bars are under pressure, so people will flock to private property where they won’t be harassed( ideally). This is a new trend happening in coastal California, property flipping for private parties. The hip young are flaunting the rules to have a good time and will continue to do so. I have a 10 year old. I expect his generation will be looking for freedom in the underground since clubs and bars have been forced to go full stasi. Also not all artist want to perform in neo-feudal medical apartheid venues. Something to watch for as the COVID dystopian culture becomes more permanent. Those that can creatively, safely, legally use access to private property can creat oasis or waypoints for Underground Railroad 2.0 – Escape from MedTech tyranny.

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