Greg Hunter/USAWatchdog (2.13.21)

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  1. HandsFree 2 weeks ago

    Cash is worthless and inflation or stagflation or is it dragflation

    The cost of commodities goes up and cash goes down

    Gas, Food, Housing – already hard to pay for is done

    Rigged Market ( sting) Like the Movie no truth and all corrupt

    Solutions have been Crypto and Gold and Silver

    to make money not lose it and have something

    ——Social Break Down
    Violence, Theft and Suicides, Drug OD’s and more
    Infrastructure failing
    Food is plastic and supply chains getting cut

    Solutions sell all assets and invest in the above and in food and by clear of the population

    Isolated areas
    Get Medical training
    All training in fighting
    Wear many hats

    The covid Cops like in other countries go to posting the names of the non compliant

    = War

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