Government Imbeciles Destroying Global Economy

  1. Dave from L.A. 2 weeks ago

    You know, GC, if you ask your average American “Do politicians lie?”, I would have to say that nine out of 10 would give you a smirk, and with a fake wisdom say “Of course they all lie.” But those same people, when the government tells them something, they believe it. There is no discernment between good and bad and right and wrong amongst the public currently. I’ve said this before, the world does not need leaders. The Prince of Peace is our leader. What the world needs are good stewards of God’s creation. Leaders only lead us to hell.

    • tanneronline2 2 weeks ago

      Dave – many and perhaps most have an image of God not according to know;edge, but feeling and are self-deceived. The only peace the world will ever know will come from Christ on their day of salvation or when he sets up the 1000 year reign. Many are on the broad road of religion professing “Lord, Lord”.

      Why call Me Lord, Lord and do not the things I say?

      You call Me the Way and walk Me not!
      You call Me the Life and live Me not!
      You call Me Master and obey Me not!
      You call Me Truth and believe Me not!
      You call Me Lord and serve Me not!
      If I condemn you blame Me not.
      Geoffrey O’Hara——
      Not every one that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many shall come to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy name? And in Thy name cast out devils? and in Thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I NEVER KNEW YOU; DEPART FROM ME YE THAT WORK INIQUITY.
      (Matthew 7:21-23)
      Whoever has My commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me. (John 14:21)

      “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.
      (John 14:15)

  2. llardito 2 weeks ago

    Why was Dr. Fauci standing next to Pres Trump? Shouldn’t he of all people know better? Something doesn’t add up.

  3. Psytrance 2 weeks ago

    Nice video Gerald, had to laugh a lot 🙂

    I wonder how the market will play this out, they can inject trillions of dollars… 2394 was the future low (so far) and now we had a sharp upward ABC ZigZag Correction (Elliott Wave).

  4. Vasmar 2 weeks ago

    It is clear that you strongly disagree with closing businesses and institutions as the method to slow the spread of the virus but you neglect to offer a better solution. I love your theatrics but what are you saying past the finger pointing and name calling–are we to just continue our daily routine as if the virus is a non-event?

    2nd comment: why dont you mention Ergodan’s aggression towards Greece and the Syrian humanitarian crisis at the Greek-Turkish border. Its funny to me how some human misery gets plenty of air time while the misery of others is marginalized. I understand that TJ is not a news outlet and yet it is through the news that we discern the trends.

    3rd comment
    i understand your desire to wake up your readers to encourage them to think for themselves even if that means verbally slapping them–all good but too often your videos are predictable and the content is not fresh. My humble opinion for what its worth
    Loyal Listener

  5. mnpund 2 weeks ago

    Will slowing the spread of the virus make it stop and go away or will it just slow the spread so that we will all eventually get it anyway? No one seems to be asking that question. If it’s just going to slow it down then why not let nature take its course and let if rip through so we get it over and done with quickly, you know like ripping a bandage off real quick instead of taking it off slowly and prolonging the pain. Who’s to say that slowing this thing down is going to have less health risks for the overall population? We don’t know that and who knows if the economic fallout from all this is going to cause more chaos and death than the rapid spread of the virus itself? Those giving orders are all ignorant puppets following orders from other ignorant puppets that are higher up this foolish social hierarchy we have constructed. All their actions on this are based on appearances, ie what seems to be the best course of action, when no one knows what the best thing to do in such a crisis is, other than to be patient, but we love to take these guys seriously and pretend that this social game means something. Our desire to follow them is based on fear, the fear that maybe all this time we have been deceived into believing them to be of greater importance than what they are. We are afraid of having the veil of illusion taken away and the true nature of things revealed, the sheer pretense and falsity of titles and names and status, of wealth and position and how all this time what we stood intimidated by, that what kept us in chains and prevented us from truly living was all a lie and a falsehood.

  6. Steve (UK) 2 weeks ago

    The collapse was coming either way… However, the ‘convenient’ virus arrived just in time to act as the mask for use by those spreading the virus of corruption and so, now we have an excuse for the depression… a convenient scapegoat that means, many will be duped into believing, it had nothing to do with the crooks and charlatans running the world, but it was a flu-like virus that was responsible … and when China sneezed the world caught a cold!

  7. atlantis 2 weeks ago

    Just wondering when the orange Dotard is going to test positive for Covid 19, he dined with Bolsanaro a few nights before Bolsanaro was tested positive. And Sleepy Joe, and BS Bernie – all these senile oldsters that you wouldn’t want anywhere near the nuclear button. That leaves HCR to step in…. to save the day (sic).
    Beware, the Ides of March are upon us.

  8. sak 2 weeks ago

    Gerald nailed it on destroying local economy. I’ve been going to my local Farmers Market on Saturday morning longer than I have not. This morning the vendors were concerned because the customer count was down some 70% or so. How many in my area have been diagnosed with the virus? Zero! How long can my best clean food source sustain itself under these conditions? We will see.

  9. Frontiersman 2 weeks ago

    Where will all of this “money” the Feds will spend on COVID come from? Thin air? Is it actually earmarked from the tax budget? And, hey, what is the deal with the murder of Philip Haney (February 22nd) of the US State Department after requesting information on COVID in Iran from a Russian expert Olesya Krasilova ending with Haney’s murder and Spain jailing Krasilova (February 16th) and being expected to extradite Ms. Krasilova to the US? And, what about the US attorney Timothy Delgado, investigating the murder, and then being murdered himself on March 8th? And, how about the CIA plane holding tons of cocaine crashing in Belize February 27th, with the crew mysteriously “escaping”? What is happening here? Could it be that the same people who read Orwell and Huxley, instead of recoiling in horror, saying let’s use those as our playbooks for world conquest? Iran had the world’s highest death rate from COVID while the US government denies said nation medical supplies. And, blaming the victim in China? Has our nation been transformed into a Luciferian cult?

  10. josedavila 2 weeks ago

    I agree with each of the 3 comments made by the “Loyal Listener”, I value the TJ and trust that prevention is always a better approach than correction. Stay safe and God Bless.


  11. vbenson2005 2 weeks ago

    NOTHING ADDS UP! Remember it is a” for real” REALITY TV SHOW ! One of my favorite sci fi movies was THEY LIVE! In the movie there was a tv station like CNN and it turns out that evil et aliens are hypnotizing the masses with an energy beam so that they cannot see the et aliens among them. The transmitter is turned off and everyone sees these evil et aliens! It is a great paranoia movie but the plot seems to parallel CNN and their bogus productions.

  12. vbenson2005 2 weeks ago

    We can’t build a WALL but all of a sudden billions of dollars are ready for this mass scenario of the CORONO VIRUS ?

  13. vbenson2005 2 weeks ago

    The truth is it [ the corona virus] is the result of FUKUSHIMA radiation and fallout on going 9 years from three complete reactor meltdowns CHINA SYNDROMES! Its a doomsday scenario for real but no the government doesn’t tell people that the human immune system has been compromised by this radiation! That is why opportunistic diseases and epidemics are happening. In the northern hemisphere we have an epidemic of ALM leukemia only caused by RADIATION!

  14. vbenson2005 2 weeks ago

    Don’t go to WALMART! Avoid FEMA ! watch videos on WALMART stores being turned into detention centers on youtube employees of WALMART speak out. Something bizarre is going on.

  15. onlyme 2 weeks ago

    Comments from the proletariat concerning the Chaos throughout the land.
    I noticed that the fatter a person is the more toilet paper they are buying. Here in central Florida near but, not in the Villages Retirement heaven, I have seen several new mega construction sites for new homes of several hundred acres – wonder if that was borrowed money? Ditto for many new and remodeled strip malls, nice timing.
    Had a friend send a frantic email this morning exclaiming that money can contain the coronavirus. I kindly wrote back informing her so can that toilet paper and those packages of water that your buying. I may have lost a friend which I can ill afford.
    “Folks” (in my opinion) Gerald is right about the worst part of this media/state generated fear is the police state that will follow – hell it’s already hear. Gary Barnett write on Lew today about the 40 states that have already passed Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) and provides a link to the Document if your interested.

    In fact there are many well written articles on the web that provide balance to this story though they may upset the America is the Greatest crowd. How about suspicions that US Intel Agencies are the prime movers in classifying planning meetings as reported by Whitney Webb here:

    I am also amazed that no one talks about natural healing and immunity for this coronavirus such as vitamin D, Vitamin C, zinc. All written about frequently by Bill Sardi at his web site:

    Finally, an excellent article full of additional references by Yvonne Lorenzo as posted on Lew

    That’s a short list of places you can actually read stories that don’t echo government and pharmaceutical talking points.

    I don’t say that they are all correct just that they present alternatives to think about as you determine for yourself, as Gerald repeatedly challenges us to do, what is true, false, and possible.

    Gerald gives us Trends based on what he sees and when I read other people who seem to agree with his analysis and opinions that adds credence to what he is telling me. And – no I don’t always agree with him nor do I always like what he says but, mostly he makes a hell of a lot of sense.

  16. Craig Bradley 2 weeks ago


    I see no way to maintain an uninfected stock market indefinitely that has little real connection to the world and economy about it. As an analogy, whenever you push the “shut down” tab on your Microsoft Windows computer, then what happens next? Either a “Forced closure of programs” that are running or you can “cancel” the action. We collectively have chosen a economic shutdown. Quarantines are just part of the process already in-play. So, Its more “feel-good” politics at its very best. Are you feeling good lately ?

    Corona-Gate can not be cancelled. The cruise ships are all headed back to port, the airlines grounded, and the economy, or large portions of it are shutting-down. Eventually, the authorities must re-start the economic system. The million dollar question is: In what form will it be once restarted? Until they do, …… Contrived is the word here. Significantly more people die from the flu every year and the potential population of infected patients is infinitely higher with the old, Plain Jane flu virus in most years. So, are we are being played by the Pols who got bad (medical advice) ?.

  17. onlyme 2 weeks ago

    A most interesting report from concerning shortages in physical gold.

  18. Dave from L.A. 2 weeks ago

    What a dark weekend for our nation. Nineteen years ago, when the military junta that runs this country first attacked the Constitution, they used airplanes, missiles, and nano thermite for the attack. All these years later, after trillions wasted in the mis-education system, all it takes to finish off the Constitution is the flu and stupidity. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

  19. stephenensor 2 weeks ago

    Good one Gerald – exactly. The Governments are prepared to (and are doing it ) to destroy our economies because of this flu strain. ein NZ we have 6- 8 people that are suspected of having it but no deaths and they are shutting down businesses such as hospitality etc, utter madness, however I believe this is convenient timing in regard to the repo market and Eurozone financial meltdown. The politicians and Central banks can now claim the Virus created the financial downturn.

  20. Frontiersman 2 weeks ago

    What China may feel is the cause of the pandemic is laid out nicely in the Pepe Escobar article featured on the Saker site (“China Locked in Hybrid War with US”). On August 5, 2019 Fort Detrick was closed for contamination fears. Recall that this military bioweapons lab was named the origin of the anthrax post office mailing attacks soon after 9/11. On October 14, 2019 the Bill Gates sponsored “Event 201”, which took place, warning of the need for vaccines for protect predicted pandemic(s). Gates recently resigned the Microsoft Board of Directors after starting that company. October 18 through October 27th: the China sponsored friendly military games, in which around 300 US military took part called the Wuhan Military Games (recall our President labels the virus the “Wuhan Virus”). These games are followed by the outbreak of COVID-19 in China around mid-November. All a coincidence? With Obama’s “Pivot to China” during his administration attempting to lock out China from a pan-asian trade agreement?, and, to “Make America Great Again” soon to follow during the Trump administration, aiming for the re-industrialization of the United States, and the stifling of the “threat” of China possibly becoming the largest economy in the world? Coincidence, or plan?

  21. JustaCannuck 2 weeks ago

    TRUTH: Seasonal FLU TWICE as Deadly as Coronavirus? Ben Swann today – do not miss this.

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