Gold Bull Run = “Greatest Depression”

  1. Dave from L.A. 5 months ago

    The overwhelming majority of the homeless that my wife and I encounter on a daily basis are mentally ill, and have no way of taking care of themselves, period. They have the mental capacity of children in many cases. This is a much more complex issue than a roof over someone’s head. There is no simple solution, especially when the people making the rules in Sacramento seem to be mentally ill themselves, in a sinister manner.

  2. onlyme 5 months ago

    Good show this evening. I sense that the system crash is accelerating and even though this is very tragic there doesn’t really seem to be much that can be done at this point.
    I keep waking up in the middle of the night dreaming of this:

  3. atlantis 5 months ago

    Someone from Burning Platform made the observation : what a co-incidence, first potential gay president has Butt in his name…
    Anyway he’s clearly been handpicked and groomed (like Obama was) read: Everything you wanted to know about Buttigieg and were afraid to ask
    Therefore he’s a dangerous little piece of work

  4. debbielinngale 5 months ago

    Could not agree with you more Dave in LA. I live in Los Angeles, Echo Park to be exact. It is such a mess. We have a friend that represents businesses in downtown LA that is begging city officials to get more support for her clients in keeping the streets clean and safe. The city could care less. The lack of effective response really is scarey. I have a group of Meth heads camping out across the street from my house right now. The police do not have the Ok to move them.

  5. atlantis 5 months ago

    The Mighty Mayor of South Bend is also a convincing candidate to be the Last Ever President of the United States: For he is the natural successor to Romulus Augustulanus, the ludicrous teenage last legal emperor of Rome (for less than a year) in 475-6 AD.

    What a way to go.

  6. thanasi_10 5 months ago

    bitcoin and gold

    • grafherman 4 months ago

      BitCoin is something the government has dreamed up to replaced cash . It is a Scam . Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver have been considered something of value compared to paper money for thousands of years . Precious Metals go up in value compared to [ ALL ] paper money loses value . No international paper money survived for more than 100 years or so .
      Arminius Aurelius

  7. wheelndan_1 5 months ago

    For the Coronavirus, do you China is being truthful about the number of deaths? China lies about everything, do you really think there telling the truth.

  8. forthepeople 5 months ago

    Thanks so much Gerald, I very much appreciate you and your work.

  9. NCracer 5 months ago

    I just noticed the Card Catalog…nice place 🙂

    LA – If China can build 1,000 hospitalized rooms w/bath for Corona in a week the homeless issue could be helped and, it created jobs. I’m not sure of the cost but read – “it will not only be built fast but it also won’t cost much.”. Homelessness flanks a lot of folks for a lot of reasons and many are very capable to fill those jobs, help manage the property, offer their services, and gain a sense of independence and self esteem but, the hard/troubling part is the addiction and some are physically/mentally not well that need services. Not a solution but a big step that could easily be put forth if people really wanted to give/donate instead of trying to fly to mars on a driver-less ship with a bobblehead on the dash.

    Love life, always do your best no matter what and, it all works out.

    G – so Repo Rate vs In Rate is hard coded? Last report(s) for the US was 2.3% even but IN just hit 2.5% so we have to wait until March to see?

  10. vbenson2005 5 months ago

    I used to be a college professor teaching art history at a community college. I feel upon hard financial times. I am 70 and am ” housing challenged” . I am priced out of affordable housing. I also worked for the airlines UNITED . I have no pension and no retirement. I was living pay check to paycheck. I was very frugal. Unlike what most people assume about the ” domicile challenged” I do NOT have any mental health problems nor any addictions except drinking a lot of McDonald’s coffee. But I really resent people who make assumptions about those who cannot afford housing. I don’t want the negative associations. I think that the ” homeless” make a huge mistake living in encampments as it will make it easy for a totalitarian government to round them up and put them in FEMA camps? I certainly hope that this fiasco of an economic depression does not happen. People make the mistake that a government can solve problems . With the bureaucracy and examples of the malfeasance of government in the past with lousy services people should wake up and realize that people like Bernie do not have any solutions. My golden years are a nightmare.

  11. vbenson2005 5 months ago

    Is it possible that the Democrats who are ” so incensed” over Bernie’s momentum will resort to an assassination ? I know that Bernie is NOT stupid. He should be aware that they will try and take him out? He was screwed before by them but he compromised and aligned with Hillary and she screwed him over!

  12. josedavila 4 months ago

    Hey Gerald, why have you not touched on the Cannabis trend anymore (not so convenient lately)? Since the wake of the severe correction to the Cannabis market in 2019 all Marijuana companies are down HUGE (over 80%+)…COMPLETE COLLAPSE!!! What gives man? You had stated the sector will see the highest increase in jobs and market expansion, what will be the impact to these companies during the GREAT DEPRESSION? Did you factor that in? I recall the special article by your Cannabis market expert Bradford Beckerman ( pushing the Colombian company PharmaCielo (after a visit there for which you never disclosed any potential conflict of interests), since that article went to print back in March 2019 PharmaCielo has lost over 93% of its stock value (deadly crash from $9/share to 0.55/share – thank goodness I avoided that trap!!). I would appreciate you providing more precise timing for these type of predictions especially when you get it WRONG or perhaps you got the timing WRONG (as the saying goes EVEN A BROKEN CLOCK IS RIGHT TWICE A DAY) . You were right on with the GOLD BULL RUN, but not so good on other fronts – another example was BITCOIN when your analyst Johnathan Cho predicted a deeper collapse in 2019 and instead BITCOIN surged to the upside (I don’t hear about Jonathan Cho so much anymore, why?!). Please don’t take my feedback harshly, just speaking my mind and trying to keep this forum objective. I appreciate and value the TJ and your perspective. Think for myself Gerald – ain’t that right 🙂

    God Bless.


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