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The Trends Journal has long reported:  "NO JAB, NO JOB?”

General Motors, the American car giant, informed employees last week who have not reported their vaccination status that they could receive a safety violation letter in their personal file unless they comply, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

“We are pleased that virtually every GM salaried employee has reported their vaccine status via our confidential reporting tool,” the company said, according to the report. “We continue to work with a very small number of employees to reach 100 percent completion.”

The Journal reported that the move by GM is “significant” because they are one of the first large companies to show a "willingness to exact penalties, such as withholding a part of a yearly performance bonus, in order to enhance access to data that can help ensure a better response to the virus.”

The directive was sent to its white-collar workforce. The company last month asked its 48,000 U.S. white-collar workers to disclose their vaccine status to determine “when GM may need to increase or be able to relax or rescind certain COVID-19 safety protocols.”

The company has not forced employees to be vaccinated. Ray Curry, the UAW president, who represents 400,000 workers, said at a business roundtable last month that the organization does not plan to mandate vaccines for its members. He said the union encourages members to be vaccinated but “our ultimate” is that we would “respect the wishes of our membership.”

The Detroit Three automakers have been working with the UAW on workplace safety and vaccinations, The Detroit Free Press reported.

GM is trying to balance protecting lives with allowing people to keep their jobs, Mark Reuss, GM's president, said.

"You look at those two things together because we've got to protect peoples' lives and protect their livelihood," Reuss said. "We're trying to be respectful of many different people who may have health issues or for some reason can't do it."

TREND FORECAST:  As noted in the following Trends Journal articles, we have long forecast that governments and corporations would enforce unprecedented measures to get as many people jabbed with the Operation Warp Speed gene therapy shot as possible. Among them are these articles: 

And, regardless of the nation, state or city, we maintain our forecast that those mandating “No Jab, No Freedom” will face growing pressure among anti-vax, anti-establishment Freedom Fighter movements.  

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  1. Bret McGowan 2 months ago

    This is a great example of how big corporations are working in lock step with the government to enforce tyranny on the people. It is way past time to break up these giant monopolies! I hold no hope for that though because we are in the last days prophesied in Revelation, Daniel and other books of the Holy Bible. For those who don’t believe in Jesus Christ it is time to wake up and realize that the dreaded mark of the beast and great tribulation are just around the corner.

  2. 2 months ago

    Hey There Gerald, You mentioned in your September 28th podcast that the Governor of New York stated that the vaccine (which is not a vaccine) was inspired by her god. Yes it is, her god is SATAN! Hank

  3. kenneth boehm 2 months ago

    where were you nut jobs when they forced every one to get a drug test to get a job? just try to go to work for a manufacturer with out a drug test. now your upset because you have to get a shot. this has been coming for some time, however, now you complain because it affects you. where were you 25 years ago?

    • Joey F. 2 months ago

      I always and still fo what you do on your time is nobodies buisness. You want to do drugs your decision. Now as far as this Vax it is not what they claim it is. This is a gene therapy mRna. It is now supposedly fda approved which has no weight anymore. Those that have taken this crap is part of an experiment whether they believe it or not

  4. Eagle11 2 months ago

    I agree we are in what the Bible calls the “last days”. We are living in Revelation ch 2 or 3 now by my reckoning
    ‘Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God’.

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