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The rate at which scientists are gaining the ability to map and manipulate the human genome, as well as the genome of virtually every living thing, is accelerating.

And there’s virtually no doubt that as technocrats gain the powers to alter life, they will come up with dire imperatives as to why genomic changes must be made.

It will be for the good of humanity, the good of the environment, to improve “equity,” reduce “racism,” counter “extremist predispositions,” combat “selfishness,” and practically anything else where scientists can connect a genomic factor to a trait that is seen as undesirable.

A Supreme Court ruling last week staved off the quest of the Federal government to dictate genome level mandates within human bodies.

But the U.S. government, and governments around the world, will not be easily dissuaded from what this column has coined as “genetic legislation.”

The temptation to legislate human beings from the inside—where laws written in genomic code cannot be broken, and must be obeyed as part of a technocrat directed “evolving” human nature—will be too great to resist.

The only question is whether people now confronting the issue of COVID vaccines and mandates will understand the wider implications of where things are headed, and oppose the radical dangers and loss of individual natural autonomy and humanness, before it’s too late.

Supercomputers Hacking the Human Genome at Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has announced that a supercomputer named “Summit” is predicting the structures and roles of thousands of proteins in the human body whose functions have been previously unknown.

These cutting-edge computational methods represent a major step in tackling a major biological obstacle: translating genetic information into useful functions.

Proteins are an important part of the equation. 

The laboratory’s press release posits the potentials of making use of the information:

“They are also central to resolving many scientific questions about the health of humans, ecosystems and the planet. As the workhorses of the cell, proteins drive nearly every process necessary for life—from metabolism to immune defense to communication between cells.”

Understanding the structure and function of proteins based on the long strings of nucleotides—the letters A, C, T, and G that make up DNA—has long been a bottleneck in the life sciences, with researchers relying on educated guesses and time-consuming laboratory experiments to validate structures.

Scientists have only determined the structures for around 170,000 of those proteins due to the significant experimental labor required to identify three-dimensional structures. This is a huge disparity.

But the Oak Ridge Lab project is aiming to vastly speed up the function mapping of proteins. According to ORNL researcher Ada Sedova:

“We’re now dealing with the amount of data that astrophysicists deal with, all because of the genome sequencing revolution. We want to be able to use high-performance computing to take that sequencing data and come up with useful inferences to narrow the field for experiments. We want to quickly answer questions such as ‘what does this protein do, and how does it affect the cell? How can we harness proteins to achieve goals such as making needed chemicals, medicines and sustainable fuels, or to engineer organisms that can help mitigate the effects of climate change?’”

How can the human genome relate to mitigating the effects of climate change, and making needed chemicals and sustainable fuels?

Sedova spelled it out in a statement enthusing about the abilities of the Summit supercomputer to leverage deep learning enabled by sophisticated AI software, terabytes of data and massive amounts of processing power:

“With these kinds of tools in our tool belt that are both structure-based and deep learning-based, this resource can help give us information about these proteins of unknown function—sequences that have no matches to other sequences in the entire repository of known proteins. This unlocks a lot of new knowledge and potential to address national priorities through bioengineering. For instance, there are potentially many enzymes with useful functions that have not yet been discovered.”

It’s important to understand that the U.S. government, via the DOE’s Office of Science and through an award from the DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research’s Leadership Computing Challenge, is funding this research in order to use it in exactly the sorts of ways Sedova is telegraphing.

“Operation Warp Speed” will seem like a bioengineering turtle left in the dust compared to what’s coming in the near future.

Dangerously Unbounded “Research”

There is no necessary relationship between technological advances and human advancement, as the 20th century showed. At the same time technology was enabling unprecedented potential to improve the human condition, it was used for massive intentional destruction.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the 20th century saw the intentional killing of humans on a greater scale than any previous time in human history. 

The bloody ravages were fueled not only by hard technology, but by hubristic “scientific” ideologies, whereby some believed they possessed special knowledge to direct the lives of others and the course of history.

The scale of the travesties have been documented in many histories, including notable examples like Reflections on a Ravaged Century by Robert Conquest, and Death By Government by R.J. Rummel. 

Perhaps the biblical story of Adam and Eve eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is so compelling, because it is the idea that humans can possess such knowledge to make God-like sweeping judgements and decisions over others, that is always at the root of the most devastating evils of history.

J.R.R. Tolkein brilliantly encapsulated the idea in the “Ring of Power.” In the movie The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring, the wizard Gandalf says of trying to wield it to do good:

“Don't tempt me Frodo. Understand that I would use this Ring from a desire to do good. But through me... it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine.”

With news this week that the Pentagon clearly believes that COVID-19 was a human created spawn, born out of a web of deceit between American scientists and Chinese researches in a Wuhan bioweapons lab, there is now evidence that the 21st century is following the track record of the 20th to a disturbing degree.

The hubris of technocratic masters, if left unchecked, will spell further disasters.

In the sphere of bio-pharma, left to the devices and imaginations of scientists unbounded by virtually any limits to how they may experiment and advocate for invasions and changes to the human genome, and the genetics of virtually any life form on earth, the “possibilities” may seem limitless.

But they are in fact quite limited by age-old propensities of humans.

“Limitless power” is definitely not a good thing, from the perspective of anyone who believes that no one should have the power to alter natural genetics, let alone dictate alterations within a “genetic legislation” legal framework.

Mandated COVID gene therapies have set the stage. The coming genetic battles will be much more widespread and potentially transformative not only to societies, but to human nature and the natural world itself.  

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  1. Barb Mittler 6 months ago

    The Bible does say that in last days (unless the days were cut short no flesh would be saved) so I suspect a large number of people will have to die. It’s just a question of how

  2. harlow53 6 months ago

    When Bill Gates receives a patent #WW0-2020-06-06-06 for future gene research and assistance from the USGovernment, it is clear death and destruction is in the offing. The statements of Klaus Schwab, Xi-Jingping at the (WEF) World Economic Forum which is morphed from the Bilderberg Group and moving aggressively on its plan for One World Government controlled by a small number of Elites and Billionaires means the rest of the human race is the target of the genetic experimentation!!!

  3. Larry Inn 6 months ago

    What is the ideological bias of modern biology? Everything that we are, our sickness & health, our poverty & wealth, and the very structure of the society we live in are ultimately encoded in our DNA. We are, in Richard Dawkin’s metaphor, lumbering robots created by our DNA, body and mind. But the view that we are totally at the mercy of internal forces present within ourselves from birth is part of a deep ideological committment that goes under the name Reductionism. It is the belief that the world is broken up into tiny bits and pieces, each of which has its own properties and which combine together to make larger things. The individual makes society, for example, and society is nothing but the manifestation of the properties of individual human beings. Individual internal properties are the causes and the properties of the social whole are the effects of those causes. This individualistic view of the biological world is simply a reflection of the ideologies of the bourgeois revolutions of the eighteenth century that placed the individual at the center of everything.

  4. Larry Inn 6 months ago

    What ever happened to the concept of Cultural Conditioning? Does the Brain produce the Mind? Is the Mind the product of the Brain? Is the Mind what the Brain does? Do Brain chemicals create the Mind? Is a Culture a product of DNA? Does DNA produce a Culture? Does a certain kind of DNA produce a certain kind of Language? Why do African Americans, Japanese Americans, Native Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, French Americans, Phillipino Americans, Korean Americans,etc. born in the USA grow up speaking in their native tongue? What ever Culture we are born into, we will live and die in the Culture we are born in.

  5. ZEBB 6 months ago

    “‘There is no necessary relationship between technological advances and human advancement, as the 20th century showed. At the same time technology was enabling unprecedented potential to improve the human condition, it was used for massive intentional destruction”‘.

    “‘It’s not an exaggeration to say that the 20th century saw the intentional killing of humans on a greater scale than any previous time in human history”‘.

    These two paragraphs are the most truthful an important Statements made this year. Because Of the idea of intentional killing of others. As things stand the only upper hand we have to look forward to is “who is the best at killing? WE see this in American movies (and now copied in eastern movies) so much that no wonder why each generation is becoming docile allowing themselves to be used by any Big corporation. They need to make a stand. But I personally think that the people of ordinary will become so fed up with them they will do away with those Phsycopaths Try to think whats best for others. we don’t want such folk leading us to demonic states NO THANKS big corporations.

  6. Caroline Chaptini 5 months ago

    Leaving morality out of the equation, is technological advancement (or gene therapy) necessarily wrong? On the other hand, is there a tipping point, at which, technology defeats the very purpose of humanity’s intent of an improved quality of life (holistically speaking)? Is it morally wrong for a society to become apathetic to becoming guinea pigs, test subjects, or forced consumers (of vaccines and/or therapies)? Those are just some of the battles raging in my mind. What’s the right thing to do. How do we know when we’ve crossed the line, morally? Is there even a line (anymore)?



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