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Saturday is the least watch/read news day of the week. Thus, this last Saturday, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Food and Drug Administration held a 2-day public meeting in September to address concerns over gene therapy jabs. 

In the new era vaxxed world, the technology holds the promise of treating inherited diseases by replacing defective genes (see "A FIRST: INJECTION CURES GENETIC DEFECT," 13 Jul 2021)—but some serious side-effects have raised alarms.

In trials of a gene therapy treatment for X-linked myotubular myopathy, a rare, often fatal muscle disease, four young boys who received the same therapy also, within weeks, all developed liver dysfunction and died. 

Another gene therapy study was stopped when lab mice developed cancer.

Previous subjects in the X-linked myotubular myopathy study had shown significant improvement, and researchers are still not sure that the deaths are related to the gene therapy. BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., the firm with the cancerous lab rats, was surprised last year by the FDA refusing to approve BioMarin's gene therapy treatment for hemophilia, on the grounds that more detailed, long-term data was necessary.

Such incidents have been described as mere "growing pains" by gene therapy proponents, who say that it's inevitable that negative episodes come to light given the exponential increase in gene therapy studies. 

The mechanics of gene therapy involve replacing missing or defective genes in persons with diseases such as hemophilia or certain forms of muscular dystrophy. It usually involves injecting the patient with a harmless virus containing the healthy DNA. Most gene therapies pass through the liver on the way to their cellular targets, and so the risk of liver damage is nothing new. More recently the risk of cancer has been seen in mice and dogs treated with gene therapies. 

The article cites a case from two decades ago, in which an 18-year-old died of multiple organ failure after receiving an experimental gene therapy for a rare liver disease; that was a major setback for the entire field, but over the past decade gene therapy has made a comeback. In 2017 the FDA granted its first approval of a gene therapy product, Luxturna, which treats an inherited type of vision loss; see "AMOEBA GENE IMPROVES VISION IN BLIND MAN" (1 Jun 2021).

TRENDPOST: Again, not a peep from the Presstitutes, not a mention in the WSJ article of the connection between COVID-19 vaccines and gene therapy. Messenger RNA (mRNA) used in the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna makes them, technically, gene therapies, but the FDA classifies them as vaccines and not as gene therapies because they do not alter the genes; see "HUMANS SUBJECT TO mRNA 'SOFTWARE UPDATES'" (30 Mar 2021).

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that mRNA from the vaccine never enters the nucleus of the cell and does not affect or interact with a person’s DNA. However, Trends Journal readers know that any statement from the CDC is "operative" only until it is no longer so; see "COVID FRAUDSTER" (18 May 2021) and "CDC MANIPULATES DATA TO SUPPORT NARRATIVE (AGAIN)" (14 Sep 2021).

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  1. Ned Kelly 12 months ago

    The officials need to get out of the way and let people have a chance of living.

    What is better: giving healthy people a jab that can kill them, or giving people with genetic conditions a chance to live a better/healthier/longer life?

    We must spend the energy on helping those that got a bad set of cards genetically, rather than tampering by force with the healthy!

  2. Sarah Krupinski 12 months ago

    I have noticed there seem to be more and more people in the UK dying of 2018 it seemed every times advert came on the radio it mentioned donating money to cancer research and people talked about a family member having cancer.i think we were being programmed to get ready for lots dying of cancers due to the gene kill daughter has friend who’s dad just died of cancer he was in remission but now after being given two shots he died.The guy whos dad died thinks it had nothing to do with the I said I’m hearing about people who were fine then dying with cancers,hop e these psychopaths will be standing trial for crimes against humanity soon.🙏🙏🙏

  3. Val Gentry 12 months ago

    The vaccines contain graphine oxide. A known toxin. I n healthy individuals, it could trigger excessive blood clotting, resulting in death. But, the MSM and Big Pharma will never disclose this info. Due to the fact, they have a narrative (population control and fear) and Big Pharma is making Billions on the “vaccine”. Not to mention, Billions from Cancer treatments. Even though there is a cure for cancer, it isn’t A money maker.

  4. Kenneth Gerry Anderson 12 months ago

    The controversy is between Good versus evil and the waters are awful murky in other words profit and control seems to be the global theme.

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