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By Paul Craig Roberts, Institute for Political Economy

Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, a group that saved huge numbers of American lives by treating Covid patients with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, while Big Pharma and its captive hospitals and Biden regime killed huge numbers of Americans with non-treatment and with ventilators, remdesivir and mRNA “vaccines,” has been sentenced to prison for two months and fined $10,000. 

The ostensible excuse is that she stepped inside the Capitol through the door opened by the police not to protest the stolen election or to insurrect, but to deliver a warning about coercive Covid mandates, which she did.

She was charged with entering a restricted building—note that the halls of democracy, the people’s house, is a restricted building—violent entry, and disorderly conduct, all false charges.

Dr. Gold expressed her regret for entering the Capitol, a requirement so that the Nazi justice system didn’t sentence her to 20 years or death for saving lives. Dr. Gold, like so many other medical doctors, such as Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Peter McCullough, are being punished for interfering with Big Pharma’s profits, which are shared with Fauci and other NIH officials who serve Big Pharma, not public health, as marketing specialists.

The power of an utterly corrupt Big Pharma over the American Board of Internal Medicine to take away medical licenses of doctors, who saved lives by not following Big Pharma’s Covid protocols, is extraordinary. It proves that independent medicine does not exist in the United States. Big Pharma has control over who practices medicine and how medicine is practiced.

The United States itself is so Nazified that there is no wonder the U.S. supports the Ukrainian Nazis. In “the land of the free” parents cannot even complain to school boards about the indoctrination of their children under the guise of “education” without being beat up and arrested. If this isn’t Third Reich, what is?

What the Covid orchestration has told us is that there is not a single country in the Western World that believes in liberty and human rights. Every “Western democracy” is willing to deceive and coerce its citizens just as dictatorships do.

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  1. Larry Inn 2 months ago

    Although we give lip service to the notion of Freedom, we know the government is no longer the Servant of the People but, at last, has become the People’s Master. We have stood by like timid sheep (sheeple) while the wolf killed — first the weak, then the strays, then those on the outer edges of the flock, until at last the entire flock belonged to the Wolf.

  2. Larry Inn 2 months ago

    Gerry Spence: Randy Weaver’s wife was dead, shot through the head while she clutched her child to her breast. His son was shot twice. First they shot the child’s arm– probably destroyed the arm. The child cried out. Then, as the boy was running, they shot him in the back. Randy Weaver himself had been shot and wounded and Kevin Harris, a kid the Weavers had adopted, was dying of a chest wound. The blood hadn’t cooled on Ruby Hill before the national media announced that I (GS) had taken the Defense of Randy Weaver. Then all Hell broke loose. My sister wrote me decrying my defense of this “racist.” There were letters to the editors in several papers that expressed their disappointment that I would lend my services to a person with Weaver’s beliefs. (From Freedom to Slavery: The Rebirth of Tyranny In America. Gerry Spence.)

  3. Terry Broomhall 2 months ago

    screw the nazis. washington dc is full of nazis. they sold the american people out . i wouldn’t vote for any of them. the system is so corrupt that any well meaning politician that enters is gobbled up by the party leadership. america isn’t going to hell in a handbag we are already there. dc will start ww3 and go down 2 miles deep in their crystal cities, eating caviear and drinkinking their booze while us surface dwellers get nuked from their policies. the good Lord is coming and you pos will get yours.

  4. harlow53 2 months ago

    PCR is correct! We have an asylum in Washington, DC and what we are witnessing is “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” led by the corrupt politicians in the Democrat and Republican Circus arenas!!! And we are paying them to enslave us!!!! Today, AOC stated to the media we aren’t paying the psychopaths in DC enough compensation to do a good job enslaving the population of the US!!!! Get your wallet out and ante up to the nut house!!!!

  5. Larry Inn 2 months ago

    the ideology of pacifism leads not to social justice, but rather, the peace one finds in cemeteries.

    Ann Hansen (memoirs of an urban guerrilla.)

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