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COVID-19 cases in Florida are surging, hitting levels not seen since last winter, according to an article appearing 4 August in The Wall Street Journal.

And COVID-19 hospitalizations have reached a record 11,515, many of them younger people. More than 90 percent of those hospitalized are unvaccinated.

The article reports Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis as saying that the media are "fixated on cases and fearmongering," but that this outbreak would be less deadly than prior ones, largely because vaccination campaigns had focused on elderly people.

As pointed out on 11 August 2020 in "FLORIDA FREAKOUT," Florida has one the highest percentages of senior citizens of any state; and, according to the CDC, COVID mortality is highest among persons with underlying medical conditions, the majority of whom are over 65. 

TRENDPOST: The WSJ article reports that Florida's COVID average death count for this latest surge is about three times what it was in mid-July, but as the “surge” is hyped, they also note that the COVID rate is still less than a third of the state's peak average one year ago. 

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  1. knelson 1 year ago

    The mainstream media has it out for Governor De Santis, and seek to make him look bad
    whenever they can. The “delta variant” is the result of mutation and of viral shedding. The
    “vaccine” is causing the disease, and the VACCINATED people are the ones causing it NOT the
    unvaccinated. Wonder why there is such a push to vaccinate EVERYBODY? Think eugenics…even
    though you’ll be laughed at for being a “conspiracy theorist!”

    • T 1 year ago

      Maybe, would love to see some proof. It will freak them all out.

      They cant keep things under the rug hushed forever. The truth always comes out eventually

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