1. onlyme 2 weeks ago

    Already seeing signs of decay here in central Florida. Recent trip to grocery store and one of the adjoining businesses was a popular local dinner. They only served breakfast and lunch and the place was always crowded. I sat there as a crew was removing the large neon signs on the store front and I don’t think it was a remodel project.

  2. atlantis 2 weeks ago

    All these apps, and big tech tracing schemes = the new way of making big money, as oil and other resources are playing out. Add pills and vaccines from big pharma to that. Not about morals, only about money. MIC doing just fine, weapons of mass destruction industry booming.

  3. msparre 2 weeks ago

    The “bigs” I shop at, allowed to stay in business by our rulers, have raised the prices, along with no price break sales, exemplifies the statistically deceptive “prices fell” statement by Dept Of Labor as the only thing plummeting in price is Gasoline & fuel which account for all of the D.O. L. “overall price drop.” Also why does the D.O.L. keep track of prices any way? Has nothing to do with Labor. White lies, lies and Statistics! Which as G.C. points out the President Bill Clinton administration rigged the inflation measuring system anyway; to steal C.O.L.A. – Cost of Living Adjustments in railroad Retirement and Social Security and other payments

  4. msparre 2 weeks ago

    Notice the weather lately as the planes are seldom in flight: creating chem trails, weather modification clouds of nano poison (safety & health?) that eventually rains down on people and planet. Many photos of modified planes , and testimony etc.. Many other countries openly admit, even N.A.S.A. now! Much cooler where I live ;” a mini ice age” as an English astrophysicist I heard talking about five to ten years ago. Another example of rigging/manipulation by the Fascist (merger of corporate government power) U.S.A. Inc. and that corporation’s Military, intelligence, Academic, Complex of Security. M.I.A.C.S. This country is now in the process of and will financially collapse! Question is can “We The People” reinstate the Supreme Law of this Constitutional Republic; and start anew. P.S. This digital currency and digital control grid is one solar mass coronal ejection, from oblivion or other E.M.P.

  5. Frontiersman 2 weeks ago

    We are fast becoming a nation which hates itself. We are divided to the point of becoming enemies of whoever does not see the world as we see it. Now our “globalists” versus our “nationalists”. All this is perfectly reflected in our moribund political system, as well as the blatant favoring of billionaires over commoners by the banking system, which now has been granted full financial powers over our Potemkin Village “economy” in order to “save” that tiny minority at the expense of the many, and the most. We are fast reaching a point where, like the American colonists of the mid-1700’s, we will find ourselves forced to rebel against our masters. For over 200 years we had our “American Dream” to provide our reason for being and guiding light. The present system has bankrupted this fundamental spirit, as it bankrupted itself. Materialism and greed will soon find their limits.

  6. NCracer 2 weeks ago

    Frontiersman, I have worked in advertising and new business development for decades and I must say, startup small business and entrepreneurs haven’t slowed down much at all. Although the historical data shows around 70% of the new businesses fail, they never seem to lose spirit and slow down. The system may be trying to take control tanking into bankruptcy in an effort to take everything from everyone they can, the will and spirit of the people will never be crushed.

    I remember a year or so ago a wise man said – Gold, Guns, and a Getaway plan. If we don’t stand together with our differences without this social distancing and change what has happened from within…

  7. ARUN MAGO 2 weeks ago

    Self Reliance is the answer for the current economical meltdown. We live in a world of cheap money, cheap debt and low productivity. USA been using the Powers to their advantage for quite a long time. Dollar being the world reserve currency gives that leverage to the USA But the world is waking up so fast now.

    This phony economy with manipulative markets and cheap money can not overrule the fundamentals. When there is no real production then this scheme of cheap money printing wont last for too long.

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