1. Philip Zyrski 2 weeks ago

    Along with Quantatative Easing 1,2,3, 4 and the Repo-Market; the content of what this article said is completely unheard of and you won’t get such rare and insightful information from high school, college nor mainstream media.

    • lvblasiotti 1 week ago

      High School teaches almost nothing about economics, finance, etc. to prepare students for entrance into the work-a-day world. That is the way the 1% want it, i.e., dumb down the sheeple so they can be sheered. They took prayer out of the school system because without prayer and following the Will of God these students will follow the will of the 1% who rule the world. Pray for America to get right with Our Creator before it all gets worse!

  2. Jim Cassellia 2 weeks ago

    Corporate credit has been an issue since the Financial Crisis and came to head at the end of 2018 (my understanding is, it was the reason for the Powell Pivot). I’m betting the reason for this is, it will make it easier (and be the excuse) for the Gov’t to nationalize these companies similar to what they did to AIG & GM during the Great Recession (only this time they will not exit).

  3. Craig Bradley 1 week ago


    Little Known Details in the Stimulus Bill of 2020:

    Corporations that take-out govt. loans have a number of mgmt. constraints placed upon them (strings attached):

    -No payment of shareholder dividends until a year after the loan is paid-off
    -No Executive stock options or bonuses until the loan has been repaid
    -A “cap” on Executive salaries above $450,000/year. If an executive earns more than $3 Million a year, he is only allowed to keep half of the amount above the base (approved) compensation of $450,000/year. No Executive raises either until the loan is repaid in-full.(Salary Freeze).
    -Executives can not buy back company stock, again, until a year after the loan if fully repaid.

    A Bit of Horsemanship:

    (Nancy Pelosi, in-effect, put a curb chain on the executives snouts).

  4. St.Michael2020 1 week ago

    Not that I give a rat’s hind end about the corporate raider/execs taking a haircut, as per Craig Bradley’s info above; but Is it going to be DJT for life, just as it is Xi and Vlad for life? Should we get our “Duce” salute ready..?

    • lvblasiotti 1 week ago

      Pres. Trump has a 50/50 chance of being re-elected according to Mr. James Rickards author of “The Road to Ruin.”

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