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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, called the emerging Delta variant a cause for great concern and said it is the “greatest threat in the U.S. to our attempt to eliminate COVID-19.”

The variant was first reported in India and is up to 80 percent more transmissible than earlier variants. The Wall Street Journal reported that the United Kingdom, which has a high vaccination rate, has seen five times the number of new cases in recent weeks. (More than four in five adults have received their first shot and over 60 percent are fully vaccinated, the National Health Service said.)

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  1. Dan Goddard 1 year ago

    i cant believe even fauci isnt sick of this shit by now

  2. Eagle11 1 year ago

    Judy Mikovitz spilled the beans on this SOB more than a year ago.

    Tucker Carlson did a lame interview with her that didn’t really say anything (as usual – that’s how he keeps his cushy job eith faux news)

    There is no way the Gump administration didn’t know full well who he is, his part in developing the “virus”, and how greatly he profits personally from the covid hoax. Yet played right along loke a good stooge. And despite more than 10,000 deaths and hundreds of thousands lives ruined by taking the jab, Gump says NOTHING.

    forrest Trump is not, and never was, a friend of We the People.

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