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Last week the Trends Journal noted how a few celebrities and pundits were bucking the corporate-government COVID groupthink (see “KID ROCK, GOLDIE HAWN AND EVANGELINE LILLY ROCKIN’ IN THE FREE WORLD WHILE NEIL YOUNG COWERS”).

It didn’t take long for the Empire to strike back.

Spotify, a leading music and podcast streaming service often used on cellphones and other devices, has removed over one hundred episodes of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast.

The immediate impetus for the removal was an exodus of Spotify by a handful of music artists, spurred by Neil Young. 

Young, known for rock classics like “Heart Of Gold,” is evidently in mortal fear of catching the virus and dying before he gets even older (he’s 76, closing in on the average age of death for U.S. men).

Calling Rogan’s supposed COVID “misinformation” dangerous, Young, along with old bandmates Crosby, Stills & Nash, and others like Joni Mitchell, gave Spotify an ultimatum to cancel Rogan.

Spotify’s action is a decided step in that direction.

Rogan Another Thorn In The Side Of Elites

“The Joe Rogan Experience” is the number one listened-to podcast in the world.

Rogan exercises influence on a par with Tucker Carlson, which is saying something.

As Rogan has interviewed and entertained more points of view and evidence from different guests concerning the agendas and actual misinformation surrounding everything from COVID therapies to the JFK assassination, the political establishment and MSM media have clearly been growing uncomfortable.

President Joe Biden’s administration recently suggested that more should be done to censor Rogan.

The shipped up controversy extracted an apology from Rogan, who promised more balance on his podcast. 

In other words, Rogan, who helped represent true balance by voicing alternatives to the goose-step propaganda of most media concerning corporate-government narratives, pledged to get in line.

It probably won’t help his cause.

Spotify has so far removed 113 episodes of "The Joe Rogan Experience," many of them older and taped before his current COVID-19 issue, according to JREMissing, a website that tracks the podcast.

Among the missing episodes are ones featuring well-known conservatives, and ones authorities like to smear and label as “far-right” and “conspiracy theorists,” such as Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, Michael Malice, Alex Jones, and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Even episodes with outspoken comedians like Rich Vos and Little Esther have disappeared down the memory hole.

Young: Saint Or Slick?

Rolling Stone put out a story about Young spearheading the cancel Rogan effort, with the title “Neil Young Took a Principled Stand. Some Right-Wingers Had Never Seen One Before.”

But the decidedly un-edgy hagiography failed to delve into corporate connections of Young that smell to high heaven.

It was left to Twitter and some 4chan users to expose the dubious links.

Writer Grames Barnby tweeted this fat tidbit about Young’s ties to Blackstone and Pfizer:

“Grames Barnaby



Feb 3

Replying to 


Never forget 


 for every elaborate wall of text work the MSM puts out, one anon from a chan / BBS can destroy it all in single day.


“Grames Barnaby



Feb 3

1) Former Pfizer CEO connection identified with investor group.

2) Neil Young id'd as selling catalogue to investor group.

3) Consequences as dates roll forward for both actors.

4) Top and Bottom Bold Capitalized text surround events with a simple axiom to sum it up.”

(see Tweet thread here.)

But the effort against Rogan likely goes deeper, and may be even more coordinated. 

It’s becoming obvious as old footage of Rogan (a comedian active in the 1990’s) making crude racial jokes and using the N-word, is suddenly surfacing, that a cancel campaign is being waged in waves.

For more on the intrigue and players, check out the interesting info at The Free Press Report on substack.

Late Breaking: Rumble Makes An Offer

On Monday, the Joe Rogan Spotify saga took another turn when Rumble, the uptrending video streaming service, offered Rogan 100 million dollars over four years to bring all his former podcasts and new shows to Rumble.

Rumble has experienced explosive growth, in significant part, because of censorship taking place on platforms like YouTube, Facebook (now Meta) and Twitter.

A post from Rumble signed by CEO Chris Pavlovski made the proposal to Rogan:

TRENDPOST: Gerald Celente notes that many years ago, musicians—“artists”—used to protest nearly everything governments did. Now they say and do everything governments say and tell them to do.

Joe Rogan is the latest frog being brought to a boil by elitist powers, and his promises to quiet his voice and even act as a platform for approved narratives may only save him on Spotify if he becomes a complete toady of the corporate state.

Other platforms making offers to Rogan is encouraging, and shows what Trends Journal identified as a growing trend of an alternative politically necessitated economy. See “ARE AMERICANS HEADING TOWARD A SILENT SECESSION?” (4 May 2021) “GAINING FREEDOM FROM THE TECHNOCRACY” (20 Jul 2021) and “GAB ADS WILL OFFER ALTERNATIVE TO GOOGLE ADSENSE” (10 Aug 2021).

But if Rogan really wanted to explode the heads of his enemies, he could respond to the attempt to “Alex Jones” by joining Alex Jones's InfoWARS network. 

That would be something. It might even result in a COVID vaccine-like case of myocarditis for a certain “Heart Of Gold” singer.

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  1. puffs 5 months ago

    these major fissure are good for society,

  2. a1achiropractic 5 months ago

    Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, David Knight and many other News and Views sources are locked into the old and never ending “Conflict of Visions” as written by Thomas Sowell. This is about the ideological struggle of political beliefs. The Constrained in which facts are studied and views are extrapolated from these reviews which lend to a way of moving society forward. The Unconstrained where central figures tell us what we should think, believe and how to act because their visions and theirs alone will save us. An example would be the Declaration of Independence followed by the US Constitution versus the centralized governments of Totalitarian Regimes be they Communist or Fascist. Viewing the past 250 years of history may give us an idea as to how each of these visions has turned out for the societies that followed them. Then again just stating this puts me firmly in favor of the Constrained Vision.

  3. Peter Vigna 5 months ago

    Keep on inoculating in the (not so) free world

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