1. mnpund 4 weeks ago

    “This thing is going down hard and fast.” You’re absolutely right Gerald, we all need to unite. Not only is the economy going down but our freedoms are being taken away. “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose they lost it.” What’s going to happen to our freedoms as the economy keeps going down and there is more and more dissent among the people? It’s obvious that whatever little freedoms we have left, that they are going to be eroded even further. I have to ask myself, at what point does one draw the line? First it’s mandatory temperature checks. Ok, what next? Then it’s mandatory face masks. What next? Then it’s mandatory vaccines. What next? Then it’s mandatory tracing apps or maybe a nice microchip under the skin for convenience. Who knows where this is going to lead. As a people we have to ask ourselves where do we draw the line, at what point do we say no enough is enough. This is a dangerous situation because it is analogous to the situation of the boiling frog that jumps straight back out of boiling water but dies if the water is boiled slowly. And they are killing us in exactly the same way, by making us slowly become accustomed to the deprivation of freedom in its entirety. The end result will be full totalitarian control and hell on earth.

    • Dave from L.A. 4 weeks ago

      Nick, the craziest thing about all of this is that no one has voted for it. No political party is for tyranny openly in their platforms, yet no one is campaigning against it. My theory is that the people have no voice, except for comment pages scattered throughout the Internet.

      • mnpund 4 weeks ago

        Dave…my belief is that the people are not roused to fight because most of them are employed by the corporate state. Hunger sways mens opinions much more strongly than any argument can.

  2. Frontiersman 4 weeks ago

    It became crystal clear in the second half of last year that the “recovery” from the 2008-2009 financial collapse could not succeed. “Success” being measured as a return to a “normal” economy with “normal” interest rates and the end of bailouts. This became clear with the “QE4 which wasn’t QE4” and Repo crisis, as Wall Street was again threatened with a new and bigger financial collapse if liquidity support was withdrawn. It was discovered that if interest rates were even increased to, say, 1%, that the entire house of cards would collapse, starting with the stock market, where the wealthy hold the vast majority of stocks. It became clear that a total systemic “reset” must occur when it became realized that debt load became like Godzilla – June 2020 nearly 900 billion new debt – or a yearly total at that rate of 10 trillion! Quadrillion next!? Then, notice the events: impeachment of Trump and total gridlock in the national political system, increasing the strangulation of those nations resisting globalist control, making nations who did nothing to us enemies, to making even “competitors” enemies. Now see how the globalist flagship New York Times generated an entirely erroneous anti-Russia propaganda piece which some 60% of the boobery (or sheeple) still believe. Notice how the media have terrorized the population into submission to fascist edicts like social-distancing and face masks, while encouraging BLM protests, with the swine politicians marching shoulder-to-shoulder and violating their own population control commands. Globalism is threatened, and with the Deep State, intelligence agencies, mass media and globalist politicians looking to regain total control of the US first, and then the entire world next, by destroying the President, a global reset (and likely some kind of massive debt-forgiveness) is on the short term horizon. You know that it would be inevitable after the November election, and that a US civil war will start(actually it has already begun, of course, but the bodies will begin to pile up then) – definitely if Trump is re-elected, and later when the population again sees the emptiness of the Democrat’s plans. Recall how Bill Clinton basically signed off on the destruction of the American economy previous to the 2000 dot-com crisis, 9/11, 2009 crash, and now this. Either way, fasten your seatbelts, because we are in for a bumpy ride!

  3. atlantis 4 weeks ago

    INSANITY says it all.
    Vaccine 50% placebo !!! That’s a good one.
    Want to see Biden debate with Trump (for laughs)
    Glad to be a subscriber of the Trends, and yes, Mr. Celente is a visionary

  4. Kenneth Munger 4 weeks ago

    Dr. Scott Atlas commented on the issue of hospitalizations, saying the hospitalization data does not distinguish between patients who are hospitalized for reasons unrelated to the virus who test positive, and patients who are hospitalized specifically for COVID-19 complications.

    “When I looked at every single hospital area in Texas today, 15 to 20 percent of people in the hospital as inpatients are [COVID-19] positive patients. That means 80 to 85 percent have nothing to do with COVID-19. And the same thing goes with some of the other states. There are people hospitalized, a large number, because they are tested as [COVID-19] positive, somehow they’re categorized as [COVID-19] hospitalizations, that’s a problem,” he said.

  5. QXmoCyDGyXRQ 4 weeks ago

    I’m old enough to remember the Cold War. There’s no such thing as having a successful argument, debate, or engagement with a hardcore communist or leftist. These are brainwashed, mindless monsters intent on destroying anything good in life for their twisted version of the “greater good”, which means making you as miserable as they are. If they negotiate with you, it’s a delaying tactic because they are not in a position of power over you to enforce their will; it’s not because they have suddenly become reasonable. They are absolutely right and you are evil, ignorant, or somehow “contrary to the greater good”, which is code for their will. They do not care about anything but power. Their end goal is always total domination and control over every aspect of your life.

    If you’re sitting in a suburban or rural home thinking this growing totalitarianism isn’t going to eventually impact you. Guess again. If you think appeasing this mob is going to make them go away, Guess again.

    COVID is more than a bad flu, it’s a tool for power.

  6. Wow_1 3 weeks ago

    Can Greg Manarino do another piece on the banks, possible issues with the off book CLO’s? With all of these companies going bust the banks would have to take a big hit right? Also European banks and HSBC facing major issues.

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