Economic Epidemic to Kill more than Coronavirus

  1. NCracer 2 weeks ago

    They must figure a 30% loss is what they needed OR the scientists are working independently.

    From France Covid 19 clinical Trial

    “The study found that after six days of treatment, 70 percent of patients administered hydroxychloroquine were clear of the virus, ”

    “Azithromycin boosted the effect of hydroxychloroquine, according to the study. After six days of treatment, all patients treated with the drug combination “were virologically cured,” compared to 57.1 percent of patients treated with hydroxycholorquine by itself.”

  2. vanderV 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for posting, Gerald. You give me hope but also despair at the same time for this humanity!

  3. Craig Bradley 2 weeks ago


    One passenger got a acute allergic reaction to cocktail peanuts served-up onboard a United Airlines flight. She could not wait to get back home and call her lawyer to sue for “damages”. Another stupid jury of idiots felt sorry for her and she won a big jury award. In response, all the domestic airlines took notice and cut the peanuts from the menu. Pretzels were a handy substitute (free snack), at least as far as I know. Spread the misery around.

    Common Sense: Apply extreme measures upon all airline passengers for all time. Proportionality. So, Corona Virus “Pandemic” is just the latest manifestation of “do gooders” with zero tolerance for germs and viruses. ( Do they reside in a “Clean Room”? Do they have a hospital-grade HEPA filter on their HVAC unit at home?). Bet Not. Let’s pass a law ( Local building code requirement) that requires ALL “McMansions” worth over $3 Million to have HEPA filters, just because….we can. “What’s good for the goose is good for gander” Fight back, social warriors.

  4. Craig Bradley 2 weeks ago


    Obviously, we do not have enough lawyers in some niche’ markets. Traditional Legal practices have occupied most market segments and client bases for many years. Its now a “cyclical” occupation and in many respects, saturated, as well. However, ingenious or creative lawyers can still find a place or new specialty to practice in.

  5. Dave from L.A. 2 weeks ago

    What a disgrace! Our formerly great country and great people are being destroyed by a weapon of mass deception, and they have been made so stupid by the education system that they cannot discern their left hand from their right hand.

    Total cases of Corona Virus in the world:

    0.00003% of the population

    Total number of deaths of Corona Virus in the world:

    0.000001% of the population

    Total cases of Corona Virus in the U.S.:

    0.000002% of the population

    Total deaths of Corona Virus in the U.S.:


    So this is all it took to overthrow the U.S. Constitution? What an abomination! Trump and the governors have all committed treason and violated their oath declaring this an emergency based on lies. The moment I heard this hypocrite was going to borrow money from we the taxpayers to send us a pittance of what they’re giving out to their cronies is offensive. As a Cuban American, my worst nightmares have come true. I was born a slave to the Castro family, and by the grace of God I was emancipated as a child and was able to live in the Golden Age of freedom in the U.S. The moment I heard the government is going to give us money borrowed from ourselves, it reminded me of the Cuban Libreta, where the government issues you free food that will get you by for part of the month; you need to figure out the rest how to feed your family. We are now in a dark age. We’ve seen this movie before.

    • LeoA 2 weeks ago

      So true. The whole ConVirus is based on faulty testing that is based on faith not facts. It is contrived panic to limit freedom, and destroy what is left of the middle/working class and small businesses. This is the biggest and so far most costly hoax perpetrated on US citizens who are too “programmed” to think. Sheep willingly going to slaughter. Freedom is gone. The USA no longer exists.

  6. MJR1000 2 weeks ago

    So why does’t the US government just spin CONVID19 as no big deal and we all carry on, ……. Whats in it for the Gov if the slaves aren’t working? there must be some reason the masterminds are embracing the inevitable chaos.

    One thing that isn’t really getting a mention is the global supply chains – containers are now arriving in the US with only 20-30% of their previous stock as China has shut down production……. these containers got loaded 6-10 weeks ago… !!

    My strategy – bury gold in the garden, then start growing fresh vegetables over it – self sustainability.

    Water more than Oil ……. it is now!!! – So… when does that commodity become too expensive for the masses?

  7. dshep 2 weeks ago


  8. atlantis 2 weeks ago

    see Pepe Escobar’s full article:
    and pay attention to paragraphs 7,8,9 (copied in below) (You can click on Event 201 and see that the whole rehearsal is exactly what is playing out today). Co-incidence? Not in my estimation…

    Adding all that to the fact that coronavirus genome variations in Iran and Italy were sequenced and it was revealed they do not belong to the variety that infected Wuhan, Chinese media are now openly  asking questions and drawing a connection with the shutting down in August last year of the “unsafe” military bioweapon lab at Fort Detrick, the Military Games, and the Wuhan epidemic. Some of these questions had been asked – with no response – inside the US itself.
    Extra questions linger about the opaque Event 201 in New York on October 18, 2019: a rehearsal for a worldwide pandemic caused by a deadly virus – which happened to be coronavirus. This magnificent coincidence happened one month before the outbreak in Wuhan.
    Event 201 was sponsored by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the CIA, Bloomberg, John Hopkins Foundation and the UN.  The World Military Games opened in Wuhan on the exact same day.

  9. atlantis 2 weeks ago

    Something else is going on other than this virus.
    Listen carefully to what is said at Event 201.

  10. stephenensor 2 weeks ago

    It was worth watching this for the blue suit

  11. atlantis 2 weeks ago

    Is this where we are going? Nothing would surprise me.

  12. odaym 2 weeks ago

    I don’t think anyone in their right mind would still prefer cash, even if they doubt gold and are ignorant of the difference. This is a period where people will lose trust in governments first and foremost, the least of their worries is gold, too late for them to get out of the way, they already got hit.

  13. sarahcam75 2 weeks ago

    Just imagine the bastards told the truth, just imagine

  14. onlyme 2 weeks ago

    I find that most people can’t handle the truth. They are so poorly educated and completely indoctrinated to worship authority that they can not comprehend that their beloved government would lie to them.
    The result will be hell on earth.
    As we fall deeper into the depression people will be screaming for that sugar tit promised by – you guessed it, the democrats who will push old Joe out of the way come convention time and substitute either Hillary or Michel and then we will truly be in deep shit.

  15. CounterClockwise 2 weeks ago

    I’m in totally agreement with you Mr. Celente. And regarding Cuomo and Deblasio and all these other toileticians, they were foaming at the mouth to invoke their “emergency powers”, they all have a Mussolini Complex.
    The shutting down will soon be impossible to enforce just like prohibition was not able to be. The people will hit the streets and then anything can happen along the lines of violence, death and destruction. There is no logic to any of this suppression and control measures the morons are invoking.

  16. Dave from L.A. 2 weeks ago

    What the world’s propaganda ministries are all saying with one united voice is that authoritarianism is the cure for the Coronavirus. Although throughout China’s thousands of years of history, diseases have come and gone, this one is going only because of authoritarianism. It wouldn’t leave on it’s own. With no scientific facts to back that up. Once the real damage is done to the population of the world, we’re going to need to have trials for these so-called leaders for their crimes against humanity. But what court would try them?

  17. yrasheed18 2 weeks ago

    Sharp Suit Gerald!

  18. Frontiersman 2 weeks ago

    I can’t help but see this crisis as a continuation of the globalist Democratic Party’s non-stop strategy (since even DURING the Republican Presidential nominating process 2016) of attempting to destroy ‘populist’ and nationalist Trump by any means. Recall Nancy Pelosi stating after the failed impeachment process that the Democrats would get Trump out one way, or another. Then a month later we see this media-fueled panic. Could this be all a continuation of the globalist scheme to control the entire planet, writing the rules which make the Western nations the ‘brains’ and primary beneficiaries of the globalist order, and non-poodle nations the cheap labor and second-class citizens of the world, inevitably leading to the need to full totalitarian rule? Look at the destroyed nations in northern Africa and west Asia. Even in places like Chile and Venezuela. And receiving economic strangulation if they show the least resistance to globalist ‘marching orders’. It has been long established that the western mass media are fully on-board with the globalist agenda, meaning they are committed to a war of words on those looking to strengthen their nations – at the expense of globalist dreams of world homogenization. And, culture. What have the globalists done to things like the movie industry, using it to advance globalist viewpoints? This goes on and on. This all smells of an induced mass psychosis of the entire world population. We first? Who precisely are “we”?

  19. npacifico 2 weeks ago

    Bravo Gerald! and THANK YOU!

  20. forthepeople 2 weeks ago

    This whole thing is crazy! I’m in New Zealand. A friend of mine just opened an Italian cafe, put everything into it, if he can’t get assistance, he will loose it all. He has just had a new baby.


    Gerald, as usual, you rule. Looking forward to Friday. You keep us sane my dear friend.

  21. Dave from L.A. 2 weeks ago

    Every hour that passes now, the co-conspirators in the coup against the Constitution seem to get bolder and bolder. Every day they test the limit of their illegal actions. We are getting very close to the point where everyone who has taken an oath to defend the Constitution is going to be called on to do so. The soldiers and law enforcement of this country are going to need to think about what their family members who fought and died and sacrificed to defend the Constitution would think at this moment. Where will you stand when push comes to shove? Will you stand with truth and the Holy Spirit, or the father of lies and these politicians? As I have said before, this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

  22. atlantis 2 weeks ago

    Never mind. Old Creepy Joe has been pushed to the top. He’ll fix things!
    ALL of what is happening since day 1 of 2020 is too at odds for a thinking person not to have serious suspicions regarding the intentions of the powers that be. From Solemaini’s assassination to Event 201’s projection/rehearsal, i.e. the real coronavirus pandemic, to the continued systemic failure of the financial world, to the false pumping up of a decrepit old fool, namely Biden – who will be the perfect yes man in place. And Trump will own all of the disaster to come, the narcissic fool.

  23. QXmoByDGyXRQ 1 week ago

    I’m in a jurisdiction on lockdown. I went to the store tonight and saw nothing but empty shelves and long lines. I went to three different stores to find most everything on my list.

    Remember when we saw pictures of breadlines and the Soviet Union and made fun of them because “it could never happen here”?

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