1. vbenson2005 1 week ago

    Universities and Confucius Institutes ? What about education? No Corona virus in New Zealand! Doomed planet? According to Bob Nichols veteran we are ALL dead because of 3 total reactor meltdowns at FUKUSHIMA! So we are DEAD no escaping the radiation. Mr. Celente it’s an ELE extinction level event! Worrying about economy is nothing compared to the death of our planet. GOLD will not help unless I can buy a starcraft a spaceship.

  2. Lancelot Forbes 1 week ago

    The fear of the corona virus arose because it is new ,not well understood and highly virulent. The Chinese may have reacted by closing down the country out of a fear of bio terrorism. This fear was escalated to panic by the media. While the death rate from the virus is low ,it is very debilitating and especially dangerous for people of Gerald’s age with comorbidities . Since we don’t need the elderly and infirm I suppose there are no moral decisions to consider. While I believe that the economy should not have been shut down our lack of knowledge about the virus ,the fear factor, shortages of masks and testing kits, must be factored into the decision to quarantine people. It is important to note that there are also strains with different strengths. When you look into the lungs of some covid patients it looks like glue and when it thickens it looks like tar. Its frightening when you can’t breath.

  3. Frontiersman 1 week ago

    Let’s look at how ’empires’ have historically operated. There have been several, of course, the last moderately successful one being the British Empire, on which the sun never set, as folklore states. That empire went kaput when it went broke (sort of like the American Empire now). But let’s look at the grand-daddy of them all – the Roman Empire. Recall the that there was, during the founding years of the Roman Empire, a battle between the ‘plebians’ (i.e commoners) and ‘patricians’ (the aristocracy) for supremacy dated years 500 BC – 287 BC. All was settled later when the Roman Republic became what is referred to as the Roman Empire. In the late stages of the battle for some power for the regular people of Rome, it was found by Augustus that as long as it was PRETENDED that the people’s WILL was taken in consideration the patricians could go on with their basic imperial plans with little resistance, supplying the ‘bread and circuses’ necessary to sate the population of Rome itself. As Rome’s imperial adventures captured stolen booty and some of that could be transferred to the people as bread, the system could go on. When the people became, as we are now, sated by imperial handouts and no longer had to suffer war, which was taken over by mercenaries (in our case well paid private soldiers), no mass protests would occur. Rome and it’s citizens became fat, dumb and happy and the tough-skinned vandals had little trouble overthrowing the entire imperial system of the Roman state itself.

    Fast forward to today. Our American populace is sated by the looting of world resources, enriched by financialized rackets, numbed by mass media inspired by Edward Bernays, co-opted by social support by our social welfare systems, not aware of global suffering, not required to participate in global subjugation, on and on. Now the fall has commenced – the games no longer seem to work – so we blame the other – Trump, Democrats, China, Russia – any one but ourselves. Where will this lead? To either a new and better system, or the end of us all. Let’s inspire real change – before it really is TOO LATE.

  4. wsophrin 1 week ago

    There is so much good work in your economic and trends forecasting but lately your inclination to name call, yell and even scream at your viewers is becoming counter productive to the stated objective of your publication. It is also suspect that you call out so many political figures as behaving like dictators of the past without mentioning the behavior, corruption and dictatorial aspirations of Trump.

    Could you please strive to separate your opinion from your forecasting.

  5. msparre 7 days ago

    Write in Jim Jordan for President! 90% constitutional vote in congress; John Birch Society-congressional ratings.Who ruined America? It’s the Democrats and Republicans Stupid.

  6. QXmoByDGyXRQ 6 days ago

    Any time there’s a new pathogen involved, I’m all for erring on the side of caution. You were right, again. The numbers coming from expanded testing seem to confirm that, while it’s deadly to certain groups, most people get few, if no symptoms. There’s a happy middle here. Isolate the vulnerable groups and the rest of us, while not being reckless, largely go about our business. Most of us can just take the precautions Mom told us as a kid: wash your hands, cover your mouth while sneazing or coughing, stay at home when sick. Eventually, assuming residual immunity in healthy people, the virus will die off on its own or become a rarer disease.

  7. HandsFree 4 days ago

    Systems failure, and Planned Failure

    In the current situation on the ground, being a Minimalist is King. Many of the young now – are has old hippies were and still are: They are vans to live in. They build them from the inside. They learn of sewing, and fixing things again. They learn to grow food and to be Multifaceted. In fact, sense not all of us are made to be lawyers or nurses or had a good background: Resort Town Survival. How many Hats can you wear? In the process of this: Gold, Silver can only be attained if your not paying 80% of your income to rent — Celente is right – Health and capacity. In my generation, Stoicism was learned and in the process life became the beacon – the fact, the truth. Train the body, train the mind, train the spirit, be good as social perception and be good with your Martial skills – Ben- Jujutsu, Nin-Jutustu and more – Not the UFC Fighting, that is not of the mind or skill in subterfuge. The highest form of think is to see without categories…and to be of service to your self and others .

    I am here on the fronts lines – tens years out on this leg of the journey ( by bike, foot, car, tent) Here, past the pale and back into the madness ( called consumer society) if there is hope it is the reemergence, of people understanding their common plight and identifying the common enemy.

    Love, Beauty, joy, Truth, Compassion, Wonder, Discovery – cannot be found in for Profit over Life mentalities, societies made of this Evil, kill everything that is not for sale

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