1. Dave from L.A. 2 weeks ago

    I cannot see how Trump could possibly be re-elected. He is the leader of the Corona catastrophe. I have heard some of his blind supporters saying that the governors and the mayors are the ones trying to hurt his chances for re-election. He declared himself a wartime president, and the war is against the Constitution. He has burned his base in every way imaginable. Instead of arresting the Clintons, or the Wasserman-Schultzes of the world, he arrested the whole country. At this point, the Democrats could run Francis the talking mule and win. I think we’re better off with a fake Republican party in opposition pretending to be for the Constitution, because every time they’re handed power, we go from the frying pan into the fire. We the People have already lost this next election for the spokesman for the Deep State. We don’t have a candidate in the race.

    • Craig Bradley 2 weeks ago

      China launched a “torpedo” (Covid) at the US of A and scored a direct hit, causing the domestic economy to capsize. Minn. Police sparked a race riot which morphed into BLM & urban unrest everywhere. The media is presenting it as “out of control”. It can not be turned around or extinguished.

    • GrindEspresso 1 week ago

      You need to think a little more logically. Look at what you have as an option, D’s, Biden? Are you serious? I would admit that Trump is an unknown quantity but at least he’s talking up the country, economy etc, whereas the D’s are trying to take it down, they are the party of scumbags. So from where I sit, you HAVE to put your eggs in the Trump basket and hope that all he saying, Clinton’s, corruption etc will come to pass. If not revolt.

  2. francissiu 2 weeks ago

    top DaVE FROM LA, Trump will win landslide.

  3. sitenine 2 weeks ago

    @francissiu – If Trump wins in a landslide then the opposing party will say he cheated, and the socially “woke” idiots will continue to burn the country to the ground. If Trump loses then the socially “woke” idiots will exact their revenge and continue to burn the Country to the ground. The means may be different in each scenario, but the end result is the same. Financial ruin is set in stone – the Fed has bought and paid for it. Expect delivery shortly. Here’s your tracking number:

    • Craig Bradley 2 weeks ago


      Neither side will accept defeat, thus furthering the geographical and political divide in America. Instead of pursuing and investigating the agents prevaricators, the government will just harass conservatives and investigate them if Joe Biden wins. If President Trump wins, then its more urban violence and riots. Either way, its still a “civil war” and it could easily escalate later this year.

  4. onlyme 2 weeks ago

    I’m trying to find out why medical insurance and Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of face masks. If they are so important why aren’t they covered and provided?

    Is it because they can’t be medically proven to work?

    I didn’t do an exhaustive study, just ask at my doctor’s office. Any information on this either way appreciated.

  5. vbenson2005 2 weeks ago

    Is there any gold in Ft. Knox or did Obama’s people take it? The Chinese asked to see their gold and Obama said no. The Chinese have alot of real estate investments and investments in US businesses. It makes no sense that the Chinese want a war? The Chinese have too much to lose and so do we. However if we declare war on them we can seize their assets and don’t have to make good don’t have to reimburse them for all their loans to us! How ethical is that? We declare war and we don’t have to honor our debts?

  6. vbenson2005 2 weeks ago

    Trump should arrest all these people destroying property. I am wondering why he isn’t protecting the citizens. I don’t know if there will be an election in November? Seems that General Clapper is the mastermind behind ba real activeover throw of the duly elected government .He is now an adviser to CNN which is a propaganda tv network not a news media outlet. The Democrats also seem to be actively encouraging the overthrow of the US government. This is according to lawyer Mark Levin a real coup detat a real attempt at overthrowing our government. We have Marxists in the streets and vicious mobs terrifying the public. This is a real insurrection!

  7. vbenson2005 2 weeks ago

    I have friends who have a business in China. There factory is in China. They will be ruined if we can’t do business with CHINA. The only way they can afford their business is by having their products made in China. Also this lockdown is hurting people psychologically .Young people are committing suicide because of what Fauci refers to as the Corona virus inconvenience. Suicides are not being reported here in Virginia. BOYCOTT organized sports!! Fauci threw out the ball and it was a wimpy attempt. He also seen laughing and joking with people on bench.

  8. Dave from L.A. 2 weeks ago

    @Craig Bradley:

    I, too, respectfully disagree with your analysis that China is to blame for this. As of this morning, these are the official case and death counts for the world and the U.S.: World cases, 0.2% of the population; World deaths, 0.008% of the population. U.S. cases, 1.2% of the population; U.S. deaths 0.04% of the population. This is less than the equivalent of a bad flu season, and that’s not even taking into account that the numbers (at least in the U.S.) have been deliberately juiced by the people benefitting from this manufactured crisis.

    This is all about the money. In September of last year, the repo market (the overnight bank repurchasing market) froze. No one seems to understand what that means. The economy ended on the day it froze. The Fed began to artificially prop it up, supposedly only for two weeks; they continued this all the way until they couldn’t anymore, and then Trump declared a national emergency (a War against the Covid) and closed the economy. They then used the closed economy to transfer three generations of American wealth to the handful of families that own the news media and the pharmaceutical industry. This is the year that the billionaire tax shelters attacked the human race. They have been reporting that Bill and Melinda Gates have been giving their money away for decades; in reality their foundation is a for-profit tax shelter, just like the other tax shelters such as Antifa, the BLM (billionaires lies matter), etc. who are trying to plunge us into a neo-feudal world after only 150 years of enlightenment to where slavery for the first time in human history was denounced world wide. They can’t wait to put the chains back on us.

    I’ve said it before; freedom from the Dark Ages came from the Reformation (which understood that the authorities and spiritual guides were corrupt to the core) and the Renaissance (which helped to unleash our humanity), which lead to the third R, Revolution, which finally freed us all physically. Only with God’s help can we restore the three Rs.

  9. atlantis 2 weeks ago

    Agree……………. Fauci / Gates / Big Pharma virus. BIG MONEY in vaccines

  10. Sean Murrell 1 week ago

    This was already written by the Rockefeller Foundation and is called “Lock Step” The document was from 2010 and was announced by Vox on television over 6 years ago. What is scary is I’m watching a series called “The Counterpart” and this is acted out in the series and in episode 4 they mentioned “Lock Step”. Rockefeller is the think tank that puts out this shit, and then they execute it. The world is controlled by a bunch of idiots!

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