For U.S. stores open at least one year, the pizza delivery chain Dominos reported 16-percent better sales in 2020’s second quarter, compared to just a 3-percent bump a year previous.

Among Domino’s 11,000 overseas outlets, sales nudged up 1.3 percent against 2.4 percent a year earlier.

During the peak of the shutdown, about 2,400 Domino’s shops went dark; only about 600 remain closed now.

The company collected $920 million in revenue for the quarter, beating analysts’ target of $915 million. Profits for the quarter were $2.99 a share, compared to $2.19 for 2019’s second quarter.

TREND FORECAST: As we have continually noted, and do so again in the COVID section of this Trends Journal, a large segment of the people who are succumbing to the virus are suffering from pre-existing chronic conditions such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary conditions, etc.

We also have noted that junk food addicted Americans weigh in as the most obese and overweight of all developed nations.

While the mainstream media continues to blast out that Americans are seeking healthier foods, the facts prove otherwise. In America, and in many other countries, more people are becoming addicted to fast/processed food, laden with fat, salt, sugar, and unpronounceable chemicals with devastating results (far worse than COVID-19) to health than those going all-natural.

While organic movements have grown substantially over the last two decades, and the media keeps promoting how American’s food tastes have changed, organic in the U.S. accounted for only about 5.5 percent of the food sold in retail channels.

Indeed, a walk through any major supermarket chain store shows how small the organic sections are and how limited the scope of product compared to the low quality, highly processed, non-organic aisles that dominate.

However, we forecast a “Get Healthy” trend will strongly grow as more people with less money not only begin to cook for themselves, but an entire socioeconomic spectrum, fearful of succumbing to disease, will jump on the “Build Your Immune System” trend in the coming years. 

  1. Jay Jericho 1 week ago

    Living in a shared four story house with 9 people I concur. My room mate drinks Gatorade like water and that is a concern.

  2. Philip Zyrski 1 week ago

    Wow! Only 5.5 percent of the overall American population seek out organics and non-GMOs?!?! I thought many more Americans pursue the criteria of USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified labelled whole foods. That’s scary!

  3. kupper 1 week ago

    Look at how much it costs to buy healthy nutritious food that is minimally processed grass fed etc vs the commercial packaged preserved altered garbage most people eat. It costs much more and its harder to find. It requires work and people are LAZY and they are SHEEP who follow whatever the propaganda tv and media sells or tells them to do

  4. Zenith Trench 1 week ago

    organic food stock recommendations anyone?

  5. Ian Mensik 1 week ago

    I try not to go to any other grocery other than Natural Grocers (NGVC). Their prices are actually reasonable and I don’t have to worry about any of it being non-organic. Can’t speak as to the stock analysis.

  6. JustSayin 6 days ago

    Aldi food stores sell plenty of reasonably priced organic and gmo-free foods!

    • PAULA NAGIE 5 days ago

      I concur on Aldi’s. I do well buying there plus I’m in Florida with lots of local farmers markets. In central Florida we have the Webster flea market on Mondays. As much as I hate to promote the big box stores I do well at Costco. They carry a lot of USDA organic products at a much lower price than any of the main stream grocery stores.

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