1. QXmoCyDGyXRQ 4 weeks ago

    I’m absolutely cautious whenever someone says, “biological agent”. However, even the CDC’s own numbers don’t justify the lockdowns, now. It’s also obvious that a lot of hospitals cooked the COVID patient books to get the COVID fueled insurance money.

    This smells more and more like a psyop from the “color revolution” playbook.

    I can’t get over the Orwellian bullshit on the mainstream media. How stupid can you be to believe that bullshit and hypocrisy? One week, you’re killing granny if you go outside without a mask. The next week, it’s OK to burn and riot shoulder to shoulder with radical communists looking to overthrow the US government without a mask; you won’t get COVID. Not even 3 days after the riots seem to die off, the mainstream media isnow hyping up a “second wave” where we need “to lockdown and wear masks”. Hmmm. I wonder why we have a “second wave”? I guess COVID is a “racist deplorable”.

    Wake up America! We are being lied to, again. This is the billionaire’s “final solution” for us.

    Those rioters, I mean protesters. . . Let’s be “politically correct”. . . They are pawns and useful idiots for bigs. They shpped you the bricks, made sure that you had well trained intelligence assets directing you, appealed to your emotions, and got you to do their bidding. If the MSM is publishing gushing support for you, you’re not “anti-establishment”

    Now, these “protesters” are the perfect host vessel for the vaunted “second wave”. “Protesters”. . . They *used* you.

    This is good old fashioned political race baiting. Don’t fall for it.

  2. Dave from L.A. 4 weeks ago

    What I have found to be the most incredible thing in the last couple of weeks is to see the degree of control that the weapon of mass deception (which is corporate fake news) has over the people. As this illegal lockdown stretched on, churches in California sued all the way to the Supreme Court saying this was unconstitutional. Just as the riots which are funded by these tax shelters were unleashed on the street to cause mayhem, and distract from the fact that the Supreme Court under John Roberts ruled that there is no freedom of religion or assembly in the Constitution, the Supreme Court ruled that we do not have freedom of religion or assembly. That these are simply privileges that can be revoked at any time. John Roberts, who swore an oath to defend the Constitution, has found in this document that we have to pay insurance companies profits, but we have no right to freedom of religion or assembly. The next day when Americans should have been in the streets screaming treason, these tax shelters unleashed their mercenary armies, and the very Americans who were betrayed were calling for the Deep State to fix things. Their control over the people is breathtaking.

  3. mnpund 4 weeks ago

    The lack of freedom in society is due to the concentration of political power into a centralised system. There is too much centralisation of power and a large body of people under their rule. Aristotle I believe, says somewhere that for democracy to work, there must be a limit to the size of the social unit. When the size is too big, the voice of the individual is nullified, it becomes irrelevant. People as a body are also sheepish by nature. We tend to think and behave like the rest of the herd. Therefore, large social units become very easy to control. Even the states themselves are too big. Here I am living in Victoria Australia and there are over 6 million people living in this state. Who gives a crap what I or any individual thinks on any of the important matters save the political idiots and the media parrots. If anyone says anything, “Who are you?” some rich man will say. “You’re just a poor boy who lives in that little house. If you were worth anything, you would be rich like us and be able to employ large numbers of people.” And that’s all we are to such people, a statistic, an animal with a number, used to provide some service in the land of slavelandia.

  4. vbenson2005 4 weeks ago

    Most of the comments will not reach the public. Anyone commenting is preaching to the choir. But a major death star scenario is happening. It is so science fiction like situation according to veteran Bob Nichols we are all already dead. It’s an ELE extinction level event uncontained radiation from FUKUSHIMA isotopes the 3 reactor meltdowns . It is taking down the planet . Z NO ONE IS LISTENING NO ONE GETS IT WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD LITERALLY PLEASE Realize that they all know and don’t care that little children babies will die no one will grow up

  5. atlantis 4 weeks ago

    GO UNCLE JOE! He’ll fix things for you folks

  6. Frontiersman 4 weeks ago

    It’s come first circle. Remember the day democracy actually died in the United States? Thats when the Supreme Court made a non-precedent ruling stopping the counting of legal votes. December 12, 2000 (Bush v. Gore). Then 9/11. Full blown madness leading to an official sanction for perpetual total global war, which by definition could not be won, so therefore forever. Jimmy Carter started that in 1979 at the behest of the neocons when he had America support the mujahideen against the old USSR in Afghanistan. Yes, the same country we are desperately trying to leave over forty years later! Now we use similar groups in our Middle East policies, openly I might add. Look at the mess in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq. Also, look at the Citizens United ruling in 2010, cementing monetary control of what remained of the democratic process in the United States. Farther back, we now seem to be in a nostalgic craze for the return of 1968! We even have a an equally crummy, but better than the President-like Eugene McCarthy in the admittedly deficient candidate Biden. Remember when the Democrats got to power in 1992 and 2004 and how little of the present “leftist” agenda they enacted. There wasn’t one! Now we are nostalgic for the “recovery period” of the post-2009 America – utilizing eerily similar strategies which failed to create a viable economy after 2009. Once the trillions stop pumping into the so-called capitalist markets, the music will again stop. Like Wednesday past and the 1800 point drop. Reops forever or bust! Luckily we have this forum on Trends Journal. Our opinions may have a salutary effect of those contemplating the “red pill” or the “blue pill” like in the movie “The Matrix”. Our information sources are now fully controlled and the spectrum of opinion narrowed down to the absolute boundaries of ‘politically correct’. We have mobs now “demonstrating” who would topple a statue of Voltaire, if one could be found – you know, the guy who said that he might disagree with what you said, but he would fight for your right to say it. Now, we are hearing that the Constitution itself needs to be replaced (since ‘slaveholders’ wrote it). Certainly our mass media would consider that reasonable. Funny thing is, if the Democrats take control in November, imagine how bad they will further screw things up! Remember Obamacare? Recall the phrase ‘you broke it, now you own it’. Non-stop impeachment efforts from the first day of the Trump Administration. You think they will have hell to pay from Republicans if they win? One more thing – the taxpayers are now on the hook for the Federal Reserve’s stock and bond buybacks – when the holders benefited from the pre-COVID19 market boom, they kept all the proceeds. Now they are having their losses covered, and if those stocks and bonds don’t recover, who do you think will pay back those billions? – yes! the taxpayers – those hard working members of the so-called middle class which our betters are now destroying. Good luck with that!

  7. atlantis 4 weeks ago

    Mr. Putin need not do a damn thing… the USSA is quite capable of self-destroying! Evidence all around. Idem for the UK.

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