Double Bear Market, Crime Wave, Interactive U

    • Saul Marcus 6 days ago

      The whole study is junk science. All this is assumed off of data with heavy selection bias. For all we know, would have had the same testing rates for this in USA if they were running tests a few months ago. Everything is baseless speculation.

      Causation does not equal causality, and causality of illness from covid-19 has not even been established.

    • GrindEspresso 4 days ago

      Back at you Berni…check this out…look familiar?

    • Saul Marcus 6 days ago

      We don’t have any data that can used to chart the spread of this. For all we know it’s ubiquitous (corona virus is a common cold virus, it’s all over the place).

      What is very likely is the conflation of increasing data from more testing, in more ares, with this thing actually spreading.

  1. odaym 1 week ago

    First quarter earnings coming right up!

  2. Frontiersman 1 week ago

    Recall the non-stop efforts of the Democratic Party and intelligence agencies to depose President Trump, and the lengths they went to to do this from before his inauguration. Undeniable. Now, Democratic party aligned Politico has released an article “Before Trump’s Inauguration, a Warning: The Worst Influenza Panic since 1918”, which essentially ‘papers over’ this strange meeting held 7 days before the Trump inauguration (posted March 16th). Recall again the efforts to destroy the Trump presidency was already in motion. Note also that indictments from the subterfuge of the Democrats and intelligence agencies are expected shortly, and the threats issued by Charles Schumer that the intelligence agencies can get back at Trump “six ways from Sunday”. Also, it seems clear that President Obama was involved in these efforts right from the get-go, and that the Democrats basically paralyzed the Federal Government for 2-plus years with their proven-to-be BS impeachment efforts. Now, the election in which they want obviously to unseat Trump. And, further back… Bill Clinton’s “New Democrat” party eliminating the superficial priority of working for the common man and turning to Wall Street, and the introduction of turbo-financialization to the economy, with ineffective remedial efforts post-2009 by the Obama Administration. And the “repo market” shenanigans beginning in August after economic normalization failed and “not-QE” begun. And martial law now in New York and California (60 million people), and the troops coming back from the Defender 2020 exercises in Europe. For clarity on my views, I consider President Trump a murderer for the premeditated killing of Iranian general Soleimani. That is his prerogative due to the accepted policy of allowing the President to set American foreign policy, which is seems needlessly provocative in regards to Iran, China, Russia. Put this all together, with revelations about Bill Gates’ Event 201, followed by the Wuhan Military Games in which 300 US military participated, followed a the outbreak of COVID-19 a few weeks later in the same city. And a strong epidemic of COVID-19 in Italy, the only European country to participate in China’s Belt and Road strategy. Could it all be an elaborate exercise to blame others for the failure of our non-market propped-up, and non-capitalist economy which can no longer “kick the can” down the road, and a show of absolute desperation by the forces aligned against Trump who are now calling for the cable networks to turn off Presidential Briefings on the crisis situation? No matter which side prevails in the federal government we return to the Abraham Lincoln’s phrase: “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

  3. goedelite 1 week ago

    What you overlook, Mr Celente, is that the countries that have exerted the greatest amount of control over the mobility of their populations that we know, China, S.Korea, have had the fastest flattening of their infection bell-curves. They are now in recovery. On the contrary, in countries where the mobility, in the form of curfews has been least enforced, Italy, for example, the infection rate has been the highest.

    You are probably right about the economic cost of making people stay at home, but the depression was on the way in any case. Its onset has been advanced by COVID, but its cause – you know very well – lies in the foolish and plutocratic policies of our Fed, Treasury, and political leaders since 2008.

  4. atlantis 1 week ago

    That Biden is now “the man” is a very, very dangerous development. Worse than Covid19. All the lockdown business that GC describes maybe preparing the sheep for War, you know those quick ones, with new super weapons to be tested. All the out- of- works will be called up , thus they are being put out of work.

  5. kathy 1 week ago

    I keep studying this thing…all of the financial things that are happening. This is what happened with the flu this year in the US.

    The CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 23,000 deaths from flu, 38 million flu illnesses, and 390,000 hospitalizations.

    So far the Corona Virus has 24,000 cases…not 38 Million….and 285 deaths. And the truth about Italy is that they already had 30,000 die this year from the flu and the flu season isn’t over. So please explain to me how all the hospitals are out of masks and stuff…was it because they used them on the 390,000 people who had the flu? Something is not right here with the numbers.

    I don’t know what the End Game is here….but I can assure you we are all up shit creek and there is not enough toilet paper on the planet to save us.

  6. Dave from L.A. 1 week ago

    You know, GC, what Cuomo said could be used as a confession one day when he’s put on trial for crimes against humanity after the damage the he and my governor, Gavin Loathesome, have done to the people of this country. The damage that has been done to the economy here in California is staggering. Back in August, around the time the markets were starting to melt down, and the Fed starting pouring money into the repo market, our personal investing hit a low. Trump has been a catastrophe for our companies and for our options trading. So my wife and I began to do Uber Eats part time. When the market is untradeable we can turn on the app and go out, or do it on the weekends. I love everything about the gig job except the compensation (but that’s another issue). For months we have been delivering all over the city, thousands of miles, and what we saw today is an economic disaster, the likes of which has never been seen in our lifetimes. The amount of places that are closed, with staff that we know are now unemployed, is staggering. The unemployment number is going to be in the multimillions when this comes out next week. We did not see a single business that has not been affected by this man-made disaster. The other thing we noticed was that the hospitals were completely empty, just like all the businesses. Where are all the sick people that are supposedly overwhelming the system with the Coronavirus? And this same system has the nerve to demand government bailouts? As you said the other night, this is going to lead to mass casualties.

  7. onlyme 1 week ago

    One of my all-time favorite books is: Innumeracy: Mathematical illiteracy and it’s Consequences by John Allen Paulos.

    There is a huge difference between real numbers and relative (Statistics) numbers and infinite ways to manipulate relative numbers to influence or distort reality.

    Gerald has correctly and repeatedly pointed out how irresponsible the media and government has been in throwing out numbers without supporting data and context. Many scientists have criticized the same recklessness with numbers. Here is just one example:

    “Stanford’s John P.A. Ioannidis — co-director of the university’s Meta-Research Innovation Center and professor of medicine, biomedical data science, statistics, and epidemiology and population health — suggests that the response to the coronavirus pandemic may be “a fiasco in the making” because we are making seismic decisions based on “utterly unreliable” data.”

  8. Harold Twaught 1 week ago

    Since the criminal element of government couldn’t start a war…they went to plan B.
    B as in Bug.

  9. Dave from L.A. 1 week ago

    Update from Banker Occupied California:

    We went out again today throughout the city doing Uber Eats deliveries; the restaurants are in worse shape than ever. The ones that are still open have reduced their staff to a skeleton crew. We also noticed many restaurants that make their margin on serving alcohol are doing to-go only, and are not making a profit at all. We paid particular attention today again to the hospitals, and like businesses there seems to be very few people there. There are no lines of any kind; the medical system is not buckling under the virus. This is a weapon of mass deception that in the end will wind up with mass casualties for reasons other than a flu.

    Let’s update the surging cases and death toll around the world by percentage of population:

    World cases: 311,000
    % of world population afflicted: 0.00004%

    World deaths: 13,407
    % of world population dead: 0.000002%

    U.S. cases: 26,747
    % of U.S. population afflicted: 0.00008%

    U.S. deaths: 340
    % of U.S. population dead: 0.000001%

    Los Angeles County cases: 409
    % of LA County afflicted: 0.00003%

    LA County deaths: 5
    % of LA County dead: 0.0000003%

    These statistics come from NBC, one of the propaganda ministries of the attempted coup against our Constitution, people, and way of life. I saw people today throughout the city with genuine fear on their face that maybe they would be next. This is the very definition of terrorism.

  10. bobbyluvending 1 week ago

    Has the “Plunge Protection Team” jumped off a cliff?

    Has the “Swamp” turned into a “Whirlpool” sucking in every potential A-List player?

  11. bobbyluvending 1 week ago

    LOL…….an ever changing story: The DC team jumped so they brought in the Second Stringer Fed team. Let’s see how long it takes for the 1000 point swing to swing back for a KO punch !!!

  12. bernardoat 1 week ago

    Gravitas: How China destroyed evidence of the outbreak | Wuhan Coronavirus via
    @YouTube #China #Lied #ChinaLied #China_Lied ( – COVID – 19 em Portugal)

  13. bernardoat 5 days ago

    “Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon – Dr. Francis Boyle discusses the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China and the Biosafety Level 4 laboratory (BSL-4) from which he believes the infectious disease escaped (or set free). He believes the virus is potentially lethal and an offensive biological warfare weapon or dual-use biowarfare weapons agent genetically modified with gain of function properties, which is why the Chinese government originally tried to cover it up and is now taking drastic measures to contain it. The Wuhan BSL-4 lab is also a specially designated World Health Organization (WHO) research lab and Dr. Boyle contends that the WHO knows full well what is occurring.“

    Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon

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