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There's a video currently posted that bears watching; it could change your thinking about the wisdom of getting a COVID vaccination. 

It features Ukrainian-American physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family practitioner who served, for some 20 years, an Orthodox Jewish community in upstate New York, until falling out of favor over his prediction that the community would be a hotbed of COVID infection. 

He claims that he and his team have successfully treated some 6,000 patients for COVID-19, including Pres. Trump, Rudy Giuliani and President Bolsonaro of Brazil, for which he became newsworthy—and controversial. 

He claims to have successfully treated 699 COVID patients with a "drug cocktail" of hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulfate; none died, none were intubated, and only four were hospitalized.

In this video Dr. Zelenko addresses a panel of Israeli politicians and the Israeli Health Minister regarding his concerns of the COVID vaccination. Like those he's addressing, Zelenko, an Orthodox Jew, occasionally peppers his remarks with expressions in Hebrew and Yiddish.

Those on the panel, however, are not necessarily accepting of Dr. Zelenko's assessment of the threat posed by the virus or how to deal with it, particularly since Dr. Zelenko is highly critical of the Israeli government.

One of Dr. Zelenko’s main premises is that, given the approximate 98 percent recovery rate of those infected with COVID (including Delta) and the complications seen from the vaccines, those who are vaccinated face a greater statistical probability of death than those who are unvaccinated. 

Survival rate for otherwise healthy children under 18, he says, is 99.998 percent with no treatment, making COVID less serious for children than the influenza virus. So, on the matter of vaccinating children for COVID, he asks, "If you have a demographic that has no risk of dying, why would you inject them with a poison death shot?" 

Then, addressing the issue of safety, he breaks down the risks presented by the vaccines into acute (short-term), sub-acute (mid-term) and long-term settings. Again, for the details, watch the video.

Dr. Zelenko then brings up how information about side effects has been suppressed, drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been discredited and made difficult to obtain, and those who dare to contradict the official narrative have been censored, scrubbed and de-platformed (as happened to Sen. Rand Paul, reported on 17 August in "YOUTUBE BANS SEN. RAND PAUL FOR QUESTIONING FAUCI").

Dr. Zelenko also makes the case that the COVID virus was, indeed, deliberately developed as a bio-weapon. And as to charges that those who believe as he does are promulgating a "conspiracy theory," he replies, "It's a conspiracy, but it's not a theory."

TRENDPOST: As is the motto of the Trends Journal, “Think for Yourself” when watching Dr. Zelenko’s video that we linked, as well as his others on Bitchute. We do note however, that he is also repeating factual information that we have been reporting since the COVID War was launched in January 2020.

TRENDPOST: As we reported in this Trends Journal article “FRENCH ‘HEALTH PASS’ PROTESTS CONTINUE: MUTED IN AMERICA”, the pro-vax Jews in France are condemning French protesters as being anti-Semites for comparing President Macron’s vax passports requirements to the yellow star symbol during Hitler’s rule. Yet, the orthodox Jew Dr. Zelenko likens the government of Israel to Hitler’s Dr. Josef Mengele for allowing its population—under the policy of national vaccination for which Israel is among the world's leaders—to be subjected to what amounts to medical experimentation.

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  1. Craig Bradley 1 year ago


    If you want to Vax, then go with the single shot Johnson and Johnson vaccination. Its said to be a conventional vaccine and therefore, involves no M-RNA or “experimental” gene therapy on your body. It does, however, share many of the same adjuvants in the vax formulation as the other Covid Vax products. So, JNJ provides the lightest possible dose and with all toxins or poisons, dosage is always the key.

    However, even the JNJ formulation still might, as Dr. Zelenco posits, have longer term safety risks associated with the others. It goes without saying the more shots you get, the more risks you assume, long or midterm. A booster shot every year is bound to compound the possible toxic affects of these vaccines, such as the recently FDA approved Pfizer formulation. At some point in-time, the unknown risks exceed the benefits of a vaccination or ongoing booster shots.

    My logic is a one-off vaccine gets you a CDC Vaccination Card, plus, a permanent record with Medicare if you are a Medicare patience. You can not get a Vax card any other way without committing a Federal Felony Offense. The JNJ vaccine is the perfect compromise if you are either in a high risk group or are a senior citizen. No one can hassle you for not being “compliant” at this stage and with a mask, you should be free and good to go anywhere you like, at least in the U.S.A. and Mexico ( as well as the rest of Latin America).

    • HandsFree 1 year ago

      You are trying to mitigate, your poison ( mandated) sure survive them half way but morally die.

      I don’t fight fascists because I will win, I fight fascists because they are fascists and criminals

      From every sector I can find: these vaccines are death sentence one or the other. In fact the C-19 story is used for a wealth transfer, a total destruction of civil liberties ( Dictatorships and Filled Crack Pots and Boot Lickers just like Nazi Germany.

      Not good enough the total destruction of human beings social self, self awareness = menticide.

      You may you only half saluted Hitler ( mitigated your self) I am saying to you this is about

      Control and
      = psychopaths delight

      Therefore I am saying to you

      It is better to fight and fall then to live without dignity, honor and hope

    • Dominic 1 year ago

      It is important not to get any vax passport. Getting one is supporting tyranny. If they send you one burn it.

      All the western vaxs will greatly reduce your lifespan. We don’t have to wait long and the unvaxxed will be the most sought after and valuable workers. The only ones with full cognition, good motor skills and plenty of energy.

      The unvaxxed will rebuild the world.

  2. Sarah Krupinski 1 year ago

    I understand what your saying I’ve been healthy all my life,now56years old.i wouldn’t go near any of the vaccienes.i know God has put me in a situation where I now know why the planet is in such a mess.i put my trust in God and only hope these criminals will be brought to justice soon.lena.💜💙💖💕🙏

  3. Orion Paul 1 year ago

    So where is this video? Not trying to be a jerk, just would be nice to have a link. Thanks Gerald.

  4. Orion Paul 1 year ago

    Ok, just noticed the link. sorry, tired from reading the stupidities of man kind. Lol

  5. Vee Andrews 1 year ago

    I am nearing 70 and I am fit nd healthy, there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with my brain, my intellect or any other functioning of my body apart from a thyroid issue. I absolutely will NEVER take an untested experimental poison (even the government in /australia called it a poison) and gave approval for emergency use wtf???

    IF you want it, get it But I absolutely do not expect anone to tell me what to do. You have freedom of choice – take it and comply maybe get really ill and die. I refuse. I was born naturally and I am going to stay free range till I die ‘normally’……..or die fighting this disgusting, diabolical terrorism via the creatures in kontrol.

  6. Keirh Johnson 1 year ago

    Stay strong and say no.

    We are in a siege, if enough of us say no, we will win, can’t say how long the siege will last , just say NO.

    And Pray 🙏

  7. Bonnie Martinez 1 year ago

    people need to stop being pussies!

  8. Eagle11 1 year ago

    Craig, are you sure about that? I thought the coronavirus was never actually isolated.

    If that is still true, that cv-19 pathogen cannot be part of the J&J produced shot.

    Anyone know is the virus has actually been isolated (not gene sequencing and educated guess)?

  9. ronald howell 1 year ago

    he’s implying that you should drink one cup of the cool aid and possibly die than three cups. If you believe that bull, they lie to us sheep all the time. You go get your vax card Craig. don’t try and shove it down our throats.

  10. Hieronymus Meilink 1 year ago

    Fear is a powerful tool, and have used CV with great effect. America is dead, long live America.

  11. David Goldman 1 year ago

    Trends needs 100 million members so more Americans can get the truth I had to take shots because the stupid made me take to be able to fly to see family but at 87 years old being a vet they will have to take care of me if I get virus but I will see them on trial the idiots that are the woke

  12. David Goldman 1 year ago

    If California does not dump the now woke Governor on sept 14 the beginning of the end of our great country is over

  13. Eric Swan 1 year ago

    Now I know what the black fema coffins Alex and jessie found 6 years ago are for. It was said they were for a pandemic.

  14. sandra phillips 12 months ago

    What organization can I connect too to avoid the booster

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