We have been reporting in the Trends Journal that nations are taking measures to distance themselves from the dollar by trading with their own currencies.

Other steps being taken include Asia and Europe’s central banks’ plans to create their own digital currencies.

In line with Venezuela's Petro cryptocurrency and other central banks in Sweden, Uruguay, and China, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) intends to develop a digital currency for wholesale use between banks.

Benoît Cœuré, who heads a new unit at the BIS, said, “A central bank digital currency could ensure that citizens remain able to use central bank money even if cash is eventually no longer used.”

In the “Real” World

Meanwhile, as the dollar strengthens and other nation’s currencies fall, the Brazilian central bank, for example, sold dollars to prop up the real after it dropped to a record low, down 9 percent against the dollar this year.

The Chilean peso also closed at a record low as violent protests continue to sweep the country. Chile’s central bank may sell $20 billion in foreign currency in an effort to keep the peso from plunging.

  1. lvblasiotti 2 months ago

    Digital currency…

    Digital currency implementation is a giant step in the evil scheme to enslave the world’s population.  The “controllers” (you may know them by other names) will be able to shut you off from your money if they see fit.  WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! LET FREEDOM RING….no digital currencies.

  2. Crypto currencies are here…

    Crypto currencies are here to stay. It’s not a “One ring to rule them all”. Just like their’s not only one internet search engine. BTC was developed in 2009 as the peoples alternative to the current monetary banking system. It’s now scaling with major adoption from the world coming soon.

  3. lvblasiotti 1 month ago

    Governments will get control…

    Governments will get control of non-government crypto currencies.  They won’t tolerate them.

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