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In our 22 June Trends Journal spotlight, “SPECIAL REPORT: NEW TOP TREND, COVID WAR 2.0.”, we said, “Get ready for the Delta Variant Hysteria...”

It’s here and it’s going global. Here are some of the updates. 

INDONESIA: As we have been reporting over the past few months, India was first singled out by the media as the originator of Delta variant and the global disaster zone.

But as we noted in this and previous Trends Journals, Indonesia is the new “deadly” Delta variant “crisis zone.” (See “DELTA VARIANT:  INDONESIA HYSTERIA” in this issue).

To fight the variant, the Indonesian government imposed new lockdowns on 15 locations throughout the country, including the islands of Sumatra, Papua, and Kalimantan. The restrictions go into effect on Monday and include in-person dining, mall closures and non-essential employees will have to work from home, Reuters reported.

“At worst, it [could reach] 60,000 to 70,000 cases per day,” Luhut Pandjaitan, the country’s senior minister, said, according to The Guardian.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: “Cases” do not equal deaths and as we reported the Delta variant is less lethal than COVID-19, yet these facts are ignored by the fear-mongering media. 

AUSTRALIA: A two-week lockdown in Sydney did little to slow the spread of COVID-19 and health officials in the country blamed the Delta variant.

Selling fear and lunacy, Australia announced its first COVID death of 2021 tied to a locally acquired infection: A woman in her 90s died on Saturday. That’s correct. Of a population of 25 million, the first person to die of the virus in 6 months was a 90 year old woman... and this is news? 

New South Wales, which has a population of over eight million, recorded just 44 new COVID-19 cases on Thursday and 50 on Saturday, bringing the total number of new cases to 566 by Sunday. Reuters reported on rumors circulating that the government may start considering a new approach, and instead of relying on lockdowns, may start to plan on "living with the virus."

But Gladys Berejiklian quickly dismissed those rumors.

“We cannot live with this variant,” Gladys Berejiklian, the premier of New South Wales, said, according to the FT. “Otherwise, it subjects the population to thousands and thousands of hospitalizations, thousands of deaths.”

She called the latest outbreak the “biggest challenge” faced since the onset of the virus.

“Please do not leave your house,” she said. “Do not leave your home, unless you absolutely have to.”

Officials in Sydney announced Friday that residents can only shop for essential products, cannot exercise in groups of more than two, and cannot travel more than about six miles from their homes unless urgent.

Reuters reported that hundreds of additional police officers patrolled Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, to make sure the public was following the new guidelines.

TRENDPOST: The life expectancy in Australia is 82.75 years of age for women, thus the COVID casualty making the headline news lived nearly 8 years past the average.

Of the 911 recorded COVID deaths, only 55 are under 70 years of age and 695 are 80 years of age or older. Yet, despite these facts, which are NEVER reported in the mainstream media. And rather than taking measures to protect the most vulnerable, much of the nation is in lockdown and the lives and livelihoods of millions are being destroyed. 

SOUTH KOREA: Seoul announced Friday that its metropolitan area will enter a distancing level 4 for the next two weeks due to a surge in cases tied to the Delta variant.

CNN reported that the city, with a population of 25 million, has been under distancing level 2, which meant no more than four individuals could gather for a private event indoors and the enforcement of a 10 p.m. curfew. The report said the new measures do not allow private gatherings of more than two and the curfew will be moved up to 6 p.m.

The Washington Post reported that some in the country said the government lifted its COVID-19 curbs too quickly. Seoul announced that those partially inoculated were able to "go mask-free outdoors, while also allowing private gatherings of up to six people and for restaurants to stay open until midnight. It had also actively sought quarantine-free travel agreements with other countries."

Choi Jae-wook, a medical professor at Korea University in Seoul, told the paper, "The government was complacent about the virus, even as the vaccine rollouts were going slowly. With the delta variant spreading in the world, health authorities should have tightened, not eased the virus curbs.”

TRENDPOST: Since the COVID War began a year-and-a-half ago, in South Korea there have been 2,044 deaths out of a population of 51,000,000 which is a death rate of 0.004 percent of the population. And over the course of 18 months that equals the grand total of 0.000227 coronavirus deaths per month.

Yet, despite these statistically insignificant numbers, the Delta variant hysteria and the push for mass vaccinations are the dominant news items and the major government initiative. 

Artwork: “Coronamind” by Anthony Freda

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  1. Richard Johnson 1 year ago

    Its bullshit -Is the world NUTS

  2. Eagle11 1 year ago

    It is so obvious that not only is the medical tyranny not about public health, but something far more nefarious is going on here.

    The last 18 months has caused me to have a very dim view on these creatures we call humans. So many millions are unbelievably gullible; shamefully ignorant.

  3. Buck Fiden 1 year ago

    This is not about the virus, It’s all about the jab. Oh, and all that glorious power as they continue to destroy the middle-class.

  4. DR 1 year ago

    Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, sitting atop a high reaching cumulus cloud, watch the human circus unfold with mild amusement and deep sadness. “We warned them, didn’t we?,” Aldous asks George.
    “Yes, Aldous, we did. But we both knew that the hairless primates are so easily led astray. A clever species but not really very bright,” George replies. “What to do, what to do?,” he asks.
    “Let them destroy themselves,” Aldous declares without hesitation. “The Earth will return to its natural garden state. And the buzzing, crackling sounds of a failed species will embed into a slightly unsightly stratum of the planet. The millions of life forms remaining and the millions of lifeforms who follow them will finally be free to live joyously, unencumbered by the grasping, violent, self-centered ones, who while claiming to be made in God’s image, proceeded to worship ignorance, death and destruction.”

  5. harlow53 1 year ago

    I don’t want to follow the crowd calling for a vaccine against a non-extent coronavirus variant (D) that is actually a continuation of a possible new generation computer generated mRNA Man-made Experimental Gene Therapy that was patented two decades ago and is being use as a Basis for introduction of The Great Reset Worldwide.

    If you question that, check out the video below:

    Long video, but very insightful and informative

    • Yes Dr David Martin who worked with vaccines for decades has cracked open the lies. This is so nefarious. If everyone watched this video harlow53 recommended, this would all be over. But the sheeples don’t listen they just follow. It sure pays to be an independent thinker if you want to live!!!! Share this video to whoever may listen now.

  6. atlantis 1 year ago

    Come on man! The Big Guy has to push vaccines – he’s already had his cut.

  7. lvblasiotti 1 year ago

    We have been bamboozled while the world drinks the cool aid.
    People need to get the hell out of their cocoons and face reality.
    Why are the lawyers hiding? Have they become cowards?
    Mr. Fauci is the tip of the fraud-berg. Those above him also need to be exposed.

  8. harlow53 1 year ago

    To understand where the world governance focus is headed, everyone MUST investigate the past and present documents of the KLAUS SCHWAB FASCIST WEF organizations that have morphed from the Tri-Lateral Commission, Rockefellow Foundation, Gates Foundation, Bilderbergers and a Miriad of worldwide NGOs associated with the World Economic Forum ELITES who want to establish a world of SERFDOMS and SLAVERY under a new paradigm of a One World Government where the ELITES control every aspect of human existence and earthly habitation.

    The recent CORBETT REPORT on Dr Mercola’s website will give you a synopsis of the WEF and where to start your inquires!!!

  9. DAvid SEila 1 year ago

    Most of us are on our own “God-blessed” path in life. However, I also realize that there are evils out there that are opposed to preventing that “blessing” from happening. The control might be successful at first…but much like the US losing in Afghanistan, I believe the OWG will eventually lose. Too many cowards will go along with the OWG at first, lives will be lost, then the people will rise…much like the Taliban has began shooting its own UN/US directed soldiers (lives will be murdered). Let’s face it…the military industrial complex is losing. When the people rise for “freedom, justice, and peace,” then we will have to shine that light and stand firm on the US Constitution. Also, World Trade Center 7 came down and not one plane hit it…

  10. Deanna Berman 1 year ago
    Look at this book. Peter Breggin is an amazing doctor

  11. malvarez 1 year ago

    Its all bullshit. this is the greatest hoax played on the human race by the oligarchs. they laugh at us while they get their money the fastest.

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