Deficits, Banks Risks and Distressed Businesses

  1. mnpund 3 weeks ago

    On one of the recent trends in the news episodes, there was a mention of a growing unhappiness, solitude and meaningless in the lives of people, particularly those working in large corporations. The cause of this unhappiness according to the report had to do with the growing amount of dependence on technology for human communication and connection. The communication technology of the modern age only plays a small part in this psychological/spiritual problem. One of the main causes of this growing meaningless or purpose in the lives of people that is rarely mentioned has to do with the massification of society, that is, of taking people out of small towns or communities and piling them up in big cities where they work for big companies and become part of large groups. This is a problem for the individual because the larger the size of the social unit, the less relevant he or she feels as a valued member, that is, the more nullified they become. It’s also a problem because being part of this large social unit, the individual must sometimes sacrifice large parts of their individuality for the purpose of survival and must conform to the values accepted by the majority. As a compensatory measure for the feeling of irrelevance that this causes, individuals often go in search for power. This search for power can cause problems for the individual and for society at large if the forces driving them to seek power remain hidden in their unconscious. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the world has the problems that it has, and why it is driven by power hungry people and why people just blindly follow along.

  2. @mnpund:
    I agree 100% with your post. I use to work for Nestle’ for 20+ years. I watched and tried to keep my job as management cannibalized all the profits from the company and gave it to their investors. We were lucky enough just to receive a 1% COLA every year and our lunch breaks (which we sued for in a class action lawsuit). I watched as co-workers literally died from the stress of loosing their jobs, but Nestle’ was able to profit from their deaths with a $1,000,000 life insurance policy on every employee within the company.

    Glad to be a free man now after resigning…

    Buy BTC everyone before April! 😎

  3. roksteady 3 weeks ago

    The Coronavirus is part of a long trend of lab-manipulated animal viruses infecting human populations: Corona, Sars, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Zika, Lymes disease, HIV/AIDS and more.

    ZH published a fascinating article on its pre-outbreak history:

    Also curious to see that with Kobe’s crash, the Corona outbreak and Bibi’s ‘peace plan’ virtually everything else has been knocked out of the news cycle – the protests in Iraq, escalations with Iran, the Aussie wild fires, the repo crisis… What was threatening the world at the beginning of the month isn’t even news at the end of the month, and now we’ve got a whole new compendium of disaster facing us.

    Or so they say.

  4. CounterClockwise 3 weeks ago

    It seems to me that US banks and credit unions are now offering CD’s of varying time lengths at higher interest rates than before the Federal Reserve starting lowering rates last year. Do you think it is part of a strategy that they are using to try to lock up deposits because they fear an upcoming liquidity crunch as evidenced by the Feds action in the Repo market and an economic downturn in the not so distant future? A thought I had because I cannot help but be skeptical in times like these.

  5. Brettagher 3 weeks ago

    Yes, Chinese construction goes up quick and comes down quick too.

  6. mnpund 3 weeks ago

    @Screwed the middle class

    That’s an inside insurance job. That’s like someone burning and dumping their car and then claiming the insurance on it.

  7. vbenson2005 3 weeks ago

    The senior paper out here in Fairfax.Va. has an article on what is called SIM SPLITTING and phone take over fraud. What happens is that the criminals get your phone number and convince carriers that they need a new phone and then they have your number. What happens is that they can get into ALL your accounts because your cell and phone numbers are used to set up accounts and for verification. I was getting ” verification” codes for my account at Bank of America and I NEVER asked for a verification code. I was getting harassing calls from collections agencies because the man who stole my number used it to establish accounts with Toyota in Alexandria.Va. I called Toyota and sure enough the guy used my cell number. I did a little detective work tried to tell Virgin mobile about this problem but the dumb customer service rep in Pakistan kept telling me it is impossible for someone to have my number! But the truth is it is possible and it is a fraud and a scam. THis man and his brother even had THE NERVE to have his name published in the White Pages using my cell number! I had to file an ID theft report. THANK GOD the senior paper had this article about this scam. It is worse then having your social security number stolen as they can get ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS because to identify you they send verification codes and these codes are then intercepted by the criminals! And then they pretend to be you because they have the authentification.

  8. vbenson2005 3 weeks ago

    That million dollar life insurance policy on each employee it has a name ! IT IS THE ” DEAD PEASANT” policy. I think TARGET has that on its employees and one woman sued because her family got nothing when her husband died of stress! She had never heard of this policy was totally shocked that the company benefited from her spouses death! Her family got nothing! We are nothing but collateral for these companies. HEARTLESS policies.

  9. vbenson2005 3 weeks ago

    5G technology is dangerous and will have adverse effects on biological organisms . It is very dangerous to life! There are many videos with engineers on youtube bemoaning the insanity of the 5G technology. Those towers are death towers and it will harm everyone .

  10. vbenson2005 3 weeks ago

    Farmers are having a hard time because of all the flooding and other environmental problems . The suicide rate is very high because they are hurting badly.

  11. vbenson2005 3 weeks ago

    Fukushima radiation in the northern hemisphere SUPRESSES the immune system. We are seeing more and more outbreaks of illnesses because 9 years of fallout from FUKUSHIMA and its uncontained radiation from 3 complete reactor meltdowns 3 China Syndromes . The Pacific ocean because of the dumping by Japan of tons and tons daily for 9 years of radioactive waste into the ocean. The salmon and tuna are NOT safe to eat radioactive cesium 134, 137 bone cancer. The west coast fishing industry has collapsed . The tidal pools are empty. IT IS VERY BAD! ALM leukemia epidemic here in USA and nothing on the news!

  12. thanasi_10 3 weeks ago

    Go gold go bitcoin

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