1. Jay Jericho 2 weeks ago

    Yes, this is a hot spot flash point to watch. Few online commentators seem to be supporting China as the innocent.

  2. Ranger 2 weeks ago

    Pakistan had a target on its back when they completed the highway from Gwadar Port straight into Western China and Gwadar being the deepest sea port in the world. You can literally dock a ship on the beach there.

    The Arab states don’t want it, especially UAE which has controlled ports in that area forever. USA does not want it and nor does India. The allied forces will continue to stop China and Pakistan any chance they get.

    With no constant electricity and water (India restricting water flow into Pakistan for decades) and now the Kashmir issue has escalated. Border skirmishes and aerial dog fights are a daily norm between India and Pakistan. All the way from Israel to China, this whole area is a nuclear disaster waiting to be ignited.

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