1. Dave from L.A. 2 weeks ago

    Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth. Right now, I can’t point to a single one of the for-profit clergy collecting their tithes (tax free by the way) that is confronting power with truth. This is truly the great deception of 2 Thessalonians 2. And those who fall for the lie will be damned. The Bible could not make that more clear.

    • mnpund 2 weeks ago

      Dave from L.A…The function of the for-profit clergy is to keep the people obedient to authority. The clergy has always done this, that’s why they have made a virtue out of obedience. If the people were to turn on political authority in such large numbers that the clergy could no longer control them, then the clergy would also turn on that same political authority. We should not forget that when it comes to the clergy, we are dealing with the lowest of the low, such is what they do, they will twist and turn their position to suit the majority in order to retain their control over them and retain their power.

  2. atlantis 2 weeks ago

    This is what the EU wastes its money on! However I suppose they expect to make big bucks with the huge pharmaceutical companies reaping in from vaccines , etc. This is a new money maker in an otherwise collapsed economy.
    Incidentally, I wonder how much got quietly deposited to Governors who prolong the lockdown. And also to the clown who proposed the infamous new Bill 6666 on contact tracing.

  3. ARUN MAGO 2 weeks ago

    Mr Celente, I have been listening to you since 2008 and this can tell that how much i believe in your trends analysis. I have watched every single video of yours on youtube in last 11-12 years. All of your trends are fully based on your analysis and facts gathered by yourself or your team. Thanks for helping the generations to come.

  4. onlyme 2 weeks ago

    In partial response to comments by Dave from L.A. and mnpund.

    From: Free-Man’s Perspective
    via Zero Hedge

    A few very important thoughts and words. Gerald reminds us that it doesn’t take a majority to effect change. This short article show you how to go about change. The title of the article holds the key:

    Nothing Changes As Long As You Obey.

    And this quote from Martin Luther King Jr.:

    “Cowardice asks the question: is it safe? Expediency asks the question: is it politic? Vanity asks the question: is it popular? But conscience asks the question: is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular – but one must take it simply because it is right.”

  5. Frontiersman 2 weeks ago

    What we are seeing in this crisis is simply the preparation for the population control necessary for the future installation of the globalist dream of a homogenized population (example: destruction of ME nations and uncontrolled migration into “western” countries), breakdown of the nuclear family, destruction of public education, secularization and dilution of Christian concepts, acceptance and breakdown of all sexual orientations), liquidation of “excess population” through culling of the herd through mass starvation, sterility through reduced potency, now bioweapons development and rationalization of the use of nuclear weaponry, and the breakdown of alternate systems such as China’s economic “win-win” world economic partnerships instead of globalist world domination, removal of non-compliant regimes through economic warfare. The jury is still out on vaccines, and plots to induce tracking into human bodies to enforce compliance to the dictates of our “betters”. The ultra-rich need only servants, not masses of people requiring “benefits”. Monetarily, the conclusion has no doubt been reached that the global financial system is totally bankrupt and without a future. Many, myself included, reached the conclusion that only a “world currency” could effectively replace our drastically divided and failing international global trade policies that President Trump has further eroded to the point where the chances of global war are the highest since the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962. Note that we no longer hear of the once cherished ideal of “free trade”, or a “free market”. The Constitution and Bill of Rights can no longer be expected to be effective going forward, despite the naive patriotic impulses of many Americans. The 90% corporate-controlled mass media (since the 1996 Telecommunications Act of 1996) has served these controlling elements which I mention in order to brainwash our population with the acceptance of these schemes, advancement of war, trivializing of society, as well the as “dumbing down” our population, and our being channeled into the paths of materialism and greed. Since a world currency would need to be centrally controlled, I offer that I too have been unwittingly co-opted into new world order plans, since some entity (guess who?) would need to administer (i.e. effect world control) of such policies. For the ultra-wealthy our only function is to support such aims and at least not resist and violently react if we do, and to be servants to their ‘god-ling’ like lifestyles, hence the utilization of global lockdown to condition us for what the future appears to hold. The only response by Americans to such plans is simply inutterable, as we live a post-modern initial stage of the adoption of Orwellian-like control, and personal risk is great. Gerald offers one of the few places where I would dare to offer such views. Freedom of speech has be effectively abolished through social media and mass media, as the central government hides its role in eviscerating freedom of speech and association.

  6. mnpund 2 weeks ago

    Xi Jinping will try and negotiate the terms of an investigation into the outbreak of the coronavirus so that he can control the narrative.

    Consequently an investigation is meaningless, but watch Australian politicians bow to his demands in order not to lose business.

    Profits over truth has reigned supreme and will continue to do so. Another nail in the coffin of truth awaits.

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