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As we detailed in previous Trends Journals, our forecasts that locking down societies to fight the COVID War would increase suicide rates, increase homicide rates, increase weight gains while dumbing down society has, by the data, become the New ABnormal.

On the education front, recent reports point out a significant drop in math and reading proficiency among students in the U.S. during the past year—with the most dramatic impact on minority students.

The New York Times, citing two separate studies from McKinsey & Company and a NWFA, said Latino third-graders performed 17 percentile points lower in math in spring 2021 compared to 2019. The NWEA report found that there was a 15 percentile decline for black students. The report also pointed out that Asian and white students saw a 9 percentile drop compared to 2019.

The Times reported that the NWFA report studied information from 5.5 million students across the U.S. in third grade through eighth. The report said most of the students who saw the steepest drop in grades were already struggling academically—especially those in low-income schools.

The McKinsey report found that the average student was about four to five months behind the average student by the end of the school year. The study found that students at predominantly black and Latino schools were six months behind.

Emma Dorn, the lead author of the McKinsey report, said reading was just about as dismal as math scores. The study analyzed assessments of more than 1.6 million elementary school students, The Times reported.

TREND FORECAST: The Trends Journal had forecast that these lockdowns and Zoom learning sessions could inflict irrevocable harm on students—who have virtually no chance of coming down with serious illness if infected with COVID-19.  Indeed, the COVID recovery rate for people one to 20 years of age according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is 99.997 percent. 

On 2 February, in an article titled, “SCHOOL LOCKDOWNS KILLING STUDENTS,” we pointed out the mental health drain these lockdowns had on students. In “U.S. SCHOOL UPDATE: CONFUSION REIGNS,” which was published on 18 August 2020, we noted that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended in-person learning.

TREND FORECAST: On the upside, the online learning process is just the beginning of a positive “Interactive U” trend that Gerald Celente had forecast some 25 years ago. Trends are born, they grow, mature, reach old age and die. Online learning has just been born. 

The current education model was invented by the Germans at the onset of the Industrial Revolution to teach workers in mass production facilities how to read, write, do math… and follow orders.

With interactive education, students will be able to access the best and most accomplished experts in selected fields of study rather than the one-size-fits-all, outdated educational programming that is currently the norm.

Thus, the Ontrendpreneur® opportunities that seize upon its growth will provide great rewards.

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