by Gerald Celente

When people refer to me as a “futurist,” I say, “No, I’m a trend forecaster. I observe and analyze current events forming future trends. No one can predict the future… there are too many wild cards, whether man-made or made by nature.”

And now, in just five short months, two major wild cards have been dealt that have changed history.

The first, whether made by nature or man-made in a laboratory, COVID-19 has changed the world.

Never in history has such a minor event spawned such a major reshaping, for the worse, of the global economy and several billion people.

Day after day, economies across the globe closed down as politicians locked down nations, putting hundreds of millions out of work and destroying millions of privately owned businesses.

The socioeconomic and geopolitical implications, as we have been detailing in the Trends Journal, have been devastating. The “Greatest Depression” has begun.

The Worst is Yet to Come

Since the lockdowns began and millions lost their jobs, continually, I forecast there would be escalating crime and violence, warning, “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

And then, in an unfortunate coincidence, with much of the world still locked down in misery and negativity, on 25 May, another terribly destructive, morally debilitating wild card was played in the United States with the murder of George Floyd by a Minnesota policeman, Derek Chauvin.

If this had happened 20 years ago, it would have come and gone, all but a few never would have known about it, and the police would have gotten away with it.

The police would have made up a story of why they killed the man, just as the Minneapolis police did when Chauvin killed Floyd, saying he was resisting arrest.

But in our new world of surveillance, their lie was caught on camera and played across the globe. The horror of watching it was heartbreaking for many and vengeful for others.

As many of us know, last Thursday, an unarmed African-American man, George Floyd, died in Minneapolis after a police officer, Derek Chauvin, kept a knee on his neck for over eight minutes while he was on the ground, handcuffed, pleading that he couldn’t breathe.

Floyd was arrested by police after a store employee called 911, accusing him of passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

The entire incident was videoed on the phone of a bystander. That video, including the victim repeating “Please, I can’t breathe” and “Don’t kill me,” went viral, leading to the arrest of officer Chauvin. The three, additional policemen who were at the scene and watched have not been charged with a crime.

It was reported Chauvin had 18 official complaints on his record, two of which had led to department discipline.

The video set off a storm of protests, riots, looting, and violence not only in Minneapolis, where protesters torched a police station, but across the country including Detroit, Louisville, Dallas, Atlanta, New York City, and near the White House.

Police in military vehicles and riot gear confronted demonstrators in over 20 other cities, using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds. Police vehicles were set on fire and looting took place in a number of cities. Thousands have been arrested.

The Drama Continues to Unfold

Reacting to the violence breaking out on city streets across America in protest against the death of George Floyd, last Friday, President Trump went from aggressive threats to somber reflection in a series of tweets.

Early in the day, he tweeted, “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”

After a flood of criticism about the tweet, including Twitter putting a warning label on the comment, saying it violated its policy against “glorifying violence,” Trump changed his tone.

Later on Friday, he tweeted, “We have peaceful protesters and support the rights for peaceful protesters – we can't allow a situation like [what happened] in Minneapolis to descend further into lawlessness, anarchy and chaos.”

It was reported President Trump was sequestered in a special protective bunker for some time due to escalating protests close to the grounds of the White House. The decision reportedly was made by the Secret Service after they heard loud, angry chants from the nearby park. This was the same bunker room occupied by then-Vice President Dick Cheney following the planes crashing into the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11.

A number of President Trump’s critics started using the hashtag “#bunkerboy” to ridicule him.

On Saturday, Christopher Swanson, a sheriff in Flint, MI, made headlines by joining in with protesters. As they approached the Flint police headquarters, the sheriff, dressed in riot gear, took off his helmet, dropped his batons, and addressed the protesters: “We want to be with y’all for real so I took the helmet off and laid the batons down.” He added, “The only reason we’re here is to make sure you have a voice.” He then joined in and walked alongside the demonstrators.

But, for the most part, looting and confrontations between police and protesters continued over the weekend, spilling over into Monday. Police used tear gas, stun grenades, and rubber bullets in a number of cities.

This article from AP last night summed up the extent and reach of the crime wave and violence now sweeping America:

“Vandals robbed malls and shopping centers in communities outside Chicago. They stormed stores across the San Francisco Bay in what appeared to be coordinated smash-and-grabs. Banks and a sleek, modern office building were burned to the ground in a San Diego suburb.

As officials locked down city centers due to protests and violent unrest over police brutality, trouble has emerged in some neighborhoods and suburbs, leaving communities that felt insulated from the early unrest suddenly vulnerable and fearful.

Many city and suburban officials blamed most of the mayhem on opportunists rather than those protesting the killing of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who pleaded for air as a white Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee against his neck.

More than 100 people converged on an outdoor mall in Walnut Creek, a wealthy San Francisco suburb, carrying away garbage bags stuffed with merchandise. Video from news organizations and bystanders showed women hauling pricey purses out of stores. One woman was shot in the arm by someone in a vehicle that sped from the scene, police said.

“We all understand the rage and the feelings that many have over what’s happening in Minnesota. What we’re concerned is that these people that are here have nothing to do with that; they are just here to make mayhem,” Mayor Loella Haskew told KRON-TV.

Walnut Creek was trending on Twitter Saturday with many posters threatening to stir up trouble in the wealthy and mostly white suburb.

But the problems affected racially and economically diverse neighborhoods too.

In West Philadelphia, a predominantly black neighborhood far from the city center, police on Saturday fired tear gas, people were seen running from at least one store with goods and police cars were ablaze or otherwise damaged. In Northeast Philadelphia, people ran into stores and emerged with merchandise.

Even so, pop-up peaceful protests were scattered all over the Philadelphia suburbs — ranging from several hundred in public parks to a few people holding signs in supermarket parking lots.”

As we go to press, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, and Minnesota have all declared statewide states of emergency, and scores of cities are on curfew including San Francisco, Washington D.C., San Jose, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Milwaukee, Seattle, Denver, Jacksonville, FL, Los Angeles, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Buffalo, New York Rochester, Syracuse, and New York City.

The last time New York City was put on curfew was 1943, when an uprising in Harlem was ignited after a white policeman shot a black soldier. Five people were killed during the protests.

TREND FORECAST: The nation, already economically battered by the COVID shutdown, is now being dragged down deeper into the “Greatest Depression” as curfews, vandals, riots, and crime sweep across the country.

The levels of negativity and despair will worsen as the heat of the summer clashes with desperation and outrage of the tens of millions – Black, White, Hispanic – out of work, who, with nothing left to lose, will be losing it.

The nation will become more militarized; violence and crime will escalate; and, minus a wild card of peace, compassion, love, and kindness from a higher order, America will begin its decent in Civil War 2.0.



  1. DC 2 months ago

    This is just a warm-up for the election.

  2. Jay Jericho 2 months ago

    The false flag theory is gaining traction among serious independent analysts who look at evidence and show it. C-Vine News is an example. Linda and Leonard don’t just shoot their mouths off randomly. I am neutral to this idea, as I don’t have time to review the evidence. Curious to know what others think. Of course, the FF issue gets raised with anything and everything of consequence nowadays. Great article this one. Thanks, Jay

  3. dsrappaport 2 months ago

    You are not the first one predicting we are headed for a civil war. But you aren’t calling out the incendiary left-wing thugs like Antifa. They are seen coming across state lines, paying people to riot, and pre-positioning bricks to throw. Unless you condemn the violence you are part of the problem and not promoting peace. The other stuff about government policy supporting the rick and screwing the little guy is right on. But the left-wing politicians and main stream media that criticize everything that Trump does and divide and conquer every minority group is equally to blame. Why don’t you call them out?

    • lvblasiotti 2 months ago

      Who is paying these domestic terrorists? Follow the money trail to find out who or what organization is behind these idiots. They are being played and payed for their derring-do as they were in the past riots. Our DOJ in the past and possibly now has been or is either asleep or controlled by the Deep State or the unseen powers that be who make up the Pyramid of Power, i.e., The Committee of 13, The Committee of 300, The Illuminati, The Bilderbergers, The Masons, The Council on Foreign Affairs, The Trilateral Commission, The Federal Reserve, other Central Banks, The Club of Rome, etc. and all of the other secret societies that are interconnected and working together for the New World Order to bring down the U.S. so as to enable it to be folded into the One World Government which they have been hard at work to establish for several hundred years.

  4. thanasi_10 2 months ago

    if this escalates. kiss elections goodbye

  5. Craig Bradley 2 months ago


    We Need National Martial Law NOW using the U.S. Marines. Replace every lousy Mayor with a Colonel USMC. Take control of every major city and restore order. Round-up and impound all the rioters. Open all businesses immediately. All able bodied adults younger than 64 are to work cleaning-up the mess. Afterwards, they can help rebuild America. Goal: Have the economy fully running within 1 year.

    • fliteshare 2 months ago

      Great idea Adolf

      Wasn’t the whole problem a police force that sees the citizenry as their lethal enemy to begin with ?
      So how is replacing the police force with a military force going to change that ?

      • Leon 2 months ago

        right @fliteshare, what Craig said is an absolute “pandora’s box”. There is no “putting the genie back in the bottle” once that is done

  6. Jonathan Rudnik 2 months ago

    I hate it when Gerald is right (again), he said that the ruthless murder of Mr Floyd was the “spark” and here we are.
    We are more vulnerable to unrest than you might think. In Canada this Winter, the indigenous people were protesting a pipeline. They blocked all east-west rail traffic for several weeks. Their actions crippled Eastern Canada because the rail links provide vital supplies. They were hit with a bitter cold snap and rapidly ran out of propane. Something that started as a political dispute quickly turned into a “critical situation” that affected everyone.
    I only know this because of my friends who actually delivered emergency shipments of propane from the US. It received near zero coverage in our media because of the virus hysteria.

    Remember, that a much of our critical delivery systems of goods and services have already been damaged by the Three Stooges Shutdown Show put on by our power mad governors and a brainless president. In such a weakened state, it would not take much to cause serious problems that affect EVERYONE. The elements of a perfect storm are gathering. We really need strong leadership to get everyone to stand down or we might have to pick out a barrel to wear.

  7. Philip Zyrski 2 months ago

    All of us need to take the time necessary to recognize that police brutality has gone on for far too long. However, civilian brutality against police has gone far too long as well. Officer Derick Chavin has been charged with murder of George Floyd and will face trial. The other officers were also fired from their jobs and could face charges too. That’s what was needed to be done. We don’t need motolov cocktails, bricks and rocks thrown through store windows. What have retailers done to cause such behavior? What have other businesses done to be burned to the ground? We don’t need police cruisers being flipped over and fire bombed. Because the taxpayer will pay for all of the damages to precincts, police vehicles and other equipment. We don’t need Antifa to wreck havoc on cities and towns. We don’t need those who fund Antifa and other malevolent and regressive movements. There’s no need for send verbal and written threats to each other. We can’t afford anymore destruction because we’re already facing the Greatest Depression of all time! Most of all…most of all, we don’t want a second civil war in the United States. Because if we do, then it would be the last war the U.S. will ever fight. Our nation could desintergrate just like the Soviet Union did back in 1991. If that happens then we all lost and lost forever. Because if the United States collapse, then our way of life will be gone forever.

  8. lvblasiotti 2 months ago

    ANALYSIS: George Floyd was deliberately murdered, right on schedule to unleash race riots across America to cause even more chaos
    Friday, May 29, 2020 by: Mike Adams

    (Natural News) After reviewing the videos surrounding the arrest and killing of George Floyd, it’s clear to me that he was deliberately murdered. I understand there are different interpretations of what happened, and new evidence may emerge that will alter my view, but based on what I’ve seen so far, it seems abundantly clear that Mr. Floyd was deliberately murdered in broad daylight……..etc.

  9. Abdul M. Rahaman 2 months ago

    LOVE is the state of being of the universe. All of the living things in the universe are wired to emit love energy. We feel it when spring comes… When flowers bloom.. But all living things are programmed to do it all the time. The leaves of the trees are emitting LOVE. The birds soaring and singing are emitting LOVE. That is what we are born to do. That is what we see in our little children when they will just hug everyone they meet. This is the state of being of the universe. We must give out love always..always . It is not a moral or selfish possession that we give out so that you owe me for it, or I owe you for it. It is the highest form of energy…thus can only be defined as “the state of being” of the universe. So we must love and then always..” do the right thing”. Our hearts will guide us..
    Now let us look at George Floyd .. He stuck to love and had faith and was only going to do the right thing. So those officers possessed by evil and working for the devil MURDERED him. So with LOVE we must “do the right thing” What is “Doing the right thing” in this situation? Immediately these officers are fired as they are incompetent “civil servant ” police. And immediately they are indicted for ” MURDER” Strike down evil wherever you find it…We must do the right thing, always.

  10. Abdul M. Rahaman 2 months ago

    Hate or any other form of evil is a mistake. Never give up an LOVE… the state of being of the universe. As God told the devil ..I love you and I wish the best for you, but you have no power over LOVE. So with George Floyd we must do the same. ” Do the right thing” completely and with LOVE. If the police state throughout the world has lost its way and is systemic in protecting property instead of people…then it has to go. If the Federal Reserve has taken possession of the peoples money instead of the peoples government as the U. S. Constitution specifies and is stealing the peoples “increase” as Jesus pointed out in the temple …..then they must go. We are not hating on anyone when we carry out these missions….we are just doing the right thing …with LOVE, faith and conviction…We are not going use evil and tap dance with the devil and hate the police or hate another race….”forgive them lord for they know not what they do” We will just continue, ask God to help us, and “do the right thing … Strike down evil wherever you find it. This is what George Floyd, God bless him, wants us to do. We love you, man.

  11. onlyme 2 months ago

    It is obvious that these riots are planned operations intending to create chaos and hate toward each other. Yvonne Lorenzo writing on:

    includes several links to articles that discuss this issue. Those interested will find some questions for consideration through this article and the links within.

  12. LeoA 2 months ago

    The Covid 19 or Corona incident was a major planned con on the world’s psyche and cover for tanking economies (e.g. inaccurate tests, fake numbers of the ill reported in medical centers here, and around the world, Most, if not all deaths recorded as Covid 19 ( Jon Rappoport forecasted this would happen), encouraging the use of respirators which kill people – $39,000 per use), promotion of wearing masks which limits oxygen, and encourages the re- absorption of one’s own numerous bodily viruses, social distancing meme nonsense ( remembers me of “weapons of mass destruction” perpetrated fraud). THis was the war against the nursing home people.

  13. LeoA 2 months ago

    The Riots are stage two of whatever the Globalists are planning.

  14. Elephantunit 2 months ago

    I love and respect Gerald but I am surprised by his take on this situation. BLM and antifa-like groups are behind these riots, they are not an organic grassroots occurrence. There is funding and organization behind this and it all begins in academia and is championed by the mainstream media. This is part of a communist plot to take over the country that’s been ongoing for 100 years. The media controls the narrative and who controls the media? The notion that America is a systemically racist country is simply not true and police brutality is color blind as the statistics show. But facts don’t matter when you have control of the narrative. We have become a nation of uninformed, and just as bad, misinformed SHEEP.

  15. lvblasiotti 2 months ago

    The Crazz FilesJune 3, 2020

  16. lvblasiotti 2 months ago

    This exclusive interview with whistle blower Dr. Judy Mikovits can’t be posted on You Tube because it would be terminated and my channel given a strike. This is the truth bout the Coronavirus, vaccines and the big pharma mafia. Thanks for tunin…

  17. HandsFree 2 months ago

    Basically –They are prepared to meter out a military rule. They destroyed the world in so many ways already this economic destruction is – is a door to use all the toys they have gathered for this day. The violence can been seen when the evictions come, the million on the streets, hungry, angry and ready to die or live. It is here. I think of the movie Free Jack: were the rich live in guarded cities and the rest eat rats and dye of pollution

  18. mnpund 2 months ago

    The Federal Reserve has its own printing press that enables it to print as much money as it wants. Isn’t that the same thing as counterfeiting? In one case it’s legal and in another case it’s not. Steal an apple and you’ll get beaten to death, but steal a whole country and you can become its ruler. And isn’t it ironic that the deficiency in the money supply is due to this very game that the Federal Reserve has concocted? We have got it backward. Let the petty thieves and robbers go and put the politicians and bankers in prison and then law and order will arise naturally.

  19. Michael Moening 2 months ago

    George Floyd deserved to be arrested for what he “supposedly did” but he did not deserve the “Death Penalty”. Peaceful Protests are citizens Rights as a method of showing our disgust for the abuse of power by Government Officials. The Riots are a cover up for steeling and the destruction of property and there should be No Public Support for this behavior.

  20. Michael Moening 2 months ago

    George Floyd deserved to be arrested for what he “supposedly did” but he did not deserve the “Death Penalty”. Peaceful Protests are citizens Rights as a method of showing our disgust for the abuse of power by Government Officials. The Riots are a cover up for stealing and the destruction of property and there should be No Public Support for this behavior.

  21. lvblasiotti 2 months ago

    Protests Explode Across Germany: Doctors & Citizens Demand Merkel’s Totalitarian COVID-19 Restrictions End (Videos)

    Tens of thousands of citizens rallied across Germany accusing the government of needlessly drawing out Chinese coronavirus restrictions which infringe upon on their basic rights. Among the crowds were doctors and nurses with banners and chants of “Freedom,” “Join” and “Resistance.”

  22. Abdul M. Rahaman 2 months ago

    We the people agreed to create a government under the U.S.Constitution, The free people created a loose network of government that would gently control the god given freedoms that we were given at birth and run the United States. The new citizens knew that 99.9% of the people wished well for themselves and all living things A loose government would let us evolve and flourish. The executive, legislative and judicial branches would insure the the good people could keep and organized government from abusing the good intentions of almost all of the people. The corporations used some tricks to establish that they were also the people. But they are not humans they are money driven organization that do not have the love and heart of the people. That love and heart of the people was an important part of the how the government of the people would keep itself running. A corporation cannot sit on a jury and cannot vote in an election or referendum. Yet they want and have the rights of human citizens. Here is the 800 pound gorillas in the mix. These are the psychopathic entities. No love except the love of money. Money and property are their gods, They are not humans…They are not born with love and compassion to guide them. The Constitution says “we the people…” the Constitution depends on “we the people”. Property is important and secured when it is the peoples’ property or the peoples’ possessions…their earned “increase”.There are no corporate citizens..Citizens must be human and have god given hearts and minds. The love of money is the root of all evil. Be Americans, Love and do the right thing…and the systemic evils will disappear. Love y’all…..

  23. andrej 2 months ago

    When the USA coughs, the rest of the world gets COVID 19. But, from my perspective, there is a silver lining: Fine people like her are coming home:

    Before you think for yourselves, please check the rest of her videos.

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