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In what it calls a "Class 1 Recall," the agency's "most serious type of recall," the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced on 11 November that some 2.2 million COVID home testing kits, made by the Australian company Ellume, may show false positive results.

As reported that same day by, the tests, which were authorized by the FDA last year for non-prescription use for adults and children two and older, employ a swab sample from the subject's nose to test for COVID infection.

At least 35 cases of false positive tests have been reported. There have been no reports of false negatives. 

A false positive test can have serious consequences, even in addition to the trauma of believing oneself to be infected and having to isolate from friends and loved ones; it may cause the subject to seek treatment or a vaccination that would otherwise be medically contraindicated for that individual. 

TRENDPOST: Finding a batch of COVID test kits that are defective is one thing; what if the very nature of the test itself is flawed? Such is the question that Trends Journal has addressed since the start of the COVID War, calling into question the entire "pandemic" narrative; see "COVID GOLD TEST PROVES TO BE 'WORTHLESS'" (29 Sep 2020), "CASES UP, PCR TEST FAILS" (27 Oct 2020) and "FLAWED COVID TEST RESPONSIBLE FOR 'MASS HYSTERIA'" (12 Jan 2021).

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  1. Kieran Simpson 2 weeks ago

    I have held strong suspicions concerning Test equipment since way back when it was found many masks from China were contaminated.

  2. Eagle11 2 weeks ago

    How many lives were disrupted or ruined because of this? How many Mom and Pop stores fell into financial difficulty because of this?

    But hey, as long as those big pharma dividend checks keep coming in, who cares?

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