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Overjoyed for reaching the age of 21 (in many states) for the right to purchase and consume alcohol, the age of 18 confers the right to vote, now, according to a 6 September New York Times article, the new Right of Passage is the age of 12... when a child is officially eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

And kids are lining up and rolling up their sleeves for shots just like the grown ups do. The CDC reports that, of U.S. kids between 12 and 17, at least 52 percent have received at least one shot, and some 40 percent are fully vaccinated. Whether the vaccine will be approved for those younger than 12 is yet to be determined.

Some school districts have implemented, or are considering, mandated vaccinations for eligible students; in a recent poll, 55 percent of Americans surveyed favored such mandates. And, we are told, "the nation's leading infectious disease expert," the esteemed Dr. Anthony Fauci, favors such mandates.

The NYT article cites one family for whom their daughter's twelfth birthday was "a milestone" for the entire family, because they are now "one step closer to being safer" by virtue of all of them having been vaccinated.

And the NYT suggests that such vaccinations may remedy the social isolation, anxiety and depression that children have suffered under the restrictions imposed on them because of COVID-19. See "LOCKDOWNS MAKING KIDS ANXIOUS & DEPRESSED," 13 April 2021, which raises the possibility that the damage may be irreversible.

TRENDPOST: While silenced by the mainstream media, as reported by The Defender yesterday, adolescent boys have less of a risk of going to the hospital if they got the virus than if they got the Pfizer vaccine jab.

“The findings showed that boys between the ages of 12 and 15, with no underlying medical conditions, were four to six times more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine-related myocarditis than they were to be hospitalized with COVID.” 

TRENDPOST: There's no mention in the article of anyone being less than completely enthusiastic about getting the shot; there's certainly no mention of any of the many studies indicating how minuscule a risk children actually face (see "VAX KIDS? THE COVID RISK IS 'TINY'," 13 Jul 2021), let alone any suggestion that, for children, the jab may be riskier than the disease (see "DOCTOR CLAIMS COVID VAX IS A 'POISON DEATH SHOT'," 24 Aug 2021); one newly-jabbed pre-teen child is quoted as saying, "I knew it was better to get a little pointy needle than COVID," clearly indicating acceptance of the narrative that it's an either/or proposition.

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  1. knelson 11 months ago

    Children are just starting to enter puberty around age 12. Just how will
    the Satan’s Snake oil Jab affect their reproductive development? There are
    NO long terms studies concerning this. Will the spiked proteins in the jab
    cause boys to no longer develop into men, and girls to no longer develop into women?
    Gee, guess only time will tell…that is if they live long ENOUGH to become adults!

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