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As we had forecast the first week of this year, the COVID War would wind down late March/mid-April.  With the exception of lockdown China who launched the COVID War on Lunar New Year January 2020, the Year of the Rat, most nations have eased COVID mandates. 

Recognizing the slowdown, health officials say the World Health Organization’s ambitious goal of vaccinating 70 percent of the public around the globe will likely never be realized due to the slowing rate of vaccinations and funding issues. 

Dr. Isaac Adewole, the former health minister of Nigeria, told The New York Times that there has been a palpable “loss in momentum.” The world’s poorest countries have had the most difficulty vaccinating their populations, the report said. Many have lower than 20 percent fully vaccinated. But a nation’s wealth does not necessarily mean the 70 percent threshold was reached. The U.S., for example, is at 66 percent vaccinated.

TRENDPOST: Once again, health “officials” have turned to using fear to get the public to submit themselves to the vaccine. They’ve warned that the lack of jabs could result in the emergence of another variant in the fall. 

Dr. Seth Berkeley, the chief executive of Gavi, the nonprofit that runs the global vaccine clearinghouse Covax, told The Times, “This pandemic is not over yet—far from it—and it's imperative that countries use the doses available to them to protect as much of their population as possible.”

But the Times report pointed out that some health officials are questioning whether the 70 percent benchmark is feasible or even needed. The paper reported that the number of deaths from the virus in sub-Saharan Africa are “comparatively low” compared to other, more vaccinated countries. 

Earlier this month, The Trends Journal ran a report, “PFIZER: DRUG DEALERS ON PARADE,” that pointed to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system database that found the number of COVID vaccine deaths and serious adverse events and injuries surpasses all previous vaccines in the history of vaccinations combined.

Africa’s Rate Remains the Lowest

The report said that most countries have faced challenges with vaccinating their public, but countries in Africa are facing the most headwinds in their effort, vaccinating just 17 percent of their public.

The Times report pointed out that about half of the vaccines that have been delivered to Africa have been unused and the number seems to be dropping by the month.  

Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International's director for East and Southern Africa, said Covid-19 “should have been a decisive wake-up call to deal with inequality and poverty.” 

“Instead, we have seen deeper inequality and greater instability in Africa exacerbated by global powers, especially rich countries, who failed to ensure that big pharma distributed vaccines equally between states,” he said. 

TRENDPOST: Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example, ordained by the Presstitutes as “The Greatest Epidemiologist the World Has Ever Known,” first bullshitted that herd immunity from COVID-19 would be reached in the U.S. when 70 percent of the population had been vaccinated. 

But then he "adjusted" his estimate, first to 75, then 80, then 85 percent; see "FAUCI THE FAKE: THE ROOT OF ALL PANDEMIC LIES" (2 Mar 2021).

Kit Yate, of the U.K.'s Bath University, said that herd immunity would be impossible with less than 90 percent of the population vaccinated. But that was when the Delta variant, and the fading effectiveness of the vaccines, had changed the equation; see "THE VAX NOT WORKING?" (27 Jul 2021).

TREND FORECAST: With the reality that regardless of how many people are vaccinated there will be no herd immunity, governments will push for yearly COVID booster shots for people of all ages.

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  1. Mary Martin 3 weeks ago

    The hoax of the century. No virus ever isolated from a sick person and there is no “covid”. Stunning how stupid people are.

  2. a1achiropractic 3 weeks ago

    Nonprofits, who keeps giving these assholes recognition and / or power? In the year of the Rat one of the king rats was the WHO. Smaller but no less important rats were the health officials around the world especially those in so called western democracies. A bunch of other rats are 66 % of mind controlled socially condition vaxed persons. Great big Rats are parents who subjected their children to horrors of vaccine reactions and or death. Last but surely not least of the big rats are the departments of employment for criminally insane sociopaths and psychopaths of the United States of America, the FDA, CDC, HHS, the Office of the Presidency, the US Congress, the Supreme Court, all US heath departments including the Surgeon General and the complicit rats in similar organizations in the cities and States of this nation and around the world. Lets mention the rats in our hospital and medical communities. One more, the rat who declared the Emergency disaster in this country that started all this grief, President Donald J. Trump..

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