As of last year, according to the U.S. Urban Development Agency (HUD), 567,715 Americans were homelessness on any given night.

That was then. The numbers have since risen. As the data proves, those at the bottom of the socioeconomic scale have been hit the hardest by the lockdowns… losing jobs in the hospitality and restaurant sectors in which they are heavily employed.

Broke, busted out on the street or cramped in homeless shelters, the question remains and the question never answered in the mainstream media is why the hospitals aren’t overflowing with homeless COVID-19 cases and the morgues overwhelmed with homeless victims of the virus?

Also, barely reported by the “selling hype and fear” media is the fact that the majority of deaths in America are those chronically ill from nursing homes.

In this past Sunday’s New York Times article, “Does Cuomo Share Blame for Nursing Home Deaths?,” the Times notes that according to their analysis, about 40 percent of virus deaths in the U.S. were from nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

As we have noted in the Trends Journal, the number is skewed lower and is more likely 50 percent, on average with the rest the Western world.

Why? Requirements vary widely from state to state, and some states chose not to report nursing home coronavirus deaths. Moreover, despite the peak of virus deaths hitting between March and late April, the federal government decided not to require nursing homes to report virus deaths before May.

As of June 29, ten states still have not reported virus deaths in nursing homes, and, as noted, the level of detail varies from state to state.

The Times reports the NYS Health Department “only counts residents who physically died within a nursing home, and omits those who contracted the virus and went on to die in a hospital or other facility.”

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “To date, deaths in nursing homes and other congregate care facilities account for almost half of all COVID-19 deaths in the country, despite these groups making up less than 1 percent of the population. Residents of these congregate facilities are dying from COVID-19 at 8.6 times the rate of the overall 75+ population.”

Racial Divide

Aside from the majority of deaths coming from elder care homes, as we have been reporting in the Trends Journal, Black and Latino Americans also have been among the prime virus victims, with more than four times the hospitalization rate of white Americans.

Why? Many live in densely populated and polluted areas and suffer from underlying health issues.

In a 10 July article from the news website STAT, Utibe Essien, a physician and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, published a paper detailing the lack of comprehensive race, ethnicity, and language data related to COVID-19 testing, infection, and death rates. In the paper, Dr. Essien reported:

“Black Americans tend to be younger when they have chronic risk factors – cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic pulmonary disease – most likely to be associated with Covid-19 infection and severe infection. It’s been known for decades that the rate of premature cardiovascular deaths is higher in Black Americans than white Americans. We have been worried about the lack of age-adjusted data… now that we have more age-adjusted data, we really are seeing that disparity.”

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As we analyze the facts, unquestionably, the data proves that the elderly in nursing homes and those suffering from chronic health conditions are the primary victims of the virus.

And, again, if COVID-19 truly were the epidemic the media and politicians have pumped it up to be, why aren’t the homeless, those presumably who would be the most affected, not dying en masse from the virus? 

Therefore, locking down economies and imposing draconian dictates on entire populations who will not suffer from the virus is illogical, and will prove more deadly to those whose lives have been economically ruined than COVID-19.

  1. Philip Zyrski 3 weeks ago

    You said it from the very beginning, COVID-19 attacks cardiovascular issues, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, malnutrition and other preconditions. Roughly half of all Corona Virus deaths were at nursing homes, whose patients were cronically or terminally ill. However, more people could die from the lockdowns and business shutdowns than the virus itself. People are losing their savings. people can’t pay the bills, rent and mortgage. People are under severe stress, which COVID-19 could potentially attack. Crime is being committed in the name of survival and more people are taking to the streets because other options and means to support one’s self are rapidly disappearing. Most importantly, when anyone has no longer to lose…they lose their minds.

  2. Calvin Bell 3 weeks ago

    Remember Bush 41,s 1,000 points of light speech? “You cannot control a people unless you can identify a people”. The covid war is just one more tool of the NWO. It’s been on your dollar bill since 1935. Novus Ordo Seclorum, the new order of the ages. The evil bastards even put it in stone. Please look up “ Guide Stones” in Elbert County Georgia. Some trust in horses, some in chariots, but we will trust in the name of the Lord our God

  3. Raymond Dunne 3 weeks ago

    We need to rally around the constitution. It was written to protect us against the people behind this. We need to resist a group of unelected so called scientific experts operating in our society like dictators. A lot can be said for and against the the danger of the virus. Free people need to be allowed to assess the risk on their own terms and reacte in ways they deem appropriate. That should be a given. Its spooky that I would even have to write such a thing.

  4. Mark Patterson 3 weeks ago

    George Bush and George Washington are much the same. The case is, if we’re REALLY going to be honest and do our homework, that this country and it’s laws were originated for the purpose of an experiment that would allow ANY kind of worship – we see the results more now than ever. Neither a Republic or Democracy was a kind of government you would find endorsed by scripture. What is endorsed is a monarchy/theocracy and the King and HIgh Priest is Yeshua. There – I feel better now…

  5. QXmoCyDGyXRQ 3 weeks ago

    The CDC’s own website statistics show the death rate decreasing significantly, even with the “increase in cases”. . .

    But, try and tell the MSM brainwashed any differently and you are a heretic!

  6. crazyjoecus 3 weeks ago

    You have presented compelling statistics for Covid but what are the stats for the flu over the same period? I’ll bet the normal flu is a lot worse than covid.


  8. Worth Austin 2 weeks ago

    Here in FL, the state is very forthcoming about the stats, i.e. they refer to “cases” as POSITIVE RESULTS. As of this writing, they report 369,834. However they also come clean that 244, 822 are under investigation. We have over 21 million residents with 5,206 deaths attributed. Do the math. However, my landlord, an operator of over a dozen senior communities throughout the state, skews the facts both from the state and within the communities. They use the total “cases” throughout their communities without distinguishing which communities. They have also shut down the building and taken over our mail delivery–the carrier can’t come in!

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