As we have noted in previous issues of the Trends Journal and in our “Trends in The News” videos, “Presstitutes and Politicians are Peddling Hysteria.”

For example, this 21 March headline from the Washington Post: “Italy’s coronavirus death toll feeds fear of what lies ahead in Europe and the U.S.”

Nowhere in the article is it mentioned that according to Italy’s National Institute of Health, over 99 percent of those who died had been sick before they contracted the virus, and their average age was 79.5.

Nowhere in the article is the fact that 75 percent of those in Italy who died from coronavirus previously had been diagnosed with high blood pressure, 35 percent had diabetes, and about a third had progressive heart disease.

Of the approximately 5,500 Italians who died from coronavirus as of yesterday, just 17 were under the age of 50. And, every one of those under 40 who died from the virus had previous significant medical conditions.

In Germany, as with the vast majority of the COVID-19 victims, it is more of the same. As many as 25 have died of the virus in one elder care home alone.

So far in the United States, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released on 16 March: “Fatality was highest in persons aged 85 years and older, ranging from 10 percent to 27 percent, followed by 3 percent to 11 percent among persons aged 65-84 years, 1 percent to 3 percent among persons aged 55-64 years, less than 1 percent among persons aged 20-54 years, and no fatalities among persons aged less than 19 years.”

The CDC states that people with underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and immune system disorders are more likely to die of COVID-19.

New data from China, where the coronavirus has peaked and is now on the decline, shows that while some 2,000 out of the 81,054 total cases were children under 18 (.02 percent), only 100 developed serious symptoms and one died.

Shilu Tong, director of the department of clinical epidemiology and biostatistics at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, confirmed these findings.

TREND FORECAST: Whether factual or not, most will dismiss data coming from China as propaganda.

Moreover, the Chinese have now replaced Muslims as the new objects of distain. Indeed, those who attack Chinese people in Western nations as the culprits for spreading the disease lack the mental capacity to distinguish Chinese from other Asians.

In a study by San Francisco State University, they found that between 9 February and 7 March, there was a 50 percent rise in COVID-19 news articles with anti-Asian discrimination.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: As I was writing this, I took a moment to look at the comments from my YouTube posting on Saturday evening. It clearly illustrates the growing animosity that will accelerate between the U.S., western nations, and China:


Not only will China be attacked for launching the virus, as the global economy dives deeper into the “Greatest Depression,” trade war tensions will escalate, and there will be strong political/consumer movements against the manufacturing and buying of “Made in China” products.


  1. joseph_1 4 months ago

    It is imperative after the dust settles down to investigate and designate a tribunal where all powers that are party to developing biological warfare germs be tried and where China and its detractors can present their arguments about who is to blame for the spread of the Corona virus.
    With a treaty signed in 1989 that prohibits the research and development of such bio-warfare weapons, the population of the world is entitled to know who is the real culprit. Francis Boyle who was responsible for this treaty named “ the Biological Weapons Anti Terrorism Act” alleged that the origin of the virus is traced to the University of North Carolina which sold the virus to the Wuhan lab where the Chinese were making research either on a vaccine or on making it more potent, whereas the Chinese government claims that the virus started in America and moved to China through the travelling of the American army to Wuhan’s military strength games. Each implicated party should present its defence.

  2. Joseph 4 months ago

    I would like to see a comparison of US covid 19 deaths and deaths from “yearly” virus. And last years virus deaths also.

  3. lvblasiotti 4 months ago

    My understanding is that several Chinese scientists who were invited to work in a bio lab in Canada stole the virus and brought it to the Wuhan Bio Lab. The Royal Mounted Police investigated the crime and expelled these Chinese scientists from Canada. Supposedly the virus was sent from the Netherlands to this Canadian Lab. Another story is that a military lab in Fort Detrick Maryland produced this virus and sent it to the U. of North Carolina. Why would any country or its military develop a virus unless it was meant to be WEAPONIZED. Does anybody believe we will get to the truth? The only way this nonsense will stop is when the public rises up and protests. But there is little chance of that because the elite who control 90 % of the media (thanks to Bill Clinton and the Dems) constantly and continuously keep the public misinformed and confused via the fake media and government bull****. This continuously process of misinformation and public confusion has been going on for decades. Truth tellers who go public are punished severely or killed. The American public is asleep, confused and lied to every day. The only reason that any factual info gets out is because of a few brave people using the internet and oh how the elites would like to control the internet as did the Chinese government in China. Our only hope is in the Lord. Only he can help us to wade through the BS and save ourselves from these EVIL entities. Pray, Fast and Repent for enlightenment and heavenly assistance.

  4. Philip Zyrski 4 months ago

    The COVID-19 incident worldwide revealed some important solutions. One would be that any biological research facility should never be at a populated atea, especially if the virus being studied are airbone. Instead, they should be located at rural areas so outbreaks could be prevented. Another should be for a worldwide requirement that all viruses being studied must have a strict priority of bringing out a vaccine first and foremost. Also, no modifications nor enhancing bacteria and viruses should ever take place for military purposes. Most of all I personally suspect that if our immune system could be couter-studied with various viruses; then a means to discover a way to improve our immune system to the point to mastering disease and viruses via an ever perfecting immune system for humans. Because immunity is the finest weapon and defense against pandemics.

  5. Brettagher 4 months ago

    While I don’t blame the Chinese for this virus, it does illustrate the ineptitude of the CCP, which is more concerned with suppressing dissent than addressing the roots of China’s problems.

    • Peter Tocci 4 months ago

      And that is different from the US how? In effect, it’s not much different from US and the so-called free world. It’s really just a different Drama, the script-writers of which GC never addresses. It may come as a surprise to some that propaganda is even more necessary in the ‘free’ world than in totalitarian regimes. Must see: Propaganda is the main way in which the (supranational) power structure communicates with us “free-world” common folk, but via the press, corporations, banks, and governments. Totalitarian governments are actually more honest 🙂

  6. LeoA 4 months ago

    The US population is being prepared for WWIII with the usual negative propaganda ( watch them bring out the old “bayoneting babies” nonsense) which most of the mindless television watchers will buy immediately .

    I wonder if the teams will be China, Iran, North Korea, and others to be named- against team USA, and its idiot allies: Britain, France, Italy, etc. Israel will probably sit this out as they always do (and will agitate it for gain). Not sure how Russia will play, but Putin is no fool, he’ll probably gain from whatever side he chooses, maybe even sit it out, and gain when the nuclear dust clears?

    Would like to hear Gerald speculate on this for fun ( bad choice of words), but I know he is much too serious to engage in such folly.

  7. Peter Tocci 4 months ago

    The love-to-hate folks who blame China should study the history of chemical and biological warfare research. China’s wet behind the ears compared to US, GB, Germany, and, during WW II, Japan. Moreover France sold the Level 4 Wuhan facility to China, then was deeply involved in the setup. Just amazing how brainwashed into self-righteousness so many Americans are.

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