The coronavirus that hit the Chinese city Wuhan in late December has taken the lives of 490 and infected 24,324 throughout the nation.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that outside of China there are 191 cases in 25 countries.

In response, all Chinese cities with over 57 million residents in the surrounding province have been either fully or partially locked down with no public travel allowed in or out.

Fear the virus could spread to epidemic levels has shut down parts of China’s economy, the world’s second largest. The economic effect is escalating daily. On Saturday, Apple, Starbucks, and Ikea closed all of their stores in China.

Shopping malls in the major cities that are locked down are virtually empty. Major airlines including American, Delta, Lufthansa, and British Airways have canceled flights to China.

Yesterday, the Shanghai Composite Index closed almost 8 percent lower, the largest decline in over four years. But after the Chinese government pumped money into the system and its “national team” stepped in to prop up the equity markets, stocks have rebounded.


Facts, Not Fear? 

Last Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a global health emergency, and the U.S. State Department declared its highest travel warning. The Director-General of WHO, however, praised the Chinese government for quickly reacting to the crisis and said, “This is the time for facts, not fear. This is the time for science, not rumors.”

The health agency also stated that it sees no need for travel bans or heavy restriction.

Yesterday, China’s foreign ministry singled out the United States as overreacting and spreading fear instead of providing assistance.

Last Thursday, the U.S. ordered all American citizens in China under the age of 21 to immediately leave the country. President Trump has signed an order denying entrance into the U.S. by any foreigner who has been in China over the past few weeks.

So far, 11 cases of coronavirus have been detected within the United States.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Fear sells. For the mass media, fear is often what they sell the best. Whether it’s war, murder, or weather conditions, the more people become frightened, the higher their audience ratings.

While not dismissing the people who have lost their lives, the small number of people who have died and are infected thus far is minuscular when compared to a world population of 7.7 billion people. And, in the U.S. alone, some 61,000 people succumbed to the flu last year.

As for the 490 people who have died in China from the coronavirus and the several thousand infected, compared to China’s massive population of 1.4 billion people, the numbers are insignificant.

 And, while the media says the coronavirus is worse than the SARS that hit back in 2003, a grand total of only 800 people died from SARS in the global population of about 6.5 billion people at that time.

TREND FORECAST: The coronavirus made the news at the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year – a time to party, celebrate, and travel. Thus, with cities quarantined, travel restricted, stores closed, and streets empty… with Chinese economic growth at 29-year lows, the virus scare will hit first quarter growth in a variety of sectors and put downward pressure on GDP growth.  

To counter the downturn, the Chinese government will expand money pumping schemes and lower interest rates to bolster growth, which will in turn push the yuan lower.


  1. LeoA 2 months ago

    Mike Adams of Natural News claims that the virus was engineered in a Chinese Lab that “accidentally” made it into their population. Adams cites an YouTube interview with Dr. Francis Boyle a Bio Weapons expert who wrote the draft for the US Bio Weapons Act.
    In the 1990’s, monied interests were divesting from the US economy (before baby boomers began retiring in mass) in favor of making huge profits in China (and elsewhere) . It appears the reverse is now happening because of this new (lab created) flu. Cui Bono?

  2. pi 2 months ago

    While I agree about the misplaced fear mongering, the facts may be more complex: it cannot be compared with the flu.
    Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity has some important insights with almost daily updates:
    As Coronavirus Spreads To Wisconsin, Media Says “Shoot The Messenger!”

    And then there is this article from Whitney Webb with plenty of links for further study:
    Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent DARPA Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

  3. Peter Tocci 2 months ago

    There’s quite a long, complex and sordid history of biochemical weapon research. If Wuhan is a major facility, it was preceded by the two biggest in the world, namely Fort Detrick, MD and Porton Down, a “science park” in Wiltshire, England near Salisbury. It holds two government facilities, one of which is a Defence Science and Technology Laboratory occupying 7,000 acres. It’s an entire self-contained living complex.

    However, in my view, it goes beyond the ‘nation level,’ as does so much chaos in the world, to an scripted, orchestrated Elite operation. As opposed to the “Drama” of geopolitics.

    Both facilities began as chemical warfare outfits and played big in WW 1, a horrible chemical catastrophe. BTW, leftover supplies of organophosphate nerve-gas weapons later became the foundation of toxic, pesticide-based industrial agriculture, another Elite (Rockefeller) operation, destroying millions of American family farms to created fodder for the dungeon factories of yet another Elite operation, the Industrial Revolution).

    NO bug “escapes” from a lab. Come on. They are released. SARS, Ebola, Marburg, Bird and more (EEE would not surprise – even Lyme) were deliberate-creation fear-mongering and open experimentation that would make drafters of the Nüremberg Code vomit (wireless tech is also a violation thereof). This “outbreak” is a drill, with China showing how it’s done when you want to herd and control the masses.

    There are two books that give much historical background detail focusing mainly on the chemicals, including corporations involved: “A Higher Form of Killing,” Harris and Paxman, and the more ‘conspiratorial’ one, “Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism & Toxic Warfare,” Horowitz.

    In the second article cited by pi, one Dany Shoham, biowarfare specialist, is discussed. It says, in part:
    “… it is telling that the Washington Times would bother to cite him at all, especially given the key role he played in promoting false claims that the 2001 Anthrax attacks was the work of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. Shoham’s assertions about Iraq’s government and weaponized Anthrax, which were used to bolster the case for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, have since been proven completely false, as Iraq was found to have neither the chemical or biological “weapons of mass destruction” that “experts” like Shoham had claimed.”

    While the Anthrax aspect was phony (recall Colonel Powell waving the bag of white powder at the UN), Iraq at one time did indeed have a monstrous cache of illegal biochemical WMD, $4bn dollars worth of which were illegally authorized for sale to Iraq by US Commerce in the runup to Gulf “War” One.

    These were stored floor to ceiling in huge bunkers the size of 24-hour Walmarts in southern Iraq. One was in the area called Khamisiyah, which ‘ol’ Schwarzti’ talked about in a lying testimony before Congress (Senate, I think).

    After Saddam was driven out of Kuwait (into which he was encouraged by the Baker State Dept) ‘US Air’ blasted these bunkers — using another illegal WMD, namely Depleted Uranium munitions — to prevent discovery of the origin of these supplies (Germany too). This put 400,000 troops in a poison cloud with faulty protection gear. The story is told in an extraordinary documentary every US patriot (or critic) should see, called Beyond Treason. It includes documents proving the sale – a big boon to the corporate manufacturers of death.

    Aside from the bunker bombing, Iraq was cleaned of all WMD by the UNSCOM inspection team led by Scott Ritter, dismissed early in order to leave room for Dubya’s satanic WMD lies.

    Speaking of ‘satanic,’ all patriots and critics might want to read about the bombing visited on Iraq as part of Desert Storm, post Operation Iraqi Freedom (these names, what utter bullshit) – all civilian facilities wiped out, not to mention crops and blasted oil fields. More firepower was released in the first 2-3 weeks than in all WW II.

    Scroll down to “The Fire This Time” here (Warning: any compassion in you will result in tears.) Then the sanctions were laid on resulting in a million deaths – 500,000 kids – mostly from slow, agonizing enteric dysentery, since the only drinking water left was the river, into which bodily waste was being thrown. Americans shopped.

    All this allegedly to punish an Elite puppet assisted to power by the CIA in 1979 to have the war with Iran (included the Iran-Contra episode), Saddam’s attempted financial recovery from which then led to the Kuwait invasion…

    Whatever the hell you do, folks, do not allow yourself to be stuck with the poison needle for this one.

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