Corona Hysteria : Presstitutes and Politicians Killing Economy

  1. onlyme 4 months ago

    Can we quarantine congress until this Coronavirus thing goes away?

  2. atlantis 4 months ago

    You were so funny tonight Mr. C.! Thanks for the laughs. And Biden and Trump will be a killer!!

  3. outsideTheBox 4 months ago

    covid-19 kills. 3.6% death rate in Wuhan with over 30 thousand medical staffs helping from other parts of China; without the help, i think the rate will be higher. if it gets spreading like now with no much control in North America, Things will be much worse. Be careful, my friends.

    • Tanner 4 months ago

      There is no way to know the death rate unless you test a group of individuals known to be around other people who have tested positive, then use that group as the control group and test all of them multiple times. That is why you hear estimates from .1%-8%, the Dept of Homeland Security announce 3 days ago that their estimate (guess) was between 0.1%-1%. Add in different demographics based on age, gender, medical history etc and the numbers would vary based on demographics. IOW’s any estimates are merely guesswork at this point and the best control group thus far was the cruise ships

      You stat was from available info from John Hopkins, 81K infected 2800 deaths is 3.4%; the number is likely much lower since the number of cases is likely much greater.

      Try to find the numbers for the cruise ships and they are buried; you cannot find them now in detail. Why? Because those numbers do not match the controlled narrative. The cruise ship death rate was at or less than the the seasonal flu.

      Science is not science when it is based primarily on guess work, which is why it changes or is fluid. Climate change is another example; it is politicized, then you can bet it is not based on real science. It is how we end up wit “transgender”, which does not exist except in the minds of the mentally ill.

  4. Nathaniel Ingrao 4 months ago

    Awe I miss the music at the end of the broadcast. I wish you had a way to show off your taste in the Jazz music scene; I’m guessing it is because of Youtube and copyrights. Maybe a page on your web site to bring about some of those boogie beats as we watch this market turn… its a nice moment of Zen after learning the trends.

    Thank you either way…

    God Bless

  5. Dave from L.A. 4 months ago

    This is more like CONvid-19; this is a deception on a scale of Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds. They have taken a flu and convinced people that it is the Black Plague. I have had the flu several times in my life and you definitely feel like you’re going to die, but people recover from this all the time. This is just another case of problem-reaction-solution. The most alarming thing about this “crisis” is that the overwhelming majority of people do not recognize that all corporate media information sources are agenda-driven propaganda. Until people realize there is no such thing as “news” they will be led like sheep to the slaughter.

  6. mnpund 4 months ago

    I keep on thinking what could be the agenda behind all this talk of this widespread virus that is apparently deadly? I agree that this could be another case of problem-reaction-solution, another 9-11 moment. By spreading this fear throughout the population, it makes the people look to their leaders and depend on them for a solution, making themselves subservient and obedient, willing to follow anything, just the kind of disposition that those in power want from them.

  7. felixunger 4 months ago

    Stock up.
    Gold, Guns and Beans!

  8. vbenson2005 4 months ago

    It is the big cover up of the FUKUSHIMA radiation ! There are three reactor meltdowns! It is the radiation ! They are lying to cover their behinds. it is the BIG LIE ! The Energy Department does NOT want to be sued by angry people ! FUKUSHIMA is an ELE EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT ! It has destroyed the Pacific ocean and we have been getting heavy rads all over the northern hemisphere on going 9 years! BOB NICHOLS has been documenting the FALL OUT! He says the human race will NOT survive the rads. He posts the radiation counts over major USA cities. It is the end of the human race. ALL THIS STUPIDITY ON THE NEWS MEDIA is to divert the public from the reality of a nuclear end to our lives from FUKUSHIMA! The Pacific has collapsed the west coast fishing industry has collapsed but nothing is said about this on the news. It is like the movie ON THE BEACH starring Gregory Peck and the movie CHINA SYNDROME starring Jane Fonda! The energy department is afraid of LAWSUITS USS Reagan was exposed to lethal levels of radiation off the coast of Japan and also 16 others. They have a lawsuit on youtube. GET ANGRY ABOUT THIS PEOPLE ! People are dying from FUKUSHIMA radiation cancers skyrocketing and ALM leukemia is off the charts children and older adults. It is only caused by radiation exposures. MORE AND MORE PEOPLE WILL DROIP DEAD because of FUKUSHIMA but they will say its a virus but its the population being hit with high rads from FUKUSHIMA! When people have chemo and radiation for cancer their immune system function is compromised! This is what is really going on happening. People will want to hang the politicians and the scientists who have covered up this HUGE environmental disaster. The anger will be intense as loved ones and children die from the radiation.

    • Tanner 4 months ago

      No it is not; God will usher in the extinction level event at the right time, for now we have at least another 1007 years to go and counting. Trust God; man is unreliable – read the bible where you will find wisdom and understanding.

  9. vbenson2005 4 months ago


  10. thomas.varchmin 4 months ago

    Hi Gerald, I think your subscribers are desperately waiting for some comments about recent events and implications for the coming weeks and month. Is the crisis now starting to accelerate?

  11. Dave from L.A. 4 months ago

    In these confusing times, it is difficult to say anything with certainty. But one thing is for sure, if they manage to quarantine and force all of Italy to stay home, within a year we can expect the biggest baby boom that the peninsula has ever seen!

  12. geraldgeiger 4 months ago

    I am sick of your log in process

  13. Wow_1 4 months ago

    Online u seems to be the new reality now

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