LYNETTE ZANG/ITM Trading (17 June 2020)

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  1. HandsFree 3 weeks ago

    Green of America was a good book, and Knowledge of The Powell Document of 1973, and the path of Oligarchy or what Chris Hedges Calls Corporate Dictatorship. Evil Past known history -is Hedges Words. The current wars planned on Russia and China are pure madness.

    Social Engineering is TV, and Smart Phones. The educational system and how we organize people at work:

    1) Docility
    2) mailability
    3) Conformity
    4) Predictability
    5) Apathetic
    6) Genuflecting inside and out to title and power without question

    These have all worked and you see that in this society and others. The path for us workers – is in silver for gold is harder to buy, but the path is as well in saying no to mad men for no money will help us on dead earth in Flash of Nuclear Bomb

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