Celente and the Judge (11.3.21)

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  1. Craig Bradley 1 month ago


    In the early days of the War on Terror right after the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks, then President George W. Bush gave the CIA the green light to go after terrorists wherever they may be found. He also tacitly approved “torture” of those terrorists who were captured by American force abroad. Often times, such CIA interrogations involved torture and were conducted in friendly allied countries abroad (all part of the “Deep State”). As we know, the Liberal press (New York Times ) reacted to the inhumane treatment (Waterboarding) of captured terrorists such as “Khalid Shaikh Mohamed” ( Al Qaeda ).

    Apparently, such torture of suspected terrorists has degenerated into anything goes such as alleged sodomy. So, one can conclude our Intelligence Agencies have now become a threat to Democracy as they are so-powerful no sitting President can manage them. Once upon a time in the West, interrogation of captured terrorists was considered as actor Jack Nicholson once said: ” You can not handle the truth”. This behavior goes on by both sides during any real war (this is The Truth). Are we still in a real war? Maybe we should stop acting like it then.

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