In 2021, a new religion will be in the making. Members of all congregations, regardless of the gods and creeds they believe in, will be uniting under a universal religion of Freedom, Peace, and Justice. 

From Vancouver to Frankfurt-an-derOder, thousands are taking to the streets throughout the world, rallying in the name of Freedom to protest against government lockdowns that have destroyed the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions. 

We forecast that rather than forming a political party, by masses uniting under a religious order, it will be difficult for governments to impose COVID restrictions that would be in violation of the Freedom to religiously assemble… as evidenced by the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

Moreover, at a time when many are disenchanted with the entire political process, a universal chorus to let “Freedom, Peace & Justice” ring will be heard around the world as people rise to a higher spiritual order in words, deeds, and actions.

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  1. Philip Zyrski 2 years ago

    Freedom, Peace and Justice will be a tenet of a new culture that will affect societies worldwide. Throughout history, the people of all nations always wanted peace. Our politicians and their special interest donors hijacked the will of the people and catapulted us into a perpetual problem. People worldwide are waking up and alternative media will shine the light on what’s really going on. Mainstream media will ultimately pay for their bias and manipulation. You’ll have organizations from InfoWars to the Zeitgeist Movement; but, the real inspiration would most likely be a shared common interest we’ll no longer keep to ourselves!

  2. dascallyon 2 years ago

    Worcester v. Georgia 1832
    “That’s Marshall’s decision; now let him enforce it!” —Andrew Jackson
    Enter: Trail of Tears

    Schechter Poultry Corp v. United States, 1935
    “That is the end of this business of centralization and I want you to go back and tell the president that we’re not going to let this government centralize everything!” —Justice Lou Brandeis, to FDR’s lawyers after the SC voted unanimously to shutdown the president’s NIRA.

    I sure hope you’re right, Gerald. History leads me to believe religious folk may be in for a bit of a surprise.

  3. roksteady 2 years ago

    Not if Facebook, Twitter, youtube and the MSM have anything to do with it!

    If true then it will be in direct opposition to the New World Zio-religion which has been long planned for the world

  4. William Jenkins 12 months ago

    are the documents ready for covid exemptions

  5. Aileen Holland 12 months ago

    How can my family get a religious exemption for my family which consists of my husband, Scott LaMantia and myself, Aileen Holland? My husband works in a hospital and we’ve both had covid last fall. Antibody test shows we’re still immune. The beginning of December is coming up for his vaccine deadline. And I frequently travel to visit family. We live in Knoxville,Tennessee. My email is and his is My cell phone number is 650-339-3912. He is ususally unable to take calls at work so there’s no reason to submit his phone. I tried looking at the church site and didn’t see a way to get exemptions.

  6. Jakub Skorski 12 months ago

    Gerald said the exemption forms will be available on Monday 10/25.

  7. Andrei Marin 11 months ago

    Where’s the exemption form at, mafaka? And, how do I use that sh1t? Do I just show it to any b1tcha55 mafaka that wants to fuk with my rights, and once he sees the paper, he goes and sucks a dik? Or are these homos gonna put up a fight when I show my religious mafakin exemption, and then I gotta sue them? Lemme know wazza Chief. Prra Prra Prra!

  8. Brian Bourne 11 months ago

    When and Where can we sign up? Thanks

  9. cathleen rodic 11 months ago

    Keep up the great work.
    God Bless You

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