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The Global Times, which is owned by the Chinese Communist Party’s flagship paper, accused the U.S. of trying to pit other countries against Russia after it invaded Ukraine despite Washington being the “root cause” of the tension leading up to the conflict.

The U.S. is in “no position to ask other countries to follow it closely” and condemn or sanction Moscow, the paper said.

“It cannot ask the whole world to pay for the chaos it has created. No party other than the U.S. and its close allies in NATO should bear the responsibility,” the paper wrote. (See: “CHINA CALLS FOR RESTRAINT IN UKRAINE, BLAMES WEST FOR CALAMITY,” “CHINA SIDES WITH RUSSIA IN CLASH WITH WEST. WILL THE BOTTOM LINE LIMIT SUPPORT?” and “WAR IN UKRAINE ECONOMIC OVERVIEW.”)

The Chinese paper cited the U.S.’s pressure campaign against India as evidence of its attempt to form a new coalition of the willing. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a phone call with his Indian counterpart, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, on Friday and urged New Delhi to join the world’s “strong collective response” to the invasion, according to Reuters.

Russia is India’s biggest provider of weapons and Russian President Vladimir Putin has a close relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, The Washington Post reported. Blinken’s phone call with Jaishankar did not persuade New Delhi to vote with the U.S. to condemn Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

As with Israel, Mexico, Brazil, many African nations, and India, governments are attempting to avoid imposing sanctions on Russia and/or remain neutral in the Ukraine War because of economic and geopolitical concerns.

TRENDPOST: We note this article to illustrate how Americans and Europeans are only getting one side of the Ukraine War narrative. And because of the one-sided reporting, it is made to appear that the entire world is anti-Russia and pro-Ukraine, pro-U.S., and pro-NATO.  

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