At this time in 2016, while all of the media and political experts predicted Hillary Clinton the clear winner in the race for the White House, Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente called Trump the winner.

Sticking to his “2020 Top Trend” forecast (predicted in December 2019), “ELECTION 2020: TRUMP BY DEFAULT,” Celente, once again against the media and “expert” odds, forecast that minus a wild card, Trump would win his second term.

According to an Oxford Economics model touted last week by the media, President Trump would lose this November in a landslide, suffering an “historic defeat” due to economic recession from COVID-19.

“It would take nothing short of an economic miracle for pocketbooks to favor Trump,” they wrote in their report.

According to an aggregate of recent polls compiled by Real Clear Politics in key swing states Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida, which Trump must win, they showed Biden several points ahead.

And, last Thursday, all over the mainstream news was the pronouncement from James Carville, Democratic henchman/strategist and Bill Clinton’s former campaign manager, who said Trump is “a big fat loser, alright. This guy hasn't seen his dick since 1988, he's so fat.” Carville predicts Trump is “gonna get his fat ass beat” in the November elections.

While the polls and Carville claim the sinking economy will sink Trump’s chances to win the White House, we disagree.

For example, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, three key battleground states for the 2020 presidential election, are headed by Democratic governors. While the polls show Trump will lose to Biden, Celente says Trump will win them. As Celente continues to note, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Trump will blame the Democratic governors for destroying the economy because they locked down their states, putting people out of work and forcing businesses to go bankrupt.


  1. atlantis 2 months ago

    Dear Mr. Celente, I look forward to you doing a Presidential Reality Show Special soon because I know you’ll make it so funny. The Dotard and the Retard. The Dumbkopf and the Dumbbell. Can’t make this stuff up – it’s unbelievable

    • Jay Jericho 2 months ago

      Gerald should host the Biden Vs. Trump debate. That would be fun. These fake polls may suppress blue voters who think that the Biden body double has it in the bag.

  2. Jay Jericho 2 months ago

    The 2020 note is funny and clever. One of these may buy a loaf of Monsanto Bayer GMO monopoly bread before the close of 2020.

  3. onlyme 2 months ago

    This left me feeling completely empty. Regardless of who the next president is we loose. Either faction of the political apparatus remains under the control of the global corporations and their collective wet dream of a Totalitarian one world government.
    If humanity has any desire left for freedom and liberty it is imperative that the Corporatocracy be dismantled completely – that includes central banks.

  4. 1nelsonv 2 months ago

    I would hold out that, in the 5 months remaining until the election, the terribly corrupt Democratic Party has some sort of “event” cooking or already planned, whereby Biden will be unable to continue, and his “replacement” will be announced. Biden’s campaign is a combination of a train wreck & a sinking ship, with new gaffes occuring every time old Joe tries to say something. I’ve long believed the outcomes are pre-determined anyway. As Mark Twain put it, “if voting really made a difference, you think they’d let people do it?”

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