Caesars Entertainment Corp. saw revenues drop 14 percent in this year’s first quarter to $1.83 billion; Eldorado Resorts’ take was $473.1 million, down 26 percent for the period.

Caesars reported an operating loss of $66 million while Eldorado’s net loss was $175.6 million.

Caesars logged . . .

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  1. grafherman 2 weeks ago

    The bright side of it is , think about all the money the low I.Q. will save . They should count their blessings . GrafHerman / Arminius

    • Stephen Romey 7 days ago

      Yes, there are some good things that will come out of this entire Covid psyop, namely:
      –Destruction of retails stores that were hanging on for years
      — A Lot more working from home. I always thought it was stupid to commute through heavy traffic everyday to sit in an office for 8-10 hours a day, especially when many of the people in the meeting were online.
      –A huge reduction in energy consumption
      –The general recognition by many people that their state governments are tyrants (like the idiot governor in CA and MI, et al)
      –An increase in home schooling and the move away from locking kids in a school every day
      –The general recognition that the federal government is staffed by idiots (most of us knew this already, but for a few more people, the light will come on)
      –Hopefully, the destruction of the massive financial ponzi that has been going on on Wall Street for decades
      –The destruction of the credit system like student loans and sub prime loans that have trapped many people in lifelong penury

      Yes, there are always good things that come out of destruction.

  2. Craig Bradley 5 days ago


    If crime and unemployment grow in Las Vegas, NV. will it stay in Las Vegas? How far away from Vegas need one live to be safe? Fallon, Nevada or St. George, Utah ( just a 1.5 hour freeway drive away). My guess is any regional small town with a small police force will be “Open Season” if unemployed service workers in Las Vegas get hungry and restive. Bad Guys get around. I always drove through Las Vegas in the past as fast as I could and only stopped for gas. Maybe not even that if I ever hit the road again.

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