Consumer spending continued to slump, more jobs disappeared, and few signs of economic recovery were visible, business owners told a U.S. Federal Reserve System survey in mid-May.

Restaurants and stores remained mostly closed at the time but many have since begun limited reopenings in several states.

In the . . .

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  1. Jay Jericho 1 month ago

    These domestic oil drillers may only be competitive in an economy that imposes ultra high tariffs, given that Saudi Arabia and Russia can supposedly extract crude oil for a fraction (not I didn’t say ‘fracking’) of the cost – and its superior oil. The need to board up businesses – just another issue to add to their list of woes.

  2. HandsFree 1 month ago

    The Poor, will get hurt the most and the old. Yep, Survival of the Fittest and Toughest

    One more Black Swan: Earth Quake, Storm, it is all over but the scream and shouting

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