1. Michael Keith 1 month ago

    This is frightening but accurate.

    The Ununited, Stasi Police States of Amerika is, without question, in collapse.

    Overwhelming greed, power and disparity will ultimately fail.

  2. Zenith Trench 1 month ago

    It takes a long time until houses are forclosed on, the process can takes years in some states

  3. Philip Zyrski 1 month ago

    This is only part of an overall domino effect of how this Greatest Depression will ravage our way of life. Shutting down businesses and other establishments due to COVID-19 will cause the worst surge in unemployment we’ll ever experience since 1929. Now that these businesses and retailers are slowly reopening up, marauders looted and destroyed these retailers, who could likely go out of business and cause more layoffs! Now foreclosures and evictions will put millions of people out into the street with no money and burdened with monumental debt. Federal aid will be exhausted as the government will be entrenched with the largest annual deficit in history. Defaults on loans will skyrocket as banks and other lending organiations struggle to survive and could go out of business as well.

    • HandsFree 1 month ago

      You see, I have been on the ground for 10 years now. All around me the youth are doing what the Hippies did: they covert a van or car in to a living space. They work at the Resorts ( if that is possible now) or other jobs. They have resources, by not paying rent. Once you lose it all, that is when it gets really nasty and horrific – the streets or the woods, every month on the ground is like year of emotional, social experience -in the negative. This is culling the herd —

  4. Jay Jericho 1 month ago

    Younger people are vacating cheap rental properties in my hood. I only see it, and don’t know where they are going. Missions, parents, sleeping in the car – wild guesses. A definite issue.

  5. Eric Swan 1 month ago

    They’ll probably start using fema camps and we’ll see UN troops

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