On 30 March, the Florida media website Click Orlando reported, “Dozens in Central Florida contract COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated.”

The new term being used to describe those who get infected after being jabbed is “breakthrough cases.”

One of the “breakthrough cases” who was quite shocked to find out she was infected was a healthcare worker in the Orlando area who had been tested for COVID-19 every week since the coronavirus was first reported. She thought everything would be fine after getting the Pfizer vaccine last December. She is among 32 additional “breakthrough cases” so far in the greater Orlando area. 

Click Orlando also reported that earlier in March, “The Minnesota Department of Health released a health advisory stating that along with the CDC, it is investigating COVID-19 infections among people who are ‘appropriately vaccinated.’” Eighty-nine people in Minnesota are “breakthrough cases.”

The report also quoted Dr. Timothy Hendrix, Medical Director of the Advent Health Hospital, who said while the vaccines reduce the severity of COVID-19, they can’t guarantee protection against getting infected: “It is possible because no vaccine is perfect.” 

Get the Jab, But Keep Those Masks On

The article adds that “researchers are still trying to figure out if people who are fully vaccinated and contract the virus can also spread it to other people, which is why they recommend still wearing masks even after you’re vaccinated.”

On 23 March, The New York Times quoted Dr. Francesca Torriani, an infectious disease expert at UC San Diego Health, who said, “We felt really strongly that this data should not lead people to say, ‘Let’s all get vaccinated and then we can all stop wearing masks.’”

On 1 February, Dr. Becky Smith, an infectious disease specialist at Duke Health, told a CBS affiliate in North Carolina that people should still get the shot: “I think it’s still worth getting it even if you could potentially get the actual disease.”

Last Friday, Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady confirmed 100 “breakthrough” cases of people getting infected after being fully vaccinated. She stated, “I don’t want to give the impression this is a common thing. You know 100 cases out of the hundreds of thousands here in Chicago is not a lot.”

Back on 1 January, The Times of Israel reported: “240 Israelis found with COVID after vaccination, underscoring need for vigilance.”

TRENDPOST: Following are just a few of the headlines from this past  weekend regarding the ineffectiveness of the COVID vaccines:

Man in hospital with COVID despite being fully vaccinated, wife says

— ABC 7 New York

Some Coloradans have tested positive for COVID-19 after full vaccination, state says — 9News

Since January, 142 Houstonians tested positive for COVID 14 days after being fully vaccinated, data shows — ABC 13 Eye Witness News

She got COVID-19, got vaccinated – and then got COVID again

— Anchorage Daily News

Again, these are what is being reported in the U.S., considering over 90 percent of the mainstream media is controlled by just six companies and newspapers have slashed their staff.

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