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With recent news that DuckDuckGo has been secretly allowing Microsoft to track users of its “privacy” focused browser search engine (see related article in the the Technocracy section of this issue), a lot of people may be searching for search engine alternatives.

Brave search engine and web browser claims to truly provide tracking-free web browsing, including no tracking deals or partnerships with other tech companies. 

Brave is also making significant advances in moving to web3 technology, via integrations with the Solana blockchain.

Brave recently announced its efforts to offer decentralized features and apps to users.

The integration includes a browser native crypto wallet dubbed “Brave Wallet,” a Basic Attention Token (BAT) which rewards users for browsing, and soon to be released Dapp functionality.

According to a company release:

“By partnering with Solana, Brave enables users to explore Web3 with significantly lower transaction fees and faster processing times than the Ethereum network. In the coming months, this partnership will also enable seamless access to a thriving and growing ecosystem of decentralized apps (DApps).”

Right now, third party wallet apps like Metamask can integrate with browsers like Chrome to offer users easy functionality to crypto wallets and DApps.

However, the Brave Wallet is not a third party add-on, but one developed by the browser and search engine provider itself.

One of the more interesting features of Brave’s announcement is its Basic Attention Token. According to Brave, people who accrue tokens will be able to use BAT on the Solana chain wrapped via Wormhole, and on chains compatible with Ethereum and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

In the near future, BAT holders will also be able to buy and sell NFTs on Magic Eden, which bills itself as “the largest community-first NFT-based web3 ecosystem.”

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